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Junior Qantas Second Officers

Old 20th May 2014, 01:18
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Junior Qantas Second Officers

As a genuine question for other QF junior Second Officers, are you preparing a CV? Where could we go with our experience? I hear Japan Airlines might take SO's?

Just as AJ and Co are targetting the 767 and 747 for VR, can last on first off PER FLEET be their target for CR?

Just as much as QF are top heavy financially, surely targeting A380 SO's on $220,000 a year would be in their sights too.
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Old 20th May 2014, 01:32
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And I know _exactly_ how he feels....
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Old 20th May 2014, 01:44
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It's probably not much consolation, but the majority of Australian pilots never made it in to Qantas (choice or otherwise) but have made a great living, and enjoy a great lifestyle with other carriers, and even in other parts of the world. I hope you will not have to go through any form of redundancy, but there are other options. Truck driving may pay more however ;-)
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A380 SO's on 220k? I find that hard to believe but if it is true then that is a serious amount of cash for not a lot of work.

Sure it isn't 120k? That I can believe.
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Old 20th May 2014, 02:14
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$180K is closer to the mark for most A380 SOs.

Possible life boat options with only SO time in the logbook:

Cathay? I know the latest pay scale would make it tough living in HKG...but it would be a job...

Qatar? Doha is not the best place for families but would be a job...

Jetstar? Are they taking any more QF guys on the bottom of their list? Obviously a massive pay cut, and you'll work harder than a one-armed coat hangar doing 4 sector days...but it is a recognised command endorsement and you'd start to accrue some Pilot Flying time. Its also a job in Australia...which is very valuable in itself to a lot of people...
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Yes Qantas pay well, but it's never really been a secret. This is why it's always been a very competitive and difficult process to gain employment with Qantas. Those that do meet the standard are therefore of a very high caliber. This has benefited the airline by allowing them to achieve a very high safety record. I believe the saying is, "pay peanuts, attract monkeys"...? It's unfortunate that some airlines (both within and outside Australia) seem to be happy with monkeys up the front.
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$180k to fold charts, and watch a computer in the cruise?? Wow.
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Old 20th May 2014, 05:05
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We don't have the pleasure of folding and filing the skipper's charts anymore, technology did away with that.
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Why not target some of the most senior pilots who are probably approaching/past retirement? Surely doing away with your junior pilots isn't really fixing the problem as efficiently as they could be.

I'm waiting for some senior QF Captain to whinge at me now that I've said that, but that's also half the reason QF is in this position. People not wanting to swallow their pride and just accept that $350k a year salaries are not sustainable anymore.

*Note* I do not necessarily agree however, that Alan Joyce is the right person for the job. But he's not entirely the problem.

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Old 20th May 2014, 06:12
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I've heard a rumour that if QF second officers are to be made redundant that etihad are planning to launch a recruitment campaign targeting them
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Junior Qantas Second Officers

I hear Air NZ are recruiting. 777 SO and then 320 FO.
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I hear Air NZ are recruiting. 777 SO and then 320 FO.
Yep, though very few if any going direct onto the 320 fleet from what I hear.

Most come from the Link turbo prop fleets. I guess the Qantas SO's could join the Links on the turbo props and join the queue.
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Rumour - etihad plan to target QF SOs if any are made redundant
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I call bullshit on a lot of these claimed Qantas pilot incomes. Just to put things in perspective, $220k to $230k is roughly what a QF 744 FO or a 767 Captain earns after allowances. I dare say that the majority of A380 SO's are earning less than $160k after allowances considering that there are plenty of 744 and A330 SO's i bump into on less than $150k, even less than $130k for A330 SO's...

Its just like these QF LAME's supposedly on $180k $200k, its completely bullshit, even if it was true, it would have to be the absolute minority working a shit load of overtime.

Have you looked at the Virgin 777 pilot EBA? If you factor in allowances, there pay wouldn't be far off what QF 744 pilots are being paid, probably more than QF A330 pilots.
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7 year SO on the 400 with QF on about the same as a 7 year 330 FO based in aust with CX. Highlights that CX hasn't been the workers paradise that people think it is for a while. Thoughts with QF guys during these tuff times. Sounds like Dragon Air might have some openings currently, that if you have 5000 hrs could have you in the left chair sooner than you'd think. Small matter of passing the course. Not sure about housing either.
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Rumour - etihad plan to target QF SOs if any are made redundant
Unless those SO's have jet time in a control seat above 40t then Etihad won't look at them. Unfortunately SO time doesn't count according to them.
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Those maybe the requirements at the moment, however I'm lead to believe that exceptions maybe made, as I guess some airlines do recognise the high level of training and experience that most QF SOs have. .....I guess I heard the same rumour as brown cow
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Rumour - etihad plan to target QF SOs if any are made redundant
If that's the case, I wouldn't be suprised if QF try to arrange a LWOP deal with EY, anything to avoid the cost of redundancies.
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Does an A380 SO earn more than a 767 FO?

If so, then that is completely and utterly screwed up.
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It would never work but what if all crew and management from top to bottom where on say $150,000 plus a percentage payment of profit.

The Captains get a higher percentage than say FO and FO than SO etc.

Management gets as above plus their percentage.

That may make management sort themselves out real quick and then all would benefit, If they don't believe in the cause they would leave, and therefore Q would end up with only managers that want the company to prosper.

I am not saying do as above, but there seems to be many companies in the US that the CEO pulls a $1 salary, how come Q doesn't get decent management that is paid on performance...
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