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Question for Oz pilots

Old 30th Jul 2012, 10:58
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Question for Oz pilots

Hello I'm off to Oz on wednesday for a month from UK and thought it would be nice to get and Australian airport in my logbook. I have a JAR-PPL and as I understand it I would have to fly with an instructor which is fair enough. I have been quoted around $350 an hour including instructor and landing fee, is this about right as it seems a lot more expensive than UK. (For an Australian to do the same at my club would cost around $170). Thanks in advance.

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Depends on aircraft and location.

But in general yes, it is expensive. Like almost everything in Australia. Oh and don't expect to sit in a brand new well equipped aircraft just because you pay a fortune... Still great fun tho'!
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Between 180 and 260 here, depending on a/c type
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Was going to reply in the Private Flying forum but since you moved it here...

I did some flying (ASIC, license conversion and all) in Oz a couple of years ago and yes, it is expensive! Due to the forex rate, pretty much everything costs an arm and a leg, not only in aviation, where one tends to expect it

Of course it depends where you are going and what you'll be flying, but the figures you quote are, alas, not totally out of line. Have a quick look here, they are a reputable outfit (I did not rent from them, but visited and the a/c I saw looked in pretty good nick).

Enjoy Down Under, but be prepared for the plastic to melt
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Thanks for the replies, the price I was quoted was from Archerfield, so it looks like it's about right. 172, I've had a look at Redcliffe too, not a lot of difference in price really and it's further out (I'm down in Spring Mountain.)

I go most years to Oz but it's the first time I've thought about flying there. Must say I've noticed a dramatic increase in prices over the last six years or so combined with a drop in the forex from about $2.40 to $1.45. I think someone worked out recently that it's now the most expensive place in the world for a Brit to go on holiday. I'm taking the wife, daughter and grandson and a day admission to Dreamworld is touching $300....
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I'm taking the wife, daughter and grandson
So, next thing you'll tell us you bought that nice Gulfstream V for personal transportation
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If you're going to be in Melbourne, stop by Essendon or Morrabbin Airports. Both within Melbourne, prices range from 180-300 depending on aircraft. I know a great school at descent prices C172 - $235 per hour fuel included.
I won't advertise it on here by name but pm me if you'd like to know more.
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An economy that has been completely farked by socialist wankas.

Save your coin for the States bro. 1/3 the price, better equipment, more to see, I can tell you from experience that cost of living has doubled in Australia in 3 years.
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Old 31st Jul 2012, 05:44
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The economy is Australia is the best for any Western country. Relatively low unemployment (< 6%), good growth (3%) and low inflation (< 2%).

Good climate, safe and stable society, good aviation infrastructure, lots of interesting places to fly. Australia is great for aviation.

Flying in the USA maybe cheaper, but it is certainly not 1/3 the cost.

In Melbourne Moorabbin airport (YMMB) is the best choice for training. There are probably eight flying schools there that you could visit to find the best option.

Australia is not a socialist state, it's just that this forum seems to attract conspiracy theory nutters like flies to dog droppings.

@Jack Ranga - the CPI (inflation) has increased by 9.4% over the past three years.

The cost of living has not "doubled" in three years, it has increased by less than 10%.

RBA: Statistical Tables


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peter peter peter..............................nuff said on that.

if you get down to Melbourne, then you cannot go past Yarra Valley Flight Training. out in Coldstream.

Competitive rates. Currently selling 172 time for $278 dual and wet. (acutally everything around here is quite English atm....erm soggy)

Great club atmosphere, flying for many of us is more than passing the credit card over and then going home.

Picturesque environment.

YCEM - Coldstream Airfield - Yarra Valley Flight Training
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Thanks for the replies again guys, I only go to Brisbane (son and family live there). Being as we go out there primarily to see them and the grandkids I don't really want to be taking a week out to visit Melbourne etc. but advice much appreciated.

I've got to ask something, why are second hand cars so expensive in Australia?!! When I first went over there I thought about just buying a second hand one and keeping it at my son's house rather than renting each year. I nearly fell through the floor when I saw the prices. Apparently the car I ran at the time which was a two year old VW Passat and cost me about the equivalent of $15k would have been bonkers money over there.
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Why are second hand cars so insanely cheap over here in the UK? I nearly fell over when I saw what you could buy a five year old car here for
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AFAIK, the reason why second hand cars are cheaper in the U.K. is that they rust out. They rust out because in the winters the poms put salt on the roads to melt the ice. Same for Canada (last I knew) and I'm guessing the parts of the U.S. where it snows.

In oz, you'll see any number of 10 year old used cars that are in excellent condition and will keep going for another 10 years with little more required than regular servicing.

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It's not just the second hand cars that are cheaper!!! The brand newies cost less in the UK than Oz too!!
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listen cobber . . . I'm just down the road from Spring Mtn . .. . . . givsa PM and I'll ring you .. . . . havachat 'bout the options .. . . .. if you've only time and money for a bit of local stuff we could Tecnam out of Heck Field which is only a throne's stow from Pimpana just down the main drag to Surfers

Or if want a nice family outing for the day Tyagarah near Byron Bay's a top spot. Tiger? Dimona? Motor-Falke? your choice. cheap as

could lend you the old bomadore for a week quite likely
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Peter, ah yes the CPI, does that include 2 major costs to a family, mortgage and fuel, no, it doesn't. If penalising taxpayers who get off their ar5e and do something with their career and giving more and more handouts to the ones that don't isn't socialism then please explain what is.
BTW, you're obviously a labour voter, thanks for that, good job.
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"In Melbourne Moorabbin airport (YMMB) is the best choice for training." That is what I recommended in another thread recently but peterc was pushing Lethbridge - how far away is that again?
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I've got to ask something, why are second hand cars so expensive in Australia?!!
Did you only go to the car yards? If so, don't . They're populated by one of Australia's most venomous animals; the used car salesman. Brown snakes have nothing on those guys. Get your son to have a look in the Courier Mail classifieds or on and you should find they're cheaper, though not as cheap as in the UK. Apologies if you've already done that and are still swooning at the cost.

Re flying; did you look at any of the Coolangatta schools? There are a couple there; other people here will know more about them than I do.

Have a great holiday. I haven't seen it but the Outback Spectacular is meant to be a lot of fun (albeit touristy) It's over the road from Dreamworld and not nearly as pricey ($100 per head with steak dinner included).
Gold Coast Show, Theatre Restaurant, Family Attractions - Australian Outback Spectacular

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