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Air Niugini T & C's

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Air Niugini T & C's

Anyone able to tell me what the remuneration is for the Cairns based Dash 8 crews?

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Also interested to know what the T&C's and PAY are like - and preferably from someone who is at PX.. Not some "my mate's mate XYZ said" or "I heard this or that..." PM me if its too sensitive to publish online. Cairns base and Moresby base pay please.

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C'mon guys, someone must know whats going on. I would like to know what the pay for an FO based out of Cairns is.

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Tinpis na bek rais?
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Rishworth Ad

Rishworth Aviation is pleased to be able to provide you with details of our newest opportunity, with Air Niugini, based in Cairns, Australia on the Q400.

If you are looking for an immediate start this could be the opportunity you have been waiting for. Air Niugini is looking for pilots to start as soon as possible.

The details of this role are:

Base: Cairns, Australia
Contract Term: 12 months, renewable
Roster: 28 day roster cycle, minimum of 8 days off duty per cycle. Duty days off taken at base residence.

Total Monthly Payment (Gross, see note below):

Q400 Captain: AU$12,499
Q400 First Officer: AU$9,320

Overtime: The overtime threshold is 65 hours per month.
Q400 Captain: AU$188 per hour
Q400 First Officer: AU$124 per hour

All payments may be subject to Australian taxes. As an independent contractor, you will be responsible for payment of your taxes, therefore you will need to seek independent financial advice regarding this.

To be eligible for this opportunity, you must meet all of the minimum requirements below:

Q400 Captain Minimum Requirements

500+ PIC hours on Q400
2,000+ total PIC hours
4,500 + total hours
Australian or New Zealand Licence with current Q400 type rating
Australian or New Zealand Passport, or Australian residency permit

To download the full terms and conditions of this role, please

Q400 First Officer Minimum Requirements

300+ hours on Q400
2,000+ total PIC hours
4,000 + total hours
Australian or New Zealand Licence with current Q400 type rating
Australian or New Zealand Passport, or Australian residency permit

To download the full terms and conditions of this role, please click here

To apply for this position, please download the appropriate application form below and return the completed form to me as soon as possible.

Q400 Captain: To download the application form, please click here
Q400 First Officer: To download the application form, please click here

Please also email through a copy of the following documents:

Valid Licence
Valid class 1 medical
Last 3 pages of your logbook (both sides)

Air Niugini are currently considering a proposal for a Non-Type Rated programme for Q100, Q200, and Q300 rated pilots to transition to the Q400. If you are rated and experienced on those variants, and would be interested in hearing more about this programme should it go ahead, please email me your CV.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Kind regards,

Gemma Bardsley
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As an independent contractor
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My research says the FO pay on the Dash classic fleets is 75, 630AUD flat rate. If you have over 5000 hours you get a 15% loading and if you have over 7500 hours you get a 17.5% loading. Key points to note are;

No super
Tax is at a flat rate of 40% on every dollar.
No long service leave.
Layover allowance is $120 AUD per night.
They pay for your pilot medical and LOL insurance.

Rosters return you to Cairns for your RDO's which are 8 in 28. Overall I think they will struggle with this package as better is available on the mainland. Not sure what command rates are or for the F100.

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Latest PX offer from IAC Global

Home - IAC Global Airline Recruitment Services, Pilot Vacancies, Aircraft Sales, Flight Crew Jobs
Air Niugini Dash 8 100/200/300 Captain Positions
Air Niugini is the national airline of Papua New Guinea, with its main base at Jacksons
International Airport in Port Moresby. It was established in November 1973 as a domestic carrier,
however expanded to offer international services shortly thereafter. It operates domestic routes from
Port Moresby and Lae, as well as international services in Asia, Oceania, and Australia.
Air Niugini currently operates 3 x B767-300ER aircraft, 2 x Dash 8 – 100, 6 x Dash 8 200/300, 4 x
Dash 8 Q400 and 6 x Fokker 100. Air Niugini are expected to have 2 x B737NG as part of its fleet in
2012 and have 1 x B787-8 on order for delivery in 2014.
Basic prerequisites, as set by Air Niugini, are a minimum of 4,000 hours total time, a minimum of
1,500 Pilot-in-Command hours, total time on type of 1,000 hours, 100 hours minimum Experience at
Night, and ideally to have line operation time on the Dash 8 within the last 12 months. Hold a current
ATPL with Dash 8 100/200/300 Type Rating and have New Zealand or Australian
Please find below an indicative summary of the package for Dash 8 100/200/300 Captains currently available
with Air Niugini (ANG),
Term 12 months. Renewable by mutual consent.
Age Limit Under 60 years of age at date of application.
Base Cairns or Brisbane Australia
AUD $8,500.00 per month net of all Papua New Guinea income taxes
Overtime Overtime is paid on time over 70 hours per month AUD$155 per hour.
Overseas Allowance
(Per Diem)
In accordance with ANG existing procedures
Days free of duty Option 1: 60 block hours, minimum 8 days per month, minimum 2 of these are consecutive.
Option 2: 60 block hours, minimum 14 days per month, minimum 2 of these are consecutive
Accommodation Airline shall provide all Captains with First Class single accommodation whilst away from base
on duty.
At operating base, Airline shall provide an accommodation allowance for each Captain of AUD
$1,600.00 per month after training or else provide First Class Hotel accommodation.
Airline shall provide transport between the above accommodation during training and at all
outstations from and to the airports for all duties for the duration of the agreement whether
operating, positioning, dead-heading, training or for administrative and management duties
Provided in accordance with ANG’s normal policy and procedures.
Home - IAC Global Airline Recruitment Services, Pilot Vacancies, Aircraft Sales, Flight Crew Jobs IAC Group Services Pty Ltd
T: +61 2 6772 9647 - F: +61 2 6772 9638 - E: [email protected]
Home - IAC Global Airline Recruitment Services, Pilot Vacancies, Aircraft Sales, Flight Crew Jobs
Air Niugini Dash 8 100/200/300 Captain Positions
Interested in applying?
Please complete the following Letter of Consent and return to the IAC Ops Centre as soon as possible by
either fax +61 2 6772 9638 or scan/email to [email protected]. Then you will be sent the specific
application forms for completion. It would also be helpful to update and resubmit your online web registration
form as soon as you can. If you have not already registered online with IAC, please do so now – our online
web registration can be found at Home - IAC Global Airline Recruitment Services, Pilot Vacancies, Aircraft Sales, Flight Crew Jobs.
Travel The Captains travelling on duty, or for the Airline, and all travel associated with such duty, will
be provided with complimentary tickets as per the Airline’s normal procedures.
The Airline shall provide the Captains with confirmed Business Class tickets from their home to
their basing at the commencement and cessation of their assignment.
Captains, their spouse and children up to age 21 shall have access to the Airline route network
and any available interline facilities for tickets in accordance with the Airline’s policy for
equivalent personnel after a 3 month probationary period
The Captains, their spouses and dependants under 21 years of age will also be provided with
complimentary tickets on the Airline’s scheduled services twice (2) in a 12 month period in
accordance with the Airline’s normal procedures in addition to utilising interline agreements.
Sick Leave 1.5 days per month of completed service accrued to a maximum of 15 days in any 12 month
period (no carry over).
Annual Leave Captains shall be entitled to receive paid leave of absence at the rate of 3.5 days per calendar
month; to be taken in 28 days and 14 day allotments at mutually agreed times for a normal
composite roster.
Captains that are not based in Brisbane or Cairns have the option of receiving no leave of
absence and opting for a 21 days on and 14 days off option.
Insurance Emergency Medical/Travel Insurance provided by IAC.
Access to Expatriate Medical Insurance and Loss of Income Insurance at competitive rates
Home - IAC Global Airline Recruitment Services, Pilot Vacancies, Aircraft Sales, Flight Crew Jobs IAC Group Services Pty Ltd
T: +61 2 6772 9647 - F: +61 2 6772 9638 - E: [email protected]
IAC Pacific Limited
Private Box 303 226
North Harbour 1330
T: +64 9 473 0341
E: [email protected]
Home - IAC Global Airline Recruitment Services, Pilot Vacancies, Aircraft Sales, Flight Crew Jobs
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Air Niugini moves to a "B" scale salary for all new hires as of 1st of January, 2015 (part of a new contract for all employees). Contract direct with company.

DHC-8 Captain $AUD 108,452 First Officer $AUD 46,277
Q400 Captain $AUD 120,047 First Officer $AUD 73,696
F100 Captain $AUD 141,552 First Officer $AUD 98,285
B737 Captain $AUD 160,811 First Officer $AUD 105,946
B767 Captain $AUD 171,225 First Officer $AUD 124,948

Salary actually paid in PGK not AUD (conversion to AUD provided by PX HR at .40 PGK to AUD), taxed in PNG as non resident (if expat), no superannuation paid (salary sacrifice to 15% Gross allowed).

No bonuses, POM basing for all pilots, 28 days annual leave, 10 days off per month, up to 8 days off in a row, travel to Domicile in own time, appears only one FOC return Economy supplied each month to a PX serviced port.

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They had better hope there's not much going elsewhere in the employment department or this could bite them on the arse!😀

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Interesting few days ahead...............
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Using the above pay scales and PGK/AUD conversion rate.

Dash Classic skipper on PGK 271, 739 / $AUD 108452 pa.

After paying PNG tax that equals $AUD 5628.00 a month.

With the lower tax in AUS combined with 9.5% Super one only needs to earn $AUD80,000 pa living and working in Aus to be paid a total package of $AUD5733.00 per month (that includes the super received and the medicare levy paid).

B767 Skipper on PGK 428,062 / $ AUD 171,225

After paying PNG tax that equals $AUD 8661.00 a month.

As above criteria you would only need to earn $AUD 130,000 in Aus to take home a $AUD 8,700 per month package (super received and medicare levy paid).

Not the most competitive I ever seen, especially for a job where you have to live in POM.
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They advertised on Seek yesterday - search DIRECT ENTRY PILOTS
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That's because a lot of the current bunch are getting out as soon as possible.

It's not just about the money. It is because they are not honoring the current contract and the new contact conditions are [email protected]

Recent events have shown they are not worth the paper they are written on.

44 out the door so far should give you some indication as to how good it is there.
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Reliably informed another made the list today...added to your 44 that makes 45.
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And told today that the company have not paid the bonuses as promised. Surprise surprise!

Also heard they may not be able to crew the Falcon very very soon.

Is there a new CEO on the way???

Just gets better every day.
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Copy and paste of post on the other forum. Probably relevant here too.

Copy of an email doing the rounds:

As an associate of both current and former Air Niugini pilots, I am aware that Air Niugini has advertised Pilot position locally within PNG, on SEEK, the AFAP website, and in the Cairns Post. For those contemplating these Pilot positions the following information (as relayed to me) may be of interest.

“The positions offered will be based Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea with option for domicile at a port of the employees own choosing”.
The Air Niugini Pilots Contract 2015, allows 4 weeks Annual Leave together with ten (10) days off at home base.

The Rostering Department has been instructed to allocate RD’s in a group of 7 consecutive days together with 3 separate individual days for those domiciled domicile at a port of own choosing elsewhere other than Port Morseby. However, with an ever-reducing number of pilots it is uncertain as to whether this Rostering pattern can or will be sustainable.

To travel to domicile, a pilot will be ticketed to a port on the ANG network and will need to use his/her RDO’s for travel as travel will not be rostered on duty. The pilot will therefore have 5 full consecutive RDO’s at domicile, which is effectively 65 days at home out of the 365 days of the year (13 blocks x 5 RD’s). Information is that only one FOC Y class return ticket will be issued per block per pilot.

The single RDO’s will in effective only be useable in the base of Port Moresby as there will be no way of effectively traveling anywhere on a single RD.

Accommodation in Port Moresby (the Base) will be provided by ANG. For those “domiciled at port of choosing” a self-contained two-bedroom apartment will provided on a share with another pilot basis (ala boarding school). It is not known whether there will be a charge for this as those details are allegedly contained in the “Housing Policy Manual”. This manual has not been made available to the pilot group (as far as I am aware). It is believed that, out of each pilot’s salary, an amount will be deducted for electricity, and such amount will be the same for all residents (no matter the amount of time you spend there in your apartment).

For those who take full time residence in POM (ie: not domiciled at the port of employees own choosing), you will be provided POM accommodation. This however comes with a price. it is understood that 6.5% of gross will be taken out of the salary as a “Fringe Benefits Tax” plus an amount for rent will be also be deducted. This is believed to be in the vicinity of PGK6-700 per fortnight. Therefore, for a POM basing, not domiciled at a port of the employees own choosing, over half of the salary will be taken in taxes and accommodation cost.

Whilst in POM no meal allowances or any other allowance will be payable, the pilot will be responsible for his/her own day-to-day living costs, passport, telephone and Internet. Also should there be delays in obtaining any required Visa, Work Permits, etc, no matter if the delay is the fault of yourself, ANG, or the relevant PNG Government Department, the contract states that you will be placed on Recreation Leave until the issue is resolved.

“Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea which has facilities for water sports, diving, tennis, golf, restaurants, and family clubs with access to Australian curriculum international primary and secondary schools”.
Yes, it does have those things, but do not think that Port Moresby is some pleasant 1st world country. It most definitely is not. The following articles will give an indication of what living in Port Moresby might entail.

The “Independent” on the 30 August 2013, listed Port Moresby as the 3rd worst city to live in the world.

The 10 worst cities in the world to live in - World - News - The Independent

“With only 350,000 people living in Port Moresby, this city still gets to enter the top 10 dangerous cities in the world. Theft, rape, murders and auto theft happen on a daily basis, and it is recommended not to use public transportation. Beside all these concern reasons, the entire area is submitted to seismic activities, landslides and tsunamis”.

This Internet article says likewise.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities In The World | News, Facts & Other Information You Love -

“Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
: The lone entry from Oceania is the ultra-diverse Port Moresby of Papua New Guinea. PNG is home to over 820 languages – more than any other country in the world. As such, its capital Port Moresby boasts a diverse crew of opportunists and island cultures. It was recently voted by the Economist as the 137th out of 140 places in the livable cities index, making it a tough place to get by.

Rapes, Murders, and HIV are just a few of the daily tragedies that befall this enclave at the edge of the map. Here, even riding in cars is a dangerous activity. Gangs called Raskols are known to rob vehicles transporting foreigners at gunpoint”.
International schooling is available as stated but this is by no means cheap (comparably) and no schooling subsidy or allowance is paid by ANG.

“Port Moresby is ideally located allowing easy accessibility to all parts of the world via Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Manila and Japan”.
That is correct. In addition to PX flights, Qantaslink and Virgin operate to POM. Apparently Philippine Airlines will soon be operating between the Philippines and POM.

Should you wish to take advantage of POM as a stepping off point for all parts of the world, and in doing so, decide to use ANG sub load Staff Travel, your family members may need a Visa to transit POM. The PNG Government no longer allows "Visa on Arrival" for Australian Passport Holders, so for travel that is sub-load, a PNG Entry Visa is required. However the Consulate will only issue a single entry Visa, so should it be used on the flight out (delay, cancellation etc) you will need to obtain another to transit back to Australia on the return trip.

Family members who hold passports other than an Australian passport will normally not have that difficulty.

Realistically, unless you live in POM, it will be much easier to use another airline and another staging point to that rest of the world, and in many (perhaps most) cases it will be cheaper as X POM there is no competition and ANG airfares reflect that point

“A competitive salary package will be provided to attract the right candidate.”
New hires will be paid on a new B scale in PNG Kina. In many cases Captains will have “A” scale First Officers who will earn almost the same as they do. In fact, with the current seniority on the B767 fleet, just about every “A” scale First Officer will earn upwards of $AUD20, 000 more than a new “B” scale Captain. This is in no means a criticism, as all new hires will need the assistance and guidance of an experienced First Officers to get the “show on the road” rather than the assistance and guidance of ANG.

To salary paid, the following pay scales are lifted directly from the 2015 Contract. The 2012 Contract was paid in $AUD, however the 2015 contract will be paid in the PNG Kina. A salary in $AUD has been stated which will then be converted to a PGK value at a nominal exchange rate of .40 cents. The pilot salary will the be tied to the Kina (PGK) where each .01 Australian cent variance in the exchange having a significant impact, if it goes up you win, if it goes down you loose.

The salary scales are as follows:

Capt PGK 271,130 / $AUD 108,452 F/O PGK 115,692 / $AUD 46, 277

Capt PGK 300,118 / $AUD 20,047 F/O PGK 184, 241 / $AUD 73,696

Capt PGK 353,880 / $AUD 141,552 F/O PGK 245,711 / $AUD 98,285

Capt PGK 402,027 / $AUD 160,811 F/O PGK 312, 370 / $AUD 124,948

Capt PGK 428,062 / $AUD 171,225 F/O PGK 312, 370 / $AUD 124,948

Tax is paid in PNG, and compared to the AUS tax scales is more onerous. There is no tax-free threshold applied to residents. For example:

The DHC 8 Captain salary (using $AUD 108, 452 and an exchange rate of .40c for ease of example) equates to $AUD 5,628 net per month. Earning $AUD 90,000 in Australian will give a monthly net take home salary of $AUD 5,614 plus a further $713 paid in monthly compulsory employer Super contribution.

The B767 Captain salary (using $AUD 171,225 and an exchange rate of .40c) equates to $AUD 8,662 net per month. Earning $AUD 150,00 in Australian will give a monthly net take home salary of $AUD 8,701 plus a further $1,188 paid in monthly compulsory employer Super contribution. So you can see the implications of the higher tax and the lack of compulsory employee superannuation.

Whilst no Superannuation is paid by ANG, the employee can salary sacrifice up to 15% of gross salary, but there are tax implications if certain criteria are not met when it comes time to withdraw.

The 2015 Pilots Contract Conditions will last for the next 6 years, although the pilots individual Contract only be for 3 X 2 years. At the end of each 2 years your contract will be reviewed, and renewal will be based on whether you have reached KPI in flown hours, performance in training and renewals together with your general attitude towards the company. If you reach your KPI targets and considered a company person a 1.7% pay rise will be given each year.

A 1.7% increase in salary does not bode well when compared to the PNG inflation rate. In the second quarter of 2014 the inflation was 5.10 %. POM is indeed an expensive place to live.

Within the last 12 months there have been almost 50 Pilot resignations (around 22% of the Pilot group), and the majority of the remaining Expatriate Pilots, and indeed many of the National Pilots, are actively looking for work elsewhere with several already signaling resignations dates.
For ANG this should be considered unprecedented, as over the last several years ANG has had an extremely stable workforce with resignations at a minimum. These more recent resignations began when the general attitude towards the Pilot Group by Management became more and more disdainful, which has now accelerated with the publication of the new 2015 Contract.

Within the last 6 months, 8 Pilots were made redundant as several flying contacts went elsewhere. In that short time ANG has found a need to rehire so as to avoid parking aircraft.

ANG has a very active and large Cadet Pilot system and will eventually reach a self-sustaining Pilot level where the reliance on expatriate pilot will be exceedingly reduced. Management has stated that the aim is to reduce the Expat Pilot Workforce to 20% of the total pilot group within 5 years. That would mean a reduction of a further 60 or so expats over that 5 year time frame.

As such ANG is becoming a short term Contract job.

ANG considers that the Contract it has offered is competitive in the Australasian and Pacific arena. The ANG Pilots that have left, the Pilots that are in the process of leaving, and the Pilots seeking to leave, do not see it competitive. And that is not solely based on the up to 20% Salary Package chop, (11% salary reduction, loss of 13th month bonus together with loss of loyalty bonus), and the no longer competitive salary compared to other available jobs, but very much attributable to the loss of lifestyle caused by the conditions of the 2015 contract.

For those that are contemplating any of these advertised positions, it may be worthwhile contacting an ANG Pilot direct. There are plenty of PDF copies of the 2015 Contracts floating around that they could assist you to get a hold of.

It may also be worth while asking your family if they would put up with only seeing you, at best, at your domicile at a port of own choosing, 5 days in every 28 days (at best).
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The above post is spot on, and if anything it understates the problems at PX. Morale, not only among pilots but elsewhere within the company is rock bottom. The bottom line is that managment sees the pilots as the root cause of all the problems , conveniently overlooking the fact that as managment, they bear ultimate responsibility for running the company and for the on-going train wreck that PX is becoming. Even some senior managment pilots have resigned in disgust as senior company managment manages to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

No-one like a pay cut, but most pilots would have the ability to understand changing financial realities and would accept one if the reality was presented to them fairly and were treated like human beings. The trouble is, that managment flat out lies to the pilots, and no matter what they say, at the end of the day they can’t be trusted.

The 2012 expatriate pilot agreement says (and I am quoting directly): “This agreement supersedes all previous agreements and shall be effective on the date of signing of the execution clause and operate until the 1st day of January 2015 or until amended or superseded BY MUTUAL AGREEMENT of both parties. A new agreement shall be negotiated in the six (6) months prior to the expiration of this agreement, should this not occur before the expiration of this agreement the provisions of this agreement will remain in force until such time as a new agreement is reached and the improvements contained in the new agreement shall be backdated to the expiry of this agreement.”

Now Im not a lawyer, but to me that says (in plain English) that the 2012 contract is valid until BOTH parties (i.e. company and pilots) agree to amend or update it. What it doesn’t say is that the company can unilaterally decree that it expires on 31/12/14 (which they did), and impose a new contract with dramatically reduced terms and conditions (including compulsory Port Moresby basing’s) on crew against their will. Pilots were threatened with termination if they refused to sign the 2015 contract. I wasn’t there, but have it on good authority that cadet pilots (i.e. national pilots still under bond who have not got their first command) were apparently marched 1 by 1 into the EMFO’s office and (a) ordered to sign the 2015 contract and (b) ordered to resign from NAPU (the national pilots union) under threat of immediate termination. No joke.

As the above post implys, most (but not all) of those who signed did so at the last minute, reluctantly and against there will, despite major efforts by the two pilots associations to negotiate a fair and reasonable contract. Most of the remaining pilots are at PX only until they can get another job and I would hazard a guess that by mid year (coincidentally, when PNG is hosting the pacific games) that the company will be parking many aircraft and regularly canceling flights due to pilot shortages. The company simply does not want to know and treats pilots with disrespect and disdain.

The bottom line? If you decide to take up there offer and apply for a B scale position, just make sure that you get EVERYTHING in writing – not so you have got a legal comeback when things go wrong (and they will), because in PNG you have no legal defense AT ALL, but so that you have an adequate supply of toilet paper, because that’s all a written contract with PX is worth.

Be aware what you will be letting yourself in for. The most dysfunctional, disorganized, operation that you could conceive or imagine. There are many exceptional line pilots at PX, both National and Expat; Smart, professional and many are true gentlemen (and a few piss heads as well to be fair…) and it is only due to there efforts in the past that PX has maintained it’s accident free record. With the loss of many of those already, and the many more to come, trouble is inevitable.

Good luck and God Bless. Don’t come to PX and don’t allow any of your friends or family to fly PX, because the inevitable result of this is that someone (soon) will park an aircraft on the Kokoda trail or the Finisterre ranges or elsewhere (due to lack of experience in–country for new b scale crew, or due ongoing stress and subsequent simple errors on the part of existing crew) with dozens of fatalities.

Don’t let it be you.
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Having to hire at all ranks and all fleets at the same time rather than just F/Os on the entry level types would suggest something is seriuosly wrong.

A contract job without the usual pay and benefits isn't going to attract quality applicants. The minimums given are enough to apply for a decent job anywhere else.

A mass exodus of the all important experience needed to deal with the demands of PNG flying doesn't bode well for safety on the domestic fleet.

If you are willing to live in a s**t hole like Moresby you could easily handle a Chinese contract on three times the money.
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It is also interesting to note that the AFAP have just removed the recent advertisement for PX from their jobs section on their website.
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