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Helicopter down in PNG at Kimbe

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Sounds like a lack of aircraft knowledge.

Where was the Ground School & Endorsement done?
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If the pilot was conducting a post maintenance flight check; [as suggested by gullibell #20] I would suggest a very poor chain of command. In the real world the Chief Pilot would conduct such checks, and for a very good reason. Mentoring is a vital part of gaining experience and I would have thought that the pilot in this case should have been under instruction.
What does the Company Ops manual have to say in regards to post maintenance check flights? Whom should be conducting said checks etc. Fleet captain, fleet manager ? In the company I work for any request for an engineering flight comes in writing with a specific understanding of what is expected and how the flight shall be conducted, and to achieve what outcome. Makes the Insurance company smile!
It is extremely easy to undo a decade of hard work, in five rushed minutes; tends to make clients rather nervous.
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Yes, a pilot would need a written Company authority to be approved for undertaking post maintenance assessment flights. The maintenance assessment task would need to be briefed in advance with the mechanic, and the flight properly authorized (a pilot or mechanic can normally authorize such flights). There are protocols to be followed, sometimes duplicate inspections are required and recorded, etc, depending on the work undertaken. When operating at a base away from the main maintenance base (as in this instance, the maintenance had been done in Rabaul and the check was being done on the repositioning flight back to Kimbe main base), the pilot is the only pilot at the base. If he doesn't have a Company authority for undertaking maintenance assessment flights they have to fly in another pilot.

In-so-far as the pilot inadvertently shutting down both engines. The shutting down of engines in flight is covered in the normal check and training syllabus for all pilots. At the very least, bringing an engine (or both engines) to idle in flight is always checked and the pilot needs to display competency. For an initial type rating, if not done in the simulator, then shutting an engine down in flight (twin engine helicopter) and restarting it would need to be demonstrated. So, the training pipeline should produce a pilot who is competent at doing all those things. Big mystery to me how they ended up with a pilot at the controls of a single pilot helicopter who unwittingly shut down both engines in flight and didn't know about it. I guess anybody could have a bad day, especially in PNG.

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Originally Posted by gulliBell View Post
The pilot was doing an in-flight maintenance check and inadvertently shut down both engines without realizing it (the engines should have been at idle during the check, not off). When he finally realized the engines had been shut down he ran out of time and altitude to do anything about it before getting wet.
You're right, that is a new way to crash a helicopter!
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The AIC preliminary report is on the website.
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