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need FAA BFR in AU/NZ

Old 25th Feb 2014, 21:28
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need FAA BFR in AU/NZ

i'm a US based FAA issued pilot living in NZ. I need a BFR for my FAA license to make it current so I can translate into CAA license. i've investigated finding an FAA examiner here and there's definitely no joy there. it'd still be cheaper to fly to AU to see an FAA designated examiner than it would be to fly to the states. does anyone know of an FAA rated person either here in NZ or in AU?
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Old 25th Feb 2014, 22:11
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Hi there,

You don't need an examiner just an instructor to do a BFR.

refer 14 CFR 61.56
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Old 25th Feb 2014, 22:30
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right, of course, slip of the tongue. do you know of an FAA CFI who can do a BFR who lives in either NZ or AU?
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Old 28th Feb 2014, 23:17
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I renewed my CFI, CFII and MEI this year.

That said I have no idea about going about doing a renewal in a AU/NZ registered aircraft.

Hell I haven't ever flown a single engine airplane in AU or NZ.

I can't remember the last time I filed a VFR flight plan.
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Old 1st Mar 2014, 05:01
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winksmith, I sent you a PM. As for furthering the discussion of a potential problem I see, you will need to find an FAA certified pilot, and potentially a N registered aircraft. I am not sure given the way the rules are worded that you could take a FAA CFI, who has NZ CAA licensing, and fly a ZK tail aircraft. That would be a question for a FSDO in the USA, or the CAA in NZ:
"Can an FAA flight instructor administer a FAA BFR in a foreign registered aircraft, if the flight instructor also holds licensing in that country?" If the answer is yes, there will likely be some sort of exemption, if the answer is no, you will have to find someone with a N12345 in NZ or Oz, or take a trip to Hawaii, Guam etc where you can find an N registered aeroplane.
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Old 2nd Feb 2015, 20:34
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I need a BFR for my US Commercial Pilot Certificate. My reading of the FARs is that the rego in the aircraft is not important, and since I have a current Australian CPL (and medical), I can legally act as PIC on a VH registered aircraft. If I come to where you are and hire a suitable aircraft, would you be willing to do a BFR for me? Thanks. [email protected]
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Its troubling to see all the posters who respond to your post without having a clue about your question.

I suggest you post that looking for an FAA CFI in Aus or NZ who can do an FAA Flight Review / IPC if you have an instrument rating.

I've got an FAA CFI that needs requires a ride to be revalidated, and in preparation for that, and a return to Aus, I've been studying the legislation in both countries.

From my read, there is NOTHING stopping an instructor from doing this by mobile web cam.

To make that a little braver, my take is that you could compose a check list for a local instructor to give on a BVF and forward a copy of the BVR Flight to the FAA CFI and have him "sign your log book".

If you complete an IPC overseas, you still lack what is called "the oral test" for the Australian IPC requirements, that in theory, could be done by skype or even telephone conference.

All that you need to do is contact someone with a FAA CFI who is willing to do that for you.

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