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MMA_Historicflight 28th Jul 2009 12:56

Transporting a DC-3 by road in Australia
Does anyone have any photos, or know of anyone involved with transporting a DC-3 by road? I am very interested in hearing from them or looking at pic's.

the wizard of auz 28th Jul 2009 13:25

Ask the owner of the Bunbury flying school. Ask for Blair. He had one transported to his property. Funny enough, it has the same Rego as your username. :ok:

ausflyer 28th Jul 2009 15:22

DC3 Transport
PM me for details of a Tocumwal transport operator. David S. is the man to chat with.

muffman 28th Jul 2009 16:47

Call in at HARS at Albion Park and talk to Timmsy. Not sure if he's done a Dak but he's certainly moved a few aeroplanes in his time.

185skywagon 29th Jul 2009 05:18

Also get in touch with the Qantas Founders Museum crew at Longreach. They had one delivered in last few years.

spirax 29th Jul 2009 05:58

Suggest you contact Mike Spaulding at the Mareeba Warbirds Museum. They moved a C-47 from Wangaratta to Mareeba a few years back.

Buster Hyman 29th Jul 2009 06:34

If its for a static display at a golf course...I'd give Qantas a call... :E

Whiskery 29th Jul 2009 07:55

Now that's funny Buster. :D

SeldomFixit 29th Jul 2009 08:26

If you can work out how to get the tail feathers there...............try this :ok:
Vannin in a DC-3

paulg 29th Jul 2009 11:31

This link contains a photo of DC3 VH BPL being transported by road from Hoxton Park to Longreach. There is also a link to the history of this aircraft. Last year there were some photos online following the story of this road trip. However this no longer shows on my Google Search. Longreach Museum may be able to give you this link. BTW this Aircraft was in latter years owned by the late and fondly revered Laurie McIver and was kept by him at Hoxton Park. It did post war service with Qantas.

Page 1 -Photos by Friends and Others

Kind regards

MMA_Historicflight 29th Jul 2009 17:38

Thanks for your help so far people. I do remember seeing some pics of the one at Alice springs being transported, and also the one in Perth from Midland Macca's to Caversham. I did contact the guys up at Longreach and they did supply me with some pics. I also got in touch with the QAM people who also are been very helpful. I do hope within a week I can inform you of the plans. I do know Timmsy, and tonight I found out that some people I work with have relo's at HARS, I hope in time that will be handy. I just hope that I can pull off what I am planning to do. Fingers crossed.

Ex FSO GRIFFO 30th Jul 2009 03:22

Is not the 'real' MMA still flying / airworthy??

Still up at Darwhine..??:)

P.S......Good onya Buster.....
Something like....What's the correct phrase prior to flaring at BKK....


Fantome 30th Jul 2009 07:35

What result the auction at West Maitland last week of VH-CWS?

jetstar21 30th Jul 2009 11:45

While talking DC3s, I can add that MMA was the original registration of Mc Robertson Miller Airlines of W.A.

This aircraft started life as a C47 with the U.S. Marines in PNG then went to Perth as MMA and later returned to PNG as P2-ANS.

In 1977 it was purchased by Masling Airlines (Commuter Services) of Cootamundra and operated charter from Sydney and on occasions the route Sy-Wlm-Sy. It was given the registration VH-MWQ and when Masling started operating the Bandeirante in 1978, VH-MWQ was sold and went to Darwin where it operated for some time and the registration later returned to VH-MMA

blackburn 30th Jul 2009 13:40

Heres a link to the list of owners of VH-MMA (hope I have got it right):


MMA_Historicflight 2nd Aug 2009 03:17

MMA - Darwin - Airworthy
MMD - Bankstown - Museum (could become airworthy)
MMF - Bankstown - Restoring to Airworthy
MML - Bankstown - My Project to Airworthy
MMM - Taiwan - Museum

There is also a F27 Flying, F28 flying, and also a L10A Electra in the states in a museum.

I have also found the maintenance manual ref to remove the wings and the center section of the aircraft to. It doesn't seem too hard to do, just time consuming.

PA39 2nd Aug 2009 07:29

I remember many years ago helping Laurie polish the old Gooney by hand. Gee he never stopped loving that old bird. best regards to you mate.

tail wheel 2nd Aug 2009 09:24

I encountered this on the road to Longreach a few years ago:


Doing around 80 kts in reverse!! :E

sms777 2nd Aug 2009 14:03

Memories of Laurie and BPL
I have spent many afternoons with Laurie drinking coffee walking around his Gooney Bird at Hoxton talking about the resto progress. I was one of the privilidged to have access to his fathers beloved Arrow VH-ARO after earning his trust not bending it. (Too bad his old men did on occassions). We had great plans for the future which came to a halt in a tragic way.
Great memories my friend :sad:

philip1567 11th Dec 2011 09:36

DC3 photos
I moved a DC3 from waggawagga to Tocumwal in about 2000
I still have the photos of the plane being loaded and unloaded and in Finlay on the way to Tocumwal
the wings went on one semi trailer with a escort and the plane was loaded on a exstendable trailer with a modified beam to support the under carage towed by a 1966 modle PeterBuilt prime
there where 2 police escorts to pilot cars and a service car
My name is Phil and my company was call Aircraft Transporter Service
I also moved other old airplanes over a 8 years
please email me and I will send you the photos

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