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FRQ Charlie Bravo 10th Jun 2011 14:13

OzRunways 2.whoa!
I've just upgraded to v 2.0 and have yet to play with all the bells and whistles but I have to say after only a few minutes I'm very very impressed.

  • My position overlayed on VTC, VNC, TAC, ERC Low, ERC High, WAC, PCA or a street map.
  • In App RADAR at the tap of a button
  • Integrated ERSA and DAP plates
  • Multi-Tasking
  • Improved AIP Book searching
  • and probably some more.

Well done Bas, Rowan and Neil once again,


lk978 10th Jun 2011 14:40

Now guys I think I speak for the entire aviation community, while you have nothing on at the moment can you please put together a little flight planning program :ok:

Just take each of the good things out of command, champagne, flitestar and just pop them into a little app. Just leave out all the crappy things each product does.

Thanks I will be waiting :ok:

Brilliant product by the way :D

The Green Goblin 10th Jun 2011 14:46

I love it! Been playing with it all night.

Only gripe? You can't draw multi leg tracks and build a plan. Only a go to.

If you could do that, and have a flight plan page with all the information you 'touched' it would be the ultimate.

Keep up the good work.

P.s. I expect to see this soon!

FRQ Charlie Bravo 10th Jun 2011 17:44

When selecting the sub-types of waypoints to display when using the 'nearest' function what do the following acronyms stand for:

  • FVR Waypoints-
    • LDM
    • TSP
    • VFA
    • VFC
    • VFM
  • GPS Waypoints-
    • GNA
Thanks in advance gentlemen and gentlemenesses.


Sunfish 10th Jun 2011 21:55

I love it! Bought it!

Now guys, you just need to add the same multi leg routing thing that I have in my marine navigation software...explained below.

With mouse I just point and click saying the magic words: "I want to go from here (click) to here(click) to here (click) etc.

Make it "snap" from where your finger is to the nearest vfr/ifr whatever waypoint.

The software draws a "rubber band" line between waypoints.

I can move any waypoint that is not the active waypoint I'm tracking to. That would be perfect for setting up a diversion.

The active waypoint automatically advances to the next in line once it bears 90 degrees from your current position.

You can insert additional waypoints in between the active waypoint and the last waypoint.

There is a shortcut "steer hear" command - which is what you have already got with your single leg arrangement.

When you have finished planning your route, you save it, and the program asks for a name, or automatically generates one (date and time ). You also get to insert a comment and a departure and destination.

When you select the route to follow, you get a window that not only gives eta/ete for the leg, but also total ETE and also route ETA. Those numbers are recomputed every few seconds as your speed varies.

This last bit (route ETA) allows you to accurately set yourself up for a precision arrival time.

Ohhh, and please add user defined waypoints that can be inserted by finger pointing as in "I want a waypoint here"

FFS please don't do it the way that Air Nav Pro does it with a gigantic list of waypoints and airports that you cannot easily search through.

Now all we need is an autopilot with a bluetooth interface to connect the Ipad.......

Don't want much, do I?

Jack Ranga 10th Jun 2011 22:24

Well done boys :ok:

When is the overlay on approach charts coming?? :E

greenslopes 10th Jun 2011 23:25

Is this a 'Gen Y' thing, I'm sorry but don't have a clue as to what you are alluding??

Map,plotter,magnetic variation,Ground speed, Stopwatch,1/60 rule....... there you see no electrickery required!!

Bankstown Boy 10th Jun 2011 23:42

I loved version 1 - use it daily. I haven't been near a wifi, so have only loaded a few charts from version 2 but ... WOW!!!:D this'll get used every day too

The only thing I can add is - I want version 3 (the flight planning one) - when do I want it? NOW!!!:ok:

Mr. Hat 11th Jun 2011 00:20

God I didn't think i was that old. I have no idea what you are talking about.

Ushuaia 11th Jun 2011 00:29

Ver 2 is excellent. I trialed Ver 1 and thought "Yeah, perhaps i'll subscribe". Now having tried Ver 2 with the maps and position overlay I'm convinced: will definitely subscribe.

I'm finding a few bugs however: anyone else seeing the same? Notably, when selecting the Map Chooser, sometimes the the map of Aus is all distorted - either stretched or compressed - and then choosing a map by touching this distorted Aust is difficult as it doesn't line up with the selections anymore. I've had the program lock up a few times - seems to be when that Aus map is distorted and I try to select a map from a tab. A restart of OzRunways via a double-click on the iPad home button fixes it.

That aside, I am super impressed and will buy the Pro package - I'm confident the guys will be right onto any little quirks.

9.9 out of 10.

p.s. This is SO much more than just an Oz "Runways" program now and in such a short period of time - any thought being given to another name for the program?

Dark Knight 11th Jun 2011 01:25

Is there or will there be an Android version?

The Green Goblin 11th Jun 2011 01:29

The Hat,

He was basically saying what I said (in a round about way)

What we want is the ability to go to more than one location by touch. Such as a multi sector IFR plan, then overlay it on the WAC.

Right now you can only have one active leg at a time. So to your first waypoint.

I want to be able to click on the map and say I want to go here, then there, then there, then there, and have lines drawn between the places with ten mile markers all notched up (as an option) etc.

Homesick-Angel 11th Jun 2011 01:49

These guys are talking about including many of the features mentioned in the above posts, but lets just stop for a minute and let it sink in as to just how awesome this thing is.
Bloody great effort, and although it is currently "unclear" as to CASA's stance on using this type of thing in flight, I dont believe it will be long before things such as this will be approved for in flight purposes as it is the way of the future..Saying that, CASA hasn't always shown its cutting edge qualities for getting on board with things that make sense, and are obvious progressions to the industry.
One thing tho.Im gonna have to buy an Ipad now, as I now have a reason to have one..:mad:

SeaMoss 11th Jun 2011 02:03

Flight Planning etc
Yep, flight planning is in and working at Muppet Labs. But we wanted to get a version out there ASAP. Look for flight planning as per Sunfish etc. ('touch and plan') later in the year. Also NAIPs integration, terrain, weather (TAFs, METARs and ARFORs), NOTAMS, airspace - all in 'R&D' - just have to be 'productised' :).

[We are all pilots and we want it all in ASAP as well]

Thanks for all comments - they of course drive us onwards and upwards and tell us where to go next.

Android .... we'll get there in time but for now it's an iPad thing - apologies.

flyingfrenchman 11th Jun 2011 02:17


Awesome app! Is there any chance of a jepp chart version?


blueloo 11th Jun 2011 02:38

Yes Jepp charts would be great...including enroute......

Xcel 11th Jun 2011 04:06

Saw it today (captain can afford ipad fo's can't)

looks awesome - very very impressed. Have some vouchers for Harvey Norman so when they pull their finger out and get the ipad I'll update. Until then iPhone it is...

Would have to agree on the jepps charts and the flight planning options... Jepps before planning IMO...

Well done guys keep up the good work...

The Green Goblin 11th Jun 2011 04:16

Yeah it would be nice if I can use Jepp charts instead of Airservices.

I also run jeppview on my Ipad although I still use paper charts in flight:}

Shagpile 11th Jun 2011 04:43

Answer to some questions

Just take each of the good things out of command, champagne, flitestar and just pop them into a little app. Just leave out all the crappy things each product does.
Never used Champagne/command - we just put in what we want to see (more updates coming).

what do the following acronyms stand for:
No idea! They are in the data that Airservices provides us. If anybody knows, please let me know and I'll change their names!

When is the overlay on approach charts coming??
Down the track. Airservices hasn't geo-referenced approach plates, so we would have to do that ourselves. It is a long process...

sometimes the the map of Aus is all distorted - either stretched or compressed

Is there or will there be an Android version?
Put on the backburner for now, but yeah it will be released eventually. Maps will be a long way off (it requires a 100% rewrite so we have to look at the business case for it as our time is limited).

Is there any chance of a jepp chart version?
They have their own app. Don't think it does maps yet though. Maybe they are working on it...I'd love to get my hands on them though!

What we want is the ability to go to more than one location by touch. Such as a multi sector IFR plan, then overlay it on the WAC.
Will be out in v2.1 which we're working on now.

v2.0.1 bugfix release will be out shortly and will have better download queueing and the ability to direct-to to custom points.

Thanks for all the positive feedback. Hopefully CASA get onboard sooner than later - keep up your pressure on them :) Although tested a lot, it's still new software and there are bound to be some teething problems, so please fly safely & I observe our company position of Not for use in Air Navigation.

We're also having some server outages at the moment so please be patient (demand is overwhelming!) First was an entire downed sydney network for 30 minutes and now it looks like we've hit a circuit breaker with our bandwidth and they suspended our account. Resolving now...
[update] - Resolved. Turns out we were peaking at 80mb/s uploads which they didn't like! We've upgraded to a more expensive, redundant account now so this kind of thing shouldn't happen in the future. Sorry for any troubles this caused.

Jabawocky 11th Jun 2011 08:03

works a treat on iphone.........Jaba off to buy an ipad ;)

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