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Awnick 16th Feb 2011 07:10

Hi all

Just wondering if anyone has recently done the ATPL MET exam and how they found the exam?

Cheers :ok:

Hasselhof 16th Feb 2011 07:32

Just wondering if anyone has recently done the ATPL MET exam and how they found the exam?
Yes. I used a Melways.

What did you actually want to know?

rmcdonal 16th Feb 2011 07:41

Was just like CPL met.
Very easy (compared to say flight planning)

Cessna 180 16th Feb 2011 09:38

Hello, yes I sat met last week and there were many questions regarding interpretation of taf's and upper level charts. Also know your icing types/levels, ts's.

Awnick 16th Feb 2011 09:46

Did you use aft notes and cyber exams? Was it similar?

Just wanted to get a bit of a heads up with the exam. I have been using aft notes and the manual of aviation met.

Cheers for your responses

taff_lightning 16th Feb 2011 09:49

Sat it just before xmas and found it pretty tough. However there were plenty of free marks if you just memories thing like you pressure levels (ie 300hp is 30,000ft) and can work out altimeter, interpret at TAF/METAR. Those sort of things you can do from memory and don't require understanding.

I found the atplonline question bank the most useful. It's linked with Bristol GS but I believe anyone can sign up.

As you probably gather Met wasn't a strong suit of mine, give me flight planning any day;)

All the best:ok:

Bug4514 16th Feb 2011 12:52

Hi just do aft's practise exam's and if you do well on them you will do well on the real exam.
Good Luck.

flyboy_nz 16th Feb 2011 19:45

I am thinking of buying the online AFT notes from the website. I am sitting mine on the 28th Feb. Any other recommendations on which books or notes to use?

RogerRamjet01 16th Feb 2011 20:10

ATPL met
I combined the BOM Manual of Aviation Meteorology (a clear, easy read) with the AIP and passed no problems.

Need to know high-altitude stuff particularly from GEN 3.5 (section 19 IIRC).

WannaBeBiggles 17th Feb 2011 01:56

I sat mine before Christmas as well and found it fairly straight forward, as long as you know your stuff.

It's not something you can rote learn really as you may get some left of field questions.

I got a couple of long worded questions in regards to CAT and the level of the tropopause.

Know your icing stuff, reading high level charts and how certain types of thunderstorms develop, low level jets, (DALR, SLR, ELR) and cloud formation / weather associated in certain conditions, conditions expected in various Low/High/Trough situations. I got a couple of each of the above

One question I got was a trick question when it asked wind in a jet stream in the NORTHERN hemisphere, so as with all CASA exams RTFQ. ;)

I used the AFT notes backed up with the BOM notes.

Good luck! :ok:

If you study and cover your

flyboy_nz 17th Feb 2011 22:21

Do I need to take any charts or AIP supplements? I am studying up on the AIP at the moment (GEN 3.5)

WannaBeBiggles 18th Feb 2011 02:30

From memory there were a few definitions and typical CASA exam there were similar answers but the correct answer was verbatim out of the AIP.

Speedbird 9 18th Feb 2011 09:01

I found the AFT notes lacked substance. If I were you I'd use the manual of aviation met. Secombe also runs a pretty good course.

major_tom 20th Feb 2011 01:49

I am also sitting the ATPL met exam soon this wednesday. I have been studying the AFT and Met Manual - of which i agree with speedbird9. The AFT notes kinda seem vague. The met manual is really simple and clear. I have been using both rob avery and AFT practice exams and so far going ok.

I guess a lot of it is mainly CPL met with addition of the high level charts/met.

Does anyone know what the breakdown of the exam is? Is it 50% high level, 50% standard met? Or like most other casa exams, all over the shop? :}

Fingers cross i pass it on wednesday before uni starts up again :ugh: haha
Good luck with your exam too Awnick

Awnick 23rd Feb 2011 12:43

Thanks for all the responses. It has been very helpful.

I have been using AFT notes, Met Manual and Bob Tait CPL book also. So hopefully the study pays off.

Cheers all :)

Awnick 23rd Feb 2011 12:45

Howd you go Major?

major_tom 25th Feb 2011 02:39

hey awnick,
i sat the exam yesterday and passed with 80%. I got a lot of atmospheric stability questions, as well as icing, and world phenomenon questions. So study up on stability, cloud types, and understand Coriolis forces/STJ/PFJ/tropical highs n lows.

good luck with it :ok:

Awnick 25th Feb 2011 11:15

Congrats on the pass.
Did my exam yesterday and got 89%.
Got a few questions on SIGWX charts, a few on TAFs, Thunderstorms and icing.

Cheers all for your help. :ok:

canterbury crusader 17th Apr 2014 07:48

ATPL Meteorology
I've just booked in for Meteorology to be sat on Tuesday morning. I don't have a hard copy AIP or planning chart. Are these items necessary in the general scheme of things?

I will be studying using the AFT distance course. I have access to the AIP online and wondering if it is worth 'obtaining' a hard copy to take along. Any suggestions?

hillbillybob 17th Apr 2014 08:00

it has been 12 months so I can't remember if there was much in the AIP that will be of use (provided you can decode forecasts ok) but the planning chart might be handy given sometimes you will get a two part forecast and will need the chart, or an amazing memory, to know which side of the line you need to apply

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