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Papua New Guinea - Defence Force - AIR Wing

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Papua New Guinea - Defence Force - AIR Wing

Old 20th Aug 2020, 12:31
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Confirmed the PAC is in the hanger (only 1).

And they’ve asked numerous organisations to put together tenders for the maintenance.

Not sure any of the major players have bothered with the tender due getting paid will be the issue.
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Old 20th Aug 2020, 22:10
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So did PAC get paid for that one delivered or was that the reason no further deliveries were made....?
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Old 21st Aug 2020, 07:36
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Twas on the tarmac at Jackson's to see a PNGDF Arava start-up and roll forward into a Pixie F-28's left hand engine. Fuel rushing everywhere. The F-28 had a full load of pax just embarked and was running ready to taxy. The Arava as it turned out was being taxied by a PNGDF techo to the PNGDF tarmac however Cpl Spook forgot to turn to select the hydraulics on so he had no steering and little or no brakes and it's slightly downhill....The Arava never flew again.
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Old 21st Aug 2020, 11:46
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Wasn't actually taxied by techo. National aircraft captain let copilot taxi down from ATS air movements to refuel on the finger. He had Loadmaster in RHS. He negelected to turn on the electric aux pump which provided brake pressure and nose wheel steering. He started taxiing forward and normally you would check the emergency brake which would have worked. Pointing down hill with a fair bit of thrust and no steering he no doubt panicked and it just headed straight at the F28 with it's left wing missing the left wing of the F28 and the port propeller of the Arava hit the running RR Spey. At no take did the pilot try reverse. The Arava's left engine stopped within two blades leaving one blade pretty much undamaged. I think the pilot left it running for a period of time.

The Air Niugini crew didn't actually see what happened but felt the bump and got some strange engine indications and shut down. I think the Arava was still running for a while after this. Everyone was lucky and it could have been a lot worse. With fuel oil and I think at least 3 cans of the running Spey cut through it was a miracle there wasn't a fire.

One new PT6-36 and a new prop. Arava certainly did fly again. I think PNGDF had to pay for the Spey and damage. I think approximately 300,000Kina for the Arava and even more for the Spey. Never a dull moment!
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Old 21st Aug 2020, 22:25
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Must have been a long time ago if you are talking F-28's and Speys?

Also, 300,000Kina won't go far for a new PT6A-34. (Is there a -36? I thought they had -34s, same as the Bandeirante?)
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Old 21st Aug 2020, 22:51
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Absolutely never paid for!
Otherwise the PAC750, ZK-KDI, would still not be registered to Pacific Aerospace. The aircraft is shown active on the NZ register.
You might ask why the factory does not repossess the aircraft? Simple.. just try and get your hands on it, we have people here with big guns!
So it will sit there and rot away, because no spare parts will be supplied to that serial number airframe.
Time for a cold beer at the Aviat.
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Old 22nd Aug 2020, 02:13
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Thanks for that Kaga

And enjoy that beer. Hope Aviat is the same great spot for a coldie it always was.
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Old 22nd Aug 2020, 03:27
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Not PNGDF but only thing that seems to flies is the RPNGC 212.
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Old 22nd Aug 2020, 10:46
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Tailwheel, it certainly was some time ago. Either late 1984 or early 1985. Sorry memory fails me. Aravas had -36's as an option over the -34 of the Bandit. Better hot and high performance. Luckily didn't manage to get the 3 x 50 Cals and 3.75in FFAR (rockets) option. Trying to load live ordinance at Lae next to the civil terminal may have been tragic.

The 300,000kina was ~1984 when Kina was tired to US dollars and stronger than Australian dollar. Not sure that Air Niugini ever got paid but I did see the bill. Probably not.

I was supposed to be up there flying next month but not anymore with COVID. Great place and generally fantastic people. Absolutely never a dull moment.

regards Flickroll
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Old 20th Oct 2020, 03:30
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Defence Force PAC-750

Seen taxying around POM today; 20th Oct 2020, is PNG Defence Force aircraft PAC-750, ZK-KDI. Imported many years ago and left in the hangar, unloved.

The aircraft was cancelled from the New Zealand register on 13th Oct.2020.

Possible someone in PNG might have bought a bargain! or the Defence Force has found money, trained a pilot?, outsource engineering..

And on a day of surprises, the South Pacific Motor Sports Club, one of a number of favorite hangouts for those in Aviation, was robbed again this morning at 03:00 hrs. With a 99.9% guarantee, it will be an "inside" job as usual.

Last edited by Kagamuga; 20th Oct 2020 at 22:15. Reason: Correction to date
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Old 28th Oct 2020, 06:39
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The Captain of the F28 parked and boarding for Cairns on an early evening flight when it got “kissed” by the military Arava, is now the Minister for Labour in the PNG Government after serving some time as Minister of Civil Aviation.

Luckily the guardian angels were working overtime that day, the possibilities of a more tragic outcome were high as the F28 APU was running and half the cabin had already been boarded. Never a dull moment!!
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