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High Capacity Charter AOC

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High Capacity Charter AOC

I havenít been on here in a long while, but a question came up amongst a few of us in regards to a business we saw advertised on the internet that is seeking funding to commence FIFO ops.

Is there a requirement for a High Capacity AOC for charter only ops in a 50- seat aircraft such as the CRJ-200 or ERJ-145.

Charter only, not RPT. I could only find reference to HCRPT AOCís when I searched for the answer.

One would assume that operators like Skytraders or Pionair would have HC Charter AOCís.

What is the position of a charter operator that has an Embraer Legacy 650, which is based on a 135/145, or a Bombardier Challenger 850 which is a CRJ. If the aircraftís max payload exceeds the 4800kg (or thereabouts) payload limit is it then a HC aircraft? I found a reference in the AOC Handbook that referred to High Capacity as more than 38-seats or maximum payload above approx 4800kg.

Not looking to open a can of worms but I cannot find anyone who knows the answer.
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Ah, Australia, 270 odd pages in AOC Vol 1 and 2. The only jurisdiction in the world that makes it so difficult.

Ps I thought a High Cap AOC was required when payload exceeded 4,200 kgs

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High Capacity: be 5,700kg.... MTOW.

With "Great Trepidation" (this IS a tune-up... right???, NO???)-

Aircraft Descriptions on Air Operator's Certificates:

For Non Transport Category Helicopters and Fixed Wing Multi Engine and/or Turbine Powered Aircraft 5700kg MTOW in charter and aerial work operations....
CASA is 'your' friend (apparently), link to start with here and go hard/good luck/be safe:

Rgds all
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If anyone cares, hereís the ad I found that started this discussion:

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Hi/Low cap malarky

THIS IS RPT ONLY as per CAO82.3 low cap and CAO82.5 high cap.... and RPT is a purely Australian thing, the rest of the planet is Part 121/125/135 passenger carrying ops, no different to buying a single seat or the whole damm plane

CAO82.1 applies to Charter and there is no definition of Hi/Low cap for charter

The definition as per CAO82 high capacity aircraft means an aircraft that is certified as having a maximum seating capacity exceeding 38 seats or a maximum payload exceeding 4 200 kg.
Defined by the manufacturer certification data which states the certified maximum payload irrespective of aircraft actual BEW as this varies between customer fit.
This was tested and defined by Eastern Region some time back to the point of threatened litigation before calmer heads prevailed.

It really only applies to a few RPT operators on the cusp of the limit (CAO82.3 low cap and CAO82.5 high cap) and should cease to exist once Part 121 is fully enacted anyway.

SF340 (Rex/Corporate) - Low Cap
DH8A (Skytrans/Maroomba) - Low Cap
DH8A/B/C (Qlink/Skippers) - High Cap

FWIW - E135/145 & CRJ are all above 4200kg payload so Hi Cap RPT, E135BJ is low cap as the max payload is limited because of the additional fuel capacity.
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A minimum of $AUD5 million is sought and a controlling interest may be available
A controlling interest "may" be available? So for 5 mill you are just a shareholder? This looks like a buyout of the SkyAirWorld AOC, which has already failed once so I always wonder what is to be significantly different this time? To turn 10s of millions profit? The main difference is that Alliance are probably 50% bigger than when Sky ground earth went broke the first time, and good luck trying to compete with F100s worth 5 mill with Embraers worth 5 times that.
Seriously you couldn't make this 5hit up
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Not this mob by any chance?
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If it's who I think it is, no, not compassjet.
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I have seen Nigerian scams that were more convincing than this pitch.
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Can't be Compass Jet

June 18 2020

DOZENS of employees and creditors are owed a staggering $1.2 million following the collapse of a Brisbane charter airline, with many unlikely to be compensated.

Great Northern Aviation Pty Ltd, trading as Compass Jet, operated two luxury aircraft as an "exclusive charter service for destination tourists, sporting teams and VIP executives" before it was ordered into liquidation by the Supreme Court last month.

Now the extent of the Brisbane Airport-based company’s financial woes can be revealed, with a report on its finances showing workers, the tax office and aviation services businesses are among 45 out of pocket.

Workers at the failed Queensland charter airline are owed a whopping $148,549 in wages, holiday pay and superannuation.

The collapsed carrier also has a long list of creditors, which are owed $1.238 million.

Calls to the airline’s director John Sheppard this morning failed, with the company’s phone now disconnected.

An application to wind-up the business was lodged in the Supreme Court in May by Mark O’Rourke, who is listed a priority creditor of the company owed $15,068 in wages, superannuation and holiday pay.

Great Northern Aviation was founded in 2015 and flew two Canadair Regional Jet airliners.

The largest creditors are the Australian Taxation Office, owed $101,236; Aviation Industry Audits, owed $89,299 and company executive Tad Nakajima, owed a massive $493,691.

The chain of creditors receiving a dividend appears slim, with Compass Jet’s $45,650 in assets limited to two cars, computers, office and home furniture.

The luxurious high-flying airline lists a double bed, bedside tables and dining chairs worth $1000 among those assets.
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