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Briefing / Notification Facilities on a Trip Away

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Briefing / Notification Facilities on a Trip Away

Old 25th Oct 2012, 04:24
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Briefing / Notification Facilities on a Trip Away

I have been flying for a while, but I have never had to obtain a flight briefing or submit notification on a trip away anywhere, ie I could always use my home organisation's internet access.

Now I am contemplating a trip away. While I have read the ERSA / AIP info on the various means of obtaining briefings or submitting notifications.. the question is, what do people usually do when away from home base? Internet cafe, drop into a local FTO, something else? I would prefer use the internet or AVFAX options rather than the phone briefing.

Thanks in advance

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Old 25th Oct 2012, 04:52
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1. iPhone. 2. iPad. 3. Computer with sim card. 4. Look out the window & go NOSAR NODETAILS.

I used to carry a phone away-card, but a) the service from flightwatch has become dreadful and b) they only read the forecasts you can get on the iPhone.

When I have been in remote areas (typically Northern SA) and tried to get weather on the local centre frequency or submit a plan, I've had a pretty surly response. But it is an option.

The truth is the times you can't get access from a hotel computer or your iPhone are pretty rare. Hotel / Motels are usually quite accommodating when they know what you want.

I usually carry nil wind flight plans the the entire trip and use those, although I do often travel with a portable printer. If you are really anxious about the weather (not often in remote Australia) you can still ring the met numbers. The guys there still seem to be genuinely interested in helping.
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Old 25th Oct 2012, 04:54
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And don't forget the whole NAIPS access is days away from a significant upgrade.
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Old 25th Oct 2012, 04:59
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Phone Away cards cease to operate on Dec 1. See this: PhoneAway card FAQs | Airservices

But, my experience is that it has devolved to a reading service for forecasts. Its rare these days that you can get phone access but no internet access. So, its all but redundant.

And while it pains me to say it, you need Telstra Next G and a blue tick handset. There are no other options.
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Old 25th Oct 2012, 05:15
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When you live....
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In the back of jepps somewhere, it gives the international phone number for the briefing office - which can be dialed from Oz and doesn't need a phone-away card......
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Old 25th Oct 2012, 05:20
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Always carry a phone away card, you never know when you're going to want/need one!! I used to always have one in my headset bag just incase.

As others have pointed out you always have your phone/ipad/laptop etc... Worst case scenario, grab ATC on the radio and at least get them to submit a SAR for you, its a quick option, all they want for it is your Callsign, Aircraft Type, POB, Departure and Destination Points and the Time itself.

I was doing some pretty remote stuff not so long ago where we'd be well away from any kind of internet/mobile access and the planned stops always changed with the owners mind!! This meant that I usually did this twice a day and never got too unfavourable a response.

OH and in a pinch, check if theres a Met Office near-by, they're usually staffed by some really nice people who don't mind someone new to have a chat with whilst you plug in a quick flight plan!!
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Old 25th Oct 2012, 07:21
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OZRunways on your iPhone or iPad.
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Old 25th Oct 2012, 10:15
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Do not bother with a phone away card. They will be extinct in a few days time.

Maybe ask this question again in a few days when the whole changeover to the new NIS system is complete.

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Old 25th Oct 2012, 10:33
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I still miss DECTALK!

"en-gooker TAF not available" (Ngukkur)
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Old 25th Oct 2012, 11:49
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ENR 1.10
1.2.2 For flights for which a forecast is required and cannot be obtained, the flight is permitted to depart provided the pilot is satisfied that the weather at the departure point will permit the safe return of the flight within one hour of departure. The flight is permitted to continue provided a suitable forecast is obtained for the intended destination within 30 minutes after departure.

One way of doing it.
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Old 25th Oct 2012, 22:58
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When I was doing outback charters, I would phone direct to Briefing Office and asked for an entire Area forecast with TAF's to be faxed to motel fax machine.

The motels were more than accomodating to use their fax with return custom from our company.

Flight plans 'outback' style were a phone call to company with details and call them when flight was completed. Otherwise submit plans without winds prior to departure for next days flight.
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Old 26th Oct 2012, 06:18
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I Use AVPLAN app on Ipad or Iphone.

It's rock solid and has passed full ASA testing with the NAIPS briefing/plan submission changes planned this weekend.

I can't put up with the cumbersome text-based NAIPS/NfW/NIS anymore.

In the 21st century systems should consolidate,link and graphically display information for us. NAIPS raw text briefing/flight planning is a poor presentation of a huge amount of information.

AVPLAN is like a good flight ops/planning department preparing you a professional customised briefing pack - without the paper!

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Old 26th Oct 2012, 06:21
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And Australia has suddenly, magically achieved network coverage at every single location across the continent to allow everyone to use all of these wonderful electronic briefing facilities.
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Old 26th Oct 2012, 06:49
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Like VH XXX says I use my IPad. You can nearly always get internet access at most motels, hotels. Using the NAIPS and Oz Runway apps you can quickly download weather and file flightplans.

Recently some mates of mine flew upto Whitecliffs and did day trips to Innamincka, the Dig tree and Camerons Corner, pretty remote.

We were able to use wifi at most places to update the weather.

One of my mates had a Telstra 3 G, he had signal nearly everywhere, he was placing bets via the internet inbound to Cameron's corner. We hot spotted off his iphone because I only had Optus.

Next trip I am getting a prepaid 3 G sim for the ipad. You can also then download the paper to read.

Last year at Marree Laurie was more than happy to allow us to use the internet to file IFR flightplans.

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Old 26th Oct 2012, 09:45
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Can't beat Telstra 3G for coverage

(I don't own shares in Telstra!)
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Old 26th Oct 2012, 10:35
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All of the above, but nine times out of ten, I find it easiest just to ring Brizzy briefing on 0738663517. You can give them a plan in about 10 seconds flat and not take too much longer to get anything else you might need (read out, faxed or whatever).
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