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Scattering of ashes from a plane

Old 16th Jul 2019, 19:19
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Originally Posted by RatsoreA View Post
I wouldn’t mind being scattered from an airplane when my time comes...

I am against getting cremated though.
A bloke tried that in America a while ago, in a Q400 that he hijacked. I guess you could aim for a similar thing. Probably do it in a cheaper machine though if you can.
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Get a piece of PVC pipe (100mm diameter, 300mm long) attach a handle to grip it with (cupboard door style will do). Use a couple of layers of masking tape to tape up one end, pour the ashes into the container. Run a length of thin nylon chord around the open end of the pipe and tape it around the outside rim leaving about 500mm length of it free. Now tape over the open end. The chord becomes the method of releasing the ashes. You’ll need to have the person holding the container have it well outside the aircraft before they pull the chord, also slow down - the slower the better. Depending on the aircraft type you could tape the container to a gear leg and run the chord into the aircraft. It’s worth doing a static test using sand to get the method right. I’ve done a number of these over the years. The first being in a Tiger Moth with me flying and my dad scattering the ashes - we learnt a LOT that day. I eventually used the pipe method to spread my dad’s ashes.
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Originally Posted by muddergoose View Post
Get a garden hose, stick a small funnel in the end. Hang the funnel past the tail cone and duct tape the the hose to the fuselage. That should give you a vacuum then stick the hose end in the urn. That’ll do it. Don’t let anyone catch you.
All with a Part 21 engineer's certificate, of course, with the necessary flight tests, and a supplement in the AFM to cover the operation of the modification.
Seriously, folks, any bits of poly pipe or whatever "out the window", be seriously careful and don't fumble it, could be embarrassing.
Tootle pip!!
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Easy. Done it already. Open container and cover with palm firmly. Hold it outside window and rearward. Remove hand. RIP Geoffrey T. O.
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I haven’t posted under this name for many a long year (but I have under other names!) but I just had to tell this story.

As Airport Manager of a large GAAP airport in SE Australia I had to handle many “interesting” events. One day a Funeral Director walked in and asked if he could scatter some ashes on the airport. The gentleman in question was never a pilot but always loved aviation and his widow was keen on this appropriate gesture.So I agreed to take the funeral party to an isolated part of the airport, near the engine test cell, and I would escort them. No ASIC’s in those days.

On the day the FD and the widow turned up with an urn- and nobody else! So we got into my car and proceeded to the spot where I intended to stand to one side, hands reverently clasped, whilst the “ceremony” took place. Instead the FD gave me the urn and basically said “You are the Airport manager- carry on!”
I said under my breath “Whats his name?” and then desperately thought up a few words to say about the dear departed Fred Nurk. I then proceeded to scatter the ashes.

Now here’s a thing. Ashes don’t scatter, they clump. And as I opened the urn the entire contents hit the ground and formed a nice little white hill, which we stared at for a while. The widow seemed happy. But there was no wind and this little white hill just sat there.So we got back into the car and I took them back to the terminal, they gave me their thanks and departed in the funeral car.

And I thought I can’t just leave the ashes there: they might blow into a departing Cessna or something. So I got back into my car and went back to the area and, checking that nobody especially the tower was looking, quietly scattered the ashes widely over the ground with my right foot.
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Management of the MCG recently pleaded with visitors to not spread ashes on the field for this reason and of course because it’s not really the done thing if everyone starts doing it. Each to their own, especially if you lived and breathed AFL.
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A few years ago I had a Mate who requested that his ashes be spread over the Waikerie a special way!

Taxied the Gliding Club's Pawnee out into the centre of the airfield, parked it and locked on the brakes.

Large sheet of plywood placed under the tail wheel and ashed poured onto the plywood just aft of the tailwheel.

Started Engine and went to about 1800rpm with stick firmly back!

Took surprisingly quite a long time to blow all the ashes away. About 5 minutes IIRC.

: RIP Schultzy.
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Funeral Directors will 'decant' the ashes into paper bags if asked. Folded over at the top these could then be dropped from the storm window and should nicely open on the way down. No risk of blow back this way.
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There's a famous story about an old mate of mine here in Oz.
He wanted his ashes scattered from an "historic aircraft" for which he was Chief Flight Engineer. Now you all know who I mean. I was one of his trainees in the airline and a good mate (I hope!). We were regular drinking buddies anyway.
As often happens, the cabin filled with a grey haze with the customary comments from the pax. We all said "that figures, one last joke on us all!!"
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