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Low Pass on Christmas Morning.

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Low Pass on Christmas Morning.

I awoke this morning to what sounded like a B747 flying just above my roof. It was about 5.30am. I quickly got out of bed and looked out the window, expecting to see an aircraft, but there was nothing. I walked into our living room and there on the table was a strange piece of paper, covered in frost despite the summer heat. I put on my glasses; it was a press release.....

"Australian Aviation Christmas Shake Up" was the title.

"Following urgent representations from Father Christmas concerning the difficulties he was facing bringing toys to Australian children this year, I have decided to act immediately. Saint Nick told me that CASA was going to prohibit him from entering Australian Airspace this year because he was a danger to the general public. In the interests of "air safety" they told him, he could not be allowed to operate.

He showed me a ten metre long list of offences he would be committing if he came to Australia; his sleigh was not "approved" and in any case had no maintenance release, the reindeer were not authorised nor had they quarantine and noise certifications. He was warned that he had no licence and in any case his navigation system was not IFR approved. The list contained 5000 requests for corrective actions and another 5000 "show cause" notices regarding previous years infringements. He was advised that serious criminal penalties would apply to him if he entered Australian airspace,let alone dropping (unapproved) Christmas presents to children.

He was cautioned that he needed an operations manual that CASA had to "accept" and that it would charge him $160 per hour to peruse it after he had written it. He was then lectured on the whole process of obtaining an AOC and asked why, given it was 25th December, he had delayed making an application for so long? Did he expect CASA to perform miracles?

As a responsible Minister, my duty to the Australian public is clear. I have ordered CASA to cease and desist.The decades long 'regulatory reform" project is to be abandoned. I have ordered that Australia, guided by the experience of other countries, will adopt the American FAA regulations immediately. I have ordered that the Aviation Act be immediately rewritten to require that Aviation in all its forms be fostered, that the test of any new regulation include common sense, that CASA be broken into a regulation and enforcement divisions and to reclassify all but the most serious aviation offences as administrative, not criminal matters.

We cannot afford NOT to have a vibrant Australian aviation industry. No one, least of all a government agency, must stand in the way of that objective and as the responsible Minister, I dedicate myself to this cause."

Merry Christmas.
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Don’t worry Santa, if AirAsia are allowed to fly here pretty much anything can.

You’ll be right until there is some form of accident with lives lost from poor standards then the regulator might take some action. I did say might.
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Xmas wish..that "Sunfish" was the nom-de-plume for BAAArnaby, the new Transport Minister. Alas. But do write to BJ and tell him about CAsA like it is.
You never know...he may play sheep dog and round 'em up.!
Some of them do need to go to the abattoir.

Wheelies down.. not correct unfortunately.
Post this major accident CAsA will NOT be responsible in any way, shape or form.
The fault will lie with others.
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Having barnaby joyce doing anything good for aviation is a pipe dream, nay, a nightmare. This is the guy who denied being a Kiwi citizen even though it only took 4 mouse clicks to ascertain one way or the other is he was (or wasn't). How much did the by-election cost us because of his lazy negligence?

This is the same guy who tried or is moving the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority to his electorate in what can only be seen, IMO, as a blatant attempt to shore up his own standing/ego in New England which is paid for by the taxpayers. (Pork barrelling at its finest) The staff who moved there had to go to Maccas to get Wi-Fi since barnaby failed to make sure the required basic infrastructure like the Internet was available to the poor sods who were pushed into moving away from the rest of the government departments in Canberra. Don't forget that a special building is going to be constructed for the APVMA in Armidale and then leased to them with the taxpayer footing the lease while there are a plethora of empty offices in Canberra. No benefit to the country, just barnaby. How much did this exercise cost the taxpayer?

Didn't he do such a magnificent job as Water Minister. I mean what can go wrong? The damn stuff falls from the sky but yet barnaby managed to cockup something that was fairly simple. I mean it's not like when he was the shadow treasure guy which being an accountant (the only practicing one in parliament according to him) should have been a doodle but yet again his feet seemed to be a good fit for his mouth.

And now he is going to be looking after aviation matters. WHAT A ING JOKE!

What a shame Sussan Ley turned out to be such a typical politician because she would at least have had a better understanding of the problems that need to be addressed in Australian Aviation and maybe if she had been made Minister then GA may have had a chance at survival.

joyce is a buffoon and totally unfit for office let alone as Minister for aviation. If government, irrespective of party, puts someone who has an interest in aviation (ex military do not count) into the role of Minister then that person should be required to undertake flight training to a level where they become familiar with the problems in our industry. Alas, this is just my pipe dream since that person would only last a maximum of 3 years in the role or less if the spineless leader has to have a cabinet reshuffle and appoint lackeys to appease the various factions. When did these people who are employed by the Australian taxpayer stop working for the citizens of this country and become self employed or sub contracted themselves out to big business both domestic and foreign?

Can anyone remember the last time there was a Minister for Aviation that actually knew anything about their portfolio and really did something that benefitted aviation? It seems that the Department of Constant Name Change has just had another clueless clot put in charge and is carrying on with its usual fine tradition.

Do these elected idiots in their sheltered workshop not realise what aviation, especially GA is worth to our economy?

[/rant paused]
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