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jetbrett 14th Aug 2006 11:47

The Home of Photos in Dunnunda! Mk I
Hi all,

The last couple of weeks of floating around on this site have been very interesting because first of all we had 'pilotwannabee' from NZ provide us with some very cool photos and captions and then the thread now on Camera types which has also seen some very good photos come out. Not only does it provide a lighter side to prune but it is really good seeing other peoples flyaways and working experiences because it is motivating because it is something I and many others have to look forward to.

I am starting this thread off in hope that it can be an ongoing thing where people can just add photos all the time. I dont know how it will go, could end up on the next page but I thought I would give it a go, if you could please put your beauties on here it would be much appreciated by me and im sure many others. I have put a few on to start.

Melbourne City and Albert Park Lake on the fresh morning we departed. Cloud at MB was OVC at 800' but it opened up over Port Philip Bay.


The four "washing machines on wheels" on the dirt at Leigh Creek.

Overhead that little Gem in William Creek, real shame time did not permit a stop.

Anyway theres a few. Thanks, JB

ct2k 14th Aug 2006 12:03

When i click on those links it just takes me to the hotmail web page. I had the same problem tyring to post up photos.

Woomera or someone... how do you post up a photo that will appear when the thread is opened. This will promote a better viewing experience by not having to click on the link all the time, but rather just scrolling down.

Woomera 14th Aug 2006 12:29

ct2k. Are you saying you don't see the photos or you don't know how to post photos? You need to have your photos hosted on a web site. Send me an email if you need explanation.

Nice photos Jet!! :ok:

Sunny Woomera

jetbrett 14th Aug 2006 12:41

I rectified the problem, soz about that, you just have to put the photos on a seperate website and then copy paste them. JB

Soulman 14th Aug 2006 12:50

Thought I'd post a couple from recent adventures.

All taken from my phone - hence the quality.

Tulla is somewhere under that!

AV-MB @ A075 on a winter morning

Back window of a 182 - cold was an understatement!

Here's hoping this thread kicks off!



brucekabuce 14th Aug 2006 13:06

Outback Pics
I have posted more pics of a flyway i did back in the days (all of which I took :P) I used a dsc-w5 i think its called well its 5 megapixel anyway good solid camera but maybe a little bit to big!
This on is on the first day flying above the clouds like the jets do!!! but oh no look what happens!
This one is one over the top of good old Horsham town! i really feel like a jet pilot now! lucky it cleared up on the way to YMIA where we ducked under it to refuel!
This one i took on the way to Ayers Rock beautiful up north kind of weather!!!
The nice Stuart highway a good thing to navigate by up north, its easy to mis enter a way point into the gps as i am sure all of us have found out :O
The famous rock what more can I say! Very busy place with helicopters and sight seeing planes everywhere some of which didn't bother to use there radios :mad:
This next one i took just after we landed at Alice Springs after a HUGE thunderstorm, luckily we landed in time to taxi to the GA apron and shut down! Was one of the best experiences in my aviation carrier so far I think! AWESOME
This one was taken near Hamilton island what more can i say but I wish i could fly here eveyday!
This one was taken near Brisbane! Fires everywhere so all that haze is smoke, very annoying!
Well thats it will have more soon,
Let keep this link peaking hard!!!

Kenneth 14th Aug 2006 13:48

Taken a while ago now. Brings back a few memories!

Standing room only, the big footy final up north.


And a grand old girl.


tinpis 14th Aug 2006 21:10

And a grand old girl.
Poor old thing cryin out for a coat of paint :{

Howard Hughes 14th Aug 2006 22:16

A couple for Kenneth...

http://i29.photobucket.com/albums/c292/Howard3200/1.jpg http://i29.photobucket.com/albums/c292/Howard3200/2.jpg

Some of the good old days...

http://i29.photobucket.com/albums/c292/Howard3200/4.jpg http://i29.photobucket.com/albums/c292/Howard3200/3.jpg

http://i29.photobucket.com/albums/c292/Howard3200/8.jpg http://i29.photobucket.com/albums/c292/Howard3200/9.jpg

But nothing beats a sunrise in the flight levels...


Cheers, HH.:ok:

PS: Sorry about the quality, but these all pre-dated my days of digital photography!!

123567 14th Aug 2006 22:19

Here's something you don't see every day

Not taken by myself but a friend sent them
You wont have heard of this one.....

123567 14th Aug 2006 22:22

Perhaps someone could explain this one

I took it in the Bombardier factory in Torronto Canada.

J430 15th Aug 2006 00:29

This is a warm & fuzzy thread!
OK, the major metropolis of Dirranbandi
Check the strobing of the prop!
And the Glasshouse Mountains
And meeting this guy was a BUZZ:ok:

The Voice 15th Aug 2006 00:34

Howard bluddy 'mazing what damned telephones can do these days! :p

excellent photos .. perhaps thumbnails may be in order so this thread can keep 'em coming ..

Howard Hughes 15th Aug 2006 01:11

Telephone, what telephone? I'm still using morse over the inland telegraph line....;)

Good idea to keep them thumbnail size, that way the mods might let it go on for longer.

Whilst were at it, some more from the Kak days.:ok:

http://i29.photobucket.com/albums/c292/Howard3200/7.jpg http://i29.photobucket.com/albums/c2...00/Cooinda.jpg

QNH1013.2 15th Aug 2006 11:13

Ultralights MATE, please don't use my photos in your posts. From now on I'm copywriting them! Particularly my ICE shots which are classics! and it's a bit rude pasting in the link from another "ultralight" forum. If you don't believe it's mine, I'll post you the entire set with copyright logo attached. Thief!

J430 15th Aug 2006 11:23

Ice Piracy
I have to back up 1013.2's claim there, I have a copy of that photo, sent to me by the photographer himself. In fact I wondered how long it would take before he posted some classic photos.....59,500 ft altimeters:} and some others..........when I saw that I thought Ultralights was him...so fair go old mate:ouch:


Wombat35 15th Aug 2006 19:26

Hi, Here are a few mine from "the good old days"...


Back of Sydney...


Something about 3 sisters....


Very very high.....




That's better

Enjoy your day...


heywatchthis 15th Aug 2006 21:24

Hey QNH1013.2 those ice photos are nothing to brag about...

Here are a couple of Photos from when I was flying checks in an Aztecs out of Philadelphia in the winter time.. Glad I am not doing that anymore!!






Sunfish 15th Aug 2006 22:57

OK, here are a few from last months YMMB - Arkaroola and return trip.

Flying over Lake Frome


Flinders Ranges

The strip at Arkaroola

It's sort of draped over a hill, you can't see all of it..

TLM and Disorganised art teacher.

jetbrett 15th Aug 2006 23:13

nice photos wombat.....must have been fun scudding up that valley.

keep the photos coming it is very good.

cheers jb

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