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PPL Theory Exam Valid Period

Old 3rd Feb 2022, 10:30
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PPL Theory Exam Valid Period

Hi all, long time lurker first time poster.
I passed my CASA PPL theory maybe 5 years ago, had maybe 2 navs to go before my PPL practical exam when some huge family/personal things happened and I had no way of spending money for flying from that point until about... right now (been tiding myself over with flight sim and a career in aviation)
Wondering if my PPL theory exam pass would still be valid now if I started flying to get my PPL again? Is there an expiration for how long that takes? Couldn't see anything on the CASA site.

TIA for responses.
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Old 4th Feb 2022, 00:41
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Do yourself a favour and study/re-do it anyway.

You've forgotten some of the content by now.

It could save your life.
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Old 4th Feb 2022, 01:11
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Oh absolutely I'd re-study again. Just unsure if I'd have to re-do the PPL exam again, if that's even permitted if a pass has already been registered? Hence the question about the validity length. But absolutely understand the importance of a strong grasp of the theory.
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Old 4th Feb 2022, 08:09
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CPL exams expire after 2 years Iím not aware of any expiry around PPL or RPL.

Read up on Part 91. It only updated last December and many places are still trying to get up to speed.

If you donít re brief you will get caught out in CPL theory if some of the basics have drifted away.
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Old 4th Feb 2022, 10:47
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The pass doesn't expire and there's NO NEED to take the exam again, I doubt the exam system would let you take an exam you've already passed anyway.

If you're not going back to your original school be careful where you go. Despite the system being 'competency based' it's not really. There may be a school or two that'll try have you do the whole thing again. On this front it depends 'where you are.' You'll get a pretty good idea where you are the first flight or two.

Good luck and enjoy.
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Old 5th Feb 2022, 08:04
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I commenced flying training back in 2002, completed my PPL theory and then for various reasons didnít complete my license, commenced training again in late November and I contacted CASA as to the validity of my PPL theory credit, there answer was as follows;

Thanks for your email to CASA.

Your PPLA theory exam remains valid and does satisfy the exam requirements for a PPL-A flight test.

Hope this information is of assistance.

Kind regards


Senior Assessor

Client Services Centre\Flight Operations & Licensing Client Services

CASA\Stakeholder Engagement Division

So, after near 12yrs it is still valid. Iíve purchased new books and have started doing practice exams to get myself back up to the level I was at back in 2002.
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