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Mallard Down in Perth

Old 16th Mar 2019, 23:08
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Report still not complete

Updated: 25 January 2019

The investigation into the collision with water involving a Grumman American Aviation Corp G-73, VH-CQA, 10 km WSW of Perth Airport, Western Australia on 26 January 2017 is continuing.

The final report has completed the drafting phase and is now undergoing an internal review.

Final ATSB investigation reports undergo a rigorous internal review process to ensure the report findings adequately and accurately reflect the analysis of available evidence. Final investigation reports also undergo other technical and administrative reviews to ensure the reports meet national and international standards for transport safety investigations.

Following the completion of the internal review, the report will be sent to directly involved parties for comment before the report is finalised and published.

Currently, the anticipated completion and publication date of the final report is during the first quarter of 2019.

Should any safety issues be identified during any phase of the investigation, the ATSB will immediately notify those affected and seek safety action to address the issue.
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Old 17th Mar 2019, 05:53
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Wow - so first quarter 2019 - someone is gonna be busy in the next two weeks ��
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Old 17th Mar 2019, 06:23
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Over two years and the buggars still haven’t finished a simple report? What the [email protected]#k have the ATSB been doing?
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Old 17th Mar 2019, 07:52
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administrative reviews
I was under the impression that analysis of available evidence was what was required in a report.
What input does "administration" have?
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Old 17th Mar 2019, 08:26
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It shouldn't take two years to confirm what we already suspect. Dotting 'i's and crossing 't's means stuff all in the big picture which is what a report is about.
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Old 18th Mar 2019, 00:24
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In the forthcoming coronial inquest for which the ATSB report will form a key component, it's all about dotting i's & crossing t's...
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Old 18th Mar 2019, 00:27
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The NTSB appear to be quick at getting their reports out for the more simple incidents and they are also very quick to simply say “the pilot messed up” or
words to this effect. Perhaps Australia could take advice from them and grade the incidents accordingly.

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Old 10th Aug 2019, 23:16
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We are now into August and it is still in ‘Final report: Internal review’ phase. Wonder why this is taking so long, have they forgotten about their first quarter of 2019 anticipated completion date.
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Old 11th Aug 2019, 02:16
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How long? Why so long?

ATSB was created as an independent Commonwealth corporate body by then Minister Albanese in 2009. As soon as this came about ATSB began to take on the familiar characteristics of this type of government entity. CASA is the ‘perfect’ example of the type, the incentives have altered. Make work prevails; economy, efficiency and timelines suffer. A little off topic but as an excellent example the photo illustrates the results of the hands off approach, the broken model of governance that’s common to CASA and the ATSB. A model that is increasingly a feature of the Commonwealth Government as Ministers inappropriately distance themselves from responsibility. Probably we don’t pay Ministers enough, Mr. Carmody gets twice as much as his Minister so who is boss?
Why have we lost hundreds of flying schools and maintenance orgs?

US:- $14.95 book with index. Start immediately with ins. rating, no grades 1,2,3.
. CASASTROPHE:- edited library, no index, $thousands, months or years, maybe permissible eventually, or maybe not like one well qualified instructor who put up $8000 ( flying school permission) application nearly four years ago, then gave up.

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Old 11th Aug 2019, 02:42
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Why so long for a report?

In 2017 a few General Aviation types (and maybe others) including myself went to a conference at the Avalon Airshow to hear from Mr. Carmody head of CASA, Jason Harfield of Airservices and Greg Hood who is the head of ATSB. When Greg’s turn came to address us attendees he sported a hi-vis ATSB jacket and ran a video of the Mallard’s fatal last seconds as it plunged into the water. This video was on a loop and cycled there for us to see throughout the whole of Greg’s speech. Over and over again, surreal? Certainly bizarre say no more.
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Old 11th Aug 2019, 07:06
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It should make interesting reading.
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Old 11th Aug 2019, 23:36
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Report.when if.

Originally Posted by roundsounds View Post
It should make interesting reading.
There’s not been any explanation for the full up elevator trim jacks position as discovered from the wreckage, none that I’ve seen to date. Certainly the current or previous official line about causation doesn’t seem plausible to some experienced Kingair pilots.
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