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Honky Tonk 18th Feb 2015 23:32

JETGO Letter box drop
From JETGO Facebook page.

GET READY TAMWORTH!!!!! The JETGO Australia Promo team is coming in to town on Thursday the 19th February 2015.
Our jet will touch down at 0900 on Thursday morning and will leave again at 1300 on Friday.
Keep an eye out for us as we will be hitting the streets with amazing special coupons.

Quite the revolutionary Marketing strategy. Good utilisation of cabin crew I guess?? I hope they will be wearing their "High Viz" vests.

HappyBandit 18th Feb 2015 23:52

Special coupons???

Be a baggage handler for the day??

Bit low??

No I do wish them success

tipsy2 19th Feb 2015 00:26

Paul is pretty well known in Tamworth.


wheels_down 19th Feb 2015 01:24

This mob has Strategic Airlines written all over it.

hiwaytohell 19th Feb 2015 05:24

This mob has Strategic Airlines written all over it.
Aaah yes, an Airbus to Tamworth. so that is their secret strategy :D:D:D:D

Stanwell 19th Feb 2015 06:14

"Amazing Special Coupons!"
Given that a major industry around Tamworth is poultry, I wonder if the blurb should have read something like.. "Totally Awesome Capons!".
That might have gotten a bit more attention from the Peel Valley denizens of Farcebook.

TBM-Legend 19th Feb 2015 08:19

Why do people in jet numbers want to connect with Brisvegas? Sydney is the home territory for Govt and business types in TW and NSW in general...!

Nulli Secundus 19th Feb 2015 11:37

Finally, some face to face marketing. But while the effort is commendable, there's a little more to the science of marketing than the current exercise.

So: selfies, your favourite souvenir, upload the pic to the 'under 30's' local radio station etc. etc. All adds up to a chosen target market for the TW-BN sector of young travellers, say, 18's to 30's. Wasn't the message late last year to offer 10 flights a week for the business person ?

That's fine, but the message you're sending now is, hey business traveller, this is not really a service with you in mind.

But its fine if the research shows that's where the highest yield is. But really, in regional marketing you have to be seen to be appealing to a broad prospective market.

Why not a selfie/ FM station thing for the young'ns and say a phone competition for the 'oldies' with a different radio station. Whatever, just don't confuse the market with what you offer. The latest QF ad campaign's a pretty good example of targeting a very broad audience with a simple message of people 'coming home to family and friends'.

Next, they need to be doing these promo's and PR exercises, sponsorships etc. every week for 3 months minimum to really secure the operation & see it established. There are bus service alternatives! Dont assume there is not competition. What's also planned for similar Brisbane marketing?

Where this sector is at real risk is in say 3+ months, the numbers are excellent and QF or Rex or both decide they now want some of the action too. And they won't thank you for creating a previously non-existant market for them. If you think this is a bit of a long bow to draw, consider why Hungry Jacks opens after McDonald's has established a site - smart business.

What are Jetgo's options in that scenario? Arguably not many. The jet won't be as economical on such a short sector as a TP, thus fares will most likely favour the competion. Their only chance to beat the competition is dependent totally on their repuation as the most reliable provider that always delivers and in a way that surpasses the competition. That's a big call! The jet, bit quieter & faster, won't help much.

What's really perplexing, why was there no marketing such as this in Gladstone when the aircraft was a clear success over the competition and yet in Tamworth there's a significant boost to the marketing effort but the aircraft is unsuited to the short sector & the market catchment is far smaller. Frequency is always critical for business travellers and I believe the 3 days/ week schedule will be less than well regarded.

Horatio Leafblower 19th Feb 2015 12:05

I believe the 3 days/week is only an interim measure, with 5 days double daily starting early April.

Like you, I am waiting to see how Qlink responds. The on-carriage to Brisbane for them is significant, supporting their SYD-BNE as well as helping to fill the DHC8-400 TW-SYD.

The Council has indicated they are in a "pro-competition" mood, with a non-screened area of the terminal bulding mooted for the end of the year.

This alone suggests to me that Rex has been sniffing around.

Nulli Secundus 19th Feb 2015 12:15

Fair comments Horatio.

Councils should encourage competition & I expect there is probably a lot of interest in this sector from the other two operators.

The website shows now a 3 days/ week schedule from April.

Ejector 19th Feb 2015 15:17

Anyone know the history of the CHO's and HFO and what the culture is in the company towards pilots, or anyone else that would greatly effect a prospective pilot for wanting to work for them and being part of their team ?

Head of Flight Operations
http://www.jetgo.com/images/default-...5.jpg?sfvrsn=4 http://http://www.jetgo.com/images/d...1.jpg?sfvrsn=8

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder

What are they like to work for ?

Not much on the net about them, well that could be a good thing actually :) Not famous for all the wrong reasons !!!!!! (maybe)

(PS, If you have a personal grudge over a peanuts I am not interested, only facts please, I don't know much about this new company and they look interesting. )

Image Source, Official website

slim pickings 19th Feb 2015 21:35

You'll go a long way to find a better bloke than the current HOFO.

Ascend Charlie 19th Feb 2015 21:44

Ejector, put a picture of Nulli Secundus up there as the "Head of Marketing, would-be-if-I-could-be."

I know 2 of the 3 in the pix, and one of them astounds me with the depth of understanding he has of this industry. They don't go into RPT without giving it huge consideration. (And Nulli hadn't shown his hand at that stage, so they couldn't recruit him on the first intake.)

BPA 19th Feb 2015 22:06

Ejector- Fiztroy Aviation.

Ned Stark 19th Feb 2015 22:58

I can agree with Slim 100%

DynaBolt 20th Feb 2015 13:57

I Remember Fitzroy well !!!

Justa Dash 22nd Feb 2015 10:27

The sector length (BNE/tmw) is such that unless it operates at over 85% load factor won't even cover fuel and reserves.
A RPt between BNE/WEI and WEI/GLT could operate daily with good load/yield. And it's NOT a TP flight

Horatio Leafblower 22nd Feb 2015 11:09

Oh Justa. How negative.

They are all very experienced airline people. Everyone in the district is very hopeful and encouraging of their success.

TBM-Legend 22nd Feb 2015 12:37

Rural communities need frequency. It is not negative to identify that a jet is costly on a short route like this - it's reality,,

Seems that many here don't really understand this business. Punters don't suddenly show up just because you have a jet on such a short route..

Horatio Leafblower 23rd Feb 2015 03:35

Tamworth Council's numbers for Brindabella showed about 20,000 passengers per annum through Tamworth to/from Brisvegas.

That's a pretty good starting point I thought.

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