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Melbourne Coastal Route / YMML Runway 34 GBAS

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Melbourne Coastal Route / YMML Runway 34 GBAS

Old 29th Oct 2018, 05:53
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Originally Posted by Lead Balloon View Post
We know.

But what do you see if you open just the Melbourne VTC?
Dunno. I'm VFR and I always use the MegaVFR unless I've a reason to swap. Works for me locally, cross country etc.
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Old 29th Oct 2018, 05:58
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Me too. I now use only the MegaVFR (and ENR(L) and PCA).

The discussion on this specific point arose because OA pointed out - correctly - that if you select just the VTC you don’t get the inset information. That’s counter-intuitive and, therefore, a potential trap.
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Old 29th Oct 2018, 06:52
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You didn't even mention the REAL problem: that the "C LL1500" label over BK doesn't exist on the Sydney VTC.
For example, when I select the current Sydney VTC on the EFB I use, there is no depiction of the vertical dimensions of the YSBK airspace, no matter how far I zoom in.
I don’t know how more clearly I could have articulated the REAL problem.
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Old 29th Oct 2018, 07:33
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Hampster wheel: Who cares what the vertical dimensions of the BK CTR are? Surely anybody with half a brain would see 'hey, there's a CTR there, I better find out how high it goes to", regardless of what they can or can't see on a map?

The critical issue is the fact that the SY Class C drops to 1500ft over BK (and that is not on the VTC), which only came out later. Anyway, on on. Moorabbin here we come.

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Old 31st Oct 2018, 04:28
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Oz Runways on the job...

Caution Traffic in the Melbourne Area

"To facilitate more separation between coastal VFR traffic and instrument approaches to runway 34 at Melbourne, the lower level for class C will be dropped to 2000 feet along the northern coastal route from November 8. This also means the recommended cruising levels along the entire coastal route will change. Check the new details carefully on the VTC Inset, which is part of the Hybrid VFR map; just zoom in. Following the old recommendations means you will fly head-on at the same level as those flying by the new ones!"

ie no nonsense, cut straight to it (OzRunways bolding, BTW).
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Old 27th Nov 2018, 00:31
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Victorian RAPAC Working Party 1 (VWP1) was convened to discuss the resolution moving forward after the 8 November 2018 (charting cycle) unexpected reversal of altitudes recommended to be used whilst flying along the Melbourne Coastal Route that follows the shore of Port Phillipfrom the BOM TOWER near Altona in the north-west to Carrum in the south east.

Concern was raised in RAPAC that the new altitudes, which were selected to maximise gliding range to land and assist compliance with CAR258, were in contravention of CAR173(2) and introduced a collision risk between pilots aware of the recommended levels as per the Melbourne VTC insetand those who were complying with CAR173(2) with respect to cruising levels. Members of RAPAC and the members of VWP1 feel that the risk associated with recommending levels not in accordance with CAR173(2) far outweighs any benefit that may be gained with respect to gliding distances from land and CAR258 of the revised levels.

Since the aircraft operating along this route which are following the recommended altitudes will be vertically separated by at least 500ft, traffic in both directions may safely operate on the same track laterally and thus be operating the same distance from land.

A win for all - well done to those involved in having this change reviewed.
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Old 27th Nov 2018, 02:29
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Working link:
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Old 27th Nov 2018, 09:09
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A good outcome thanks to RAPAC but it should never have happened. One has to wonder what risk analysis was done on the previous iteration...what were they thinking?
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Old 27th Nov 2018, 11:20
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They're Onto It...

Update to Melbourne VFR Lane Altitudes

Airspace changes that came into effect on 8 November for the Melbourne Port Philip Bay VFR route have now been modified.

The new procedure recommends:
  • Between Point Ormond and Laverton BOM tower, fly eastbound at 1500 feet and westbound at 2000 feet
  • Between Point Ormond and Carrum, fly southbound at 1500 feet and northbound at 2500 feet.
The changes are published in SUP H132/18, but an officially amended VTC will not be provided to Australian pilots until the May 2019 update. This is why in the interest of safety we have taken the unprecedented step to modify the Melbourne VTC Inset to reflect the SUP changes..

How to get the updated maps

In Settings > Downloads > Australia you will find the updated Hybrid VFR and Moorabbin Inset available. Until you download these, the previous downloaded version will still be used. After downloading you may need to switch to a different map and then back to Hybrid VFR to view the new version.We hope the swift release of this update will benefit the safety of those flying in the Melbourne area.
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