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Stig goes drone fishing

Old 29th Aug 2019, 07:00
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Stig goes drone fishing

Gold! Casa not even sure what laws they’ve broken but are sure they’ll come up with something
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One has to wonder what space is taken up inside their heads, can't be brains!
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I’m sure the bloke doesn’t need Gibson (CASA) to tell him that there’s a risk involved in doing that.
I’m sure taxpayers don’t want to pay a small team of Canberra bureaucrats to ‘investigate and gather evidence’ in order to make some token charge against him.
CASA spokesmen could have said “stop being an idiot mate, you’ll kill yourself”, but no, they have to do the full Sir Humphrey.

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Posts: 2,466 has to wonder how Uber thinks their idea is any better
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Avoid imitations
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Let's just call it crocodile baiting....
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Where can I have a go??
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Begs the question what CAsA would do to the likes of Lawnchair Larry or Danny Deckchair these days....
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Key points:

  • CASA says while it's a first for Australia, it's not a really sensible thing to do
    Not sure who wanted to have CASA's opinion on this in the first place, but thanks buddy, duly noted.
  • An aviation expert says it was a risky move due to a lack of quality control over homemade drones
    It does take an aviation expert to conclude that this was indeed a risky way to fish. What a genius in fact.
  • The drone's designer has declined to comment
    The only sensible bloke in the lot. The video says it all.
  • CASA spokesman Peter Gibson said there were serious safety risks involved with what appeared in the footage.
    True thing. A fish died as a result of the flight.
  • Mr Gibson said severe breaches of aviation regulations could result in penalties of more than $10,000 in fines or CASA could pursue court action.
    The occupant wasn't wearing a life jacket. Beginner's mistake, he should have known better. And drones don't glide too well.
    No worries mate, I think we'll just start another Go Fund Me page (see the other active thread on this forum) and we'll have you covered in less than 2 days
  • It'll take some time for us to gather the information, analyse all that, determine what the appropriate course of action is
    By all means do invite the ATSB.
    I think you're rather embarrassed of your endorsement of some Uber Air Taxi for 2023 and see a few kids with a couple of beers just teach you a lesson.
    Ask them for help instead of punishing them.
  • Aviassist, a drone training, licensing and auditing company, said the footage was risky due to the lack of quality control over the homemade drone.
    No idea how they infer that from that video which shows a perfectly stable flight. Bring in a fisherman and they'll tell you a thing or two regarding the required stability of a fishing rod.
  • That's why CASA has the rule set that they do — that we don't fly near people or over the top of populated areas — because there isn't that quality regime.
    Clearly that drone was flying over massively populated areas.
  • But Mr Gibson said Australia's drone safety regulations were comprehensive.
    Well, he might be the first one to say that.
  • Mr Anderson said while it appeared that no-one had been hurt during the flight, it was a risky operation.
    Another PhD in risk management has spoken.
  • "For the person on the chair, the risk could be computer errors where the aircraft flies away, could be motor failures where the aircraft ends up in an uncontrollable state,"
    While we're at it, let's rub in some good old TEM. You forgot that the rope might snap by the way.
  • "Best-case scenario is the battery sets die and it plonks straight into the water."
    True. Can't happen with piston engines because they usually run on fuel and not on electricity.
  • But he said as drones became more readily available, people needed a deeper understanding of how to use them safely.
    One safe use of drone, for instance, is to remove the batteries and store it in a drawer. A similar strategy has been implemented for aeroplanes over the last 20 years and many are now harmlessly sitting idle in hangars.
  • "The perception is that they're easy to fly and nothing does go wrong."
    Whose perception?Rules for flying drones
  • No flying more than 120 metres above the ground
    I think that everyone will agree that the drone wasn't that high.
    Funny that there's no garbage such as "no higher than 120 metres above the lowest point on the ground within a radius of 600 m" or some equally moronic clause
  • No flying over or near an area affecting public safety or where emergency operations are underway
    She'll be fine mate.
  • No flying within 30 metres of people
    That's an interesting one. Does that mean that the rope has to be at least 30 m or else the occupant would be less than this far away from the drone.
    I'll ask my legal team at work first thing tomorrow morning.
  • If your drone weighs more than 100 grams, you must keep it at least 5.5 kilometres away from controlled aerodromes
    Tough one. Like 99.99% of Australia.
  • No flying at night
    No, indeed not. Unless you have a current ReNVFR rating for this class of drone and have done 3 takeoffs and 3 landings, at night in the last 90 days nights.
  • Your drone must stay within your line of sight
    It was not only within line of sight but also within line of
  • No flying over or above people e.g. at festivals, sporting ovals, populated beaches, parks, busy roads and footpaths
    The Upper Coliban Reservoir in central Victoria is usually quiet between April and late September
  • Flying must not create a hazard to another aircraft, person or property
    That'll be a deal breaker as soon as they build a second one.
  • No flying in prohibited or restricted areas
    Wait, what if the restricted area is deactivated?
  • Local council and/or national park laws prohibit drone flights in certain areas
    The Upper Coliban Reservoir in central Victoria is renowned for its progressive and liberal views when it comes to drones.

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Was our intrepid adventurer pax or crew?
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I wish I could catch fish pre-gutted like that one appears to be!
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Why should CASA worry? Natural selection should sort it out.
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Why should CASA worry?
says tail wheel.

They are worried because somebody went flying inspite of CAsA's efforts at killing aviation in Australia.

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Great stuff!!
Can anybody confirm it is real, as opposed to a photoshop job just to stir up the Airstapo.
Tootle pip!!
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Melbjorn.. TOPS !! Best cackle Ive had for years. ! Not many of those in aviation where CAsA is concerned.
No doubt about the Gibbo he's an intellectual whizz bang with the words.!
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No doubt about the Gibbo he's an intellectual whizz bang with the words.!
Reminds me of a saying I heard often in the Army
"Bullsh1t baffles brains"

Sums up PR and spin miesters people to T

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"Bullsh1t baffles brains"

aka excreta taurum vincit - or similar, my Latin is very rusty now
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The drone, which Mr Foreman said weighs over 30 kilograms and comprises 25 batteries and 12 motors and 12 propellers, took about two years to prepare and had successfully lifted 110 kilograms of dead weight before it was tested for the first time with a live human.At 80kg himself, Mr Foreman said he was confident given the previous tests that the drone would take his weight, and he was pleasantly surprised with the level of comfort on the ride."As soon as I was off the ground I just couldn't believe it... how stable it actually was."He said he was wearing a helmet and wetsuit, but chose not to use a lifejacket because it could have hindered his ability to swim away from the drone in the event that something went wrong."I did have comms on so I could talk to whoever the pilot was in case something did go wrong with the drone and I had to jump out of the chair ... try and swim as quick as I could if it was going to land on top of me or anything like that."The question of who was piloting the drone could be key in any future prosecution over potential safety breaches being looked at by CASA.
Two year project according to this. Why wouldn't you see if it passes the beer test?
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Originally Posted by RickNRoll View Post

Two year project according to this. Why wouldn't you see if it passes the beer test?
It most certainly passed the "beer test", after numerous consultations I expect.
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Thank god we didnt have red tape when Smithy and Hudson Fish were opening up QLD and NT after the first war. We needed to innovate.
I mean, this drone went about as high as a tall tree and carried that fella over a bit of water. Danger to others = nil. C'mon casa.
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“No flying within 30m of people”.

From the CASA website:

You must not fly your drone:
  • closer than 30 m to people — other than those helping to fly or navigate your drone

Easy out for the passenger...
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