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Paul Phelan 's latest

Old 25th Nov 2011, 03:24
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The Video

They do not need any other evidence they have the video.
They were not interested in going to the area, but they were interested in believing the evidence of a criminal which they knew spent 1 year in jail on 100 charges. Even after the DPP dropped the charges CASA still tried and make evidence up.
The only rules for .......... is there is no rules they make up the rules as they go.They dug themselves a hole and tried to make up ..............
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Old 25th Nov 2011, 10:11
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Been suggested

Wiser heads suggest that a 'secret' ballot may be preferred by Pruners 'a feared of incoming Flak".

The numbers seem to confirm this. Want to support John, but not here??.

Use the PM system either to me or John. Just need the numbers, not the names.

It could be your turn tomorrow.

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Old 26th Nov 2011, 04:38
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Guys and girls,
dont be complacent, this could be you tomorrow, if you feel as bad as I do about John's situation go to the no confidence vote...what have you got to lose??..except your industry!!
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Old 27th Nov 2011, 03:50
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The Aviation Advertisers web site is down and Paul Phelans article there for not available. Conspiracy theorists have any clues? Any old cynic will do.

BTW, can any one tell me if torque turns are part of the syllabus of training for helo drivers to get a licence? For you plank drivers it's the equivalent of a stalled turn - sort of.
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Old 27th Nov 2011, 04:17
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casa dogs

Hi John,contact Paul Phelan, he will give you the name of a good fighter against casa, & his string of lawyers, he had his licence pulled for flying a sea plane off a trailerdown runway,they did not do any investergations etc,, he has always beaton casa & now sueing for over 7 mil casa staff included ,some will lose their houses,,
He is just starting a class action also against, casa & staff & however are involved ,messing up other peoples lives

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Old 27th Nov 2011, 04:30
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Is there any public information about this case around at the moment?

It'd be excellent to see some real accountability hit the regulator, and for those responsible to be on the other side of the counter asking if I want a coke and fries with my Big Mac, where they belong.
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Old 27th Nov 2011, 06:00
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yes last time he went to court was 29 oct 10 note that was day of hearing on medical,the sea plane was i think in june july 2004 and nov 2005, or maybe 2003 not 2004 but in WA ,AAT,,,it,s very intresting reading ,the ex casa now #2 should be ashamed of them selves ,not these fellows,from nazi germany I think
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Old 27th Nov 2011, 06:09
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As I mentioned back in post #68:
If you compare the two mentioned flights there is no comparison.

John's flight manoeuvres are probably legitimate in the context of an approach to a bird ladened HLS.

Whereas the other flight was a training flight conducted in a transport category, non-aerobatic aircraft with full crew on board.

Both pilots were investigated by the regulator. The difference being JQ loses his license and the other bloke continues to operate with impugnity!

That would be a "yes" for me in regards to the petition.
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Old 27th Nov 2011, 06:39
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wires crossed.....

gkpilot.... methinks you have some things mixed up there..

The seaplane/trailer event was the (in?) famous Gerald R... the guy that WA CASA just loved to hate.!
3 cheers for him that has the balls to kick back.!

You are certainly correct about the National Socialist/Nazi/SS style of some of those CASApersons.

They would have been right at home during Kristallnacht, smashing up people and they do.
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Old 29th Nov 2011, 00:01
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No Confidence. Vote here

dont just sit there, add your signature to the 'no confidence petition' in the DG&P Reporting section... go here:'

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avia ministers

every one needs to submit a complaint to every minster /as the now aviation minister & shadow minister ,do not want to know anything about aviation,, as it is to hard,to revamp CASA
I spoke to the top man J.Mc C about the good job 2 U.S pilos did, on landing a 737 at Jandakot ,on min weght & fuel,as the runway is only light ashpalt..He went made saying how he is trying to have their
lic pulled plus the engineers who put the aircraft back on U.S rego
as gov training school had seek permission on VH rego
the yanks laugh ,about Mr J McC well CASA is a laugh
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Old 30th Nov 2011, 19:18
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Phelan latest- latest.

Aviation Advertiser is carrying a story on the petition, wonder how long it will be before Paul gets His letter, from 'them', the 5 o'clock Friday afternoon one, you know.

Anyone silly enough to bet a slab on the words "appolgy" and "defamation" being mixed in there along with a load of legalease pony pooh?
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Old 30th Nov 2011, 20:11
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Kharon have you recieved any feedback from Fort Fumble or Minister Fumblenese's office yet?

Reading Paul's article here:Industry group calls for Senate enquiry , I don't think he has too much to concern himself over in the defamation dept! Paul also provides a link to the petition, I wonder if it would be worthwhile approaching Ben Sandilands for a similar article with link provided?
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Old 30th Nov 2011, 20:27
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If they do, it will add fuel to the fire. Paul is not exactly in his 30/40/50's any more and what do they think that would achieve? He has nothing to lose. Not a good target IMHO.

He has the pen on his side and we all know the mightier of pen and sword.

CASA need to understand all this built up frustration and anger in some cases is well founded and going to boil over at some point.

Myself personally? I have never had a problem with them, apart from one time where left hand had no idea about right, nor the requirements. When I know more about the rego process than hey do it is a funny day.

My biggest concern is the future of the industry. Seen a few folk being being done over, yet others who really need it get ignored.

I see Casa trying hard to make positive steps, the aging aircraft study for example, but honestly how many folk will welcome heir team into their hangar for some serious one on one fact finding? Very few. Why is that?

Why when word is around that RAA and or CASA folk will be attending an event a large number of folk run and hide. And not because they are cowboys, just that we all know, every time you fly some rule hidden somewhere is bound to be broken.

Yet on the other hand the Langley Park fly in right in the middle of Perth went really well, close work with CASA and during the event they relaxed and said effectively, you guys have this nailed, you don't need us watching over your shoulder.

There are glimmers of hope, but they need to market he selves better, and fix their product. To do that they need to quite the BS like prosecuting the JQ'S of this world perhaps go back and right some wrongs and show some good faith, be seen to be fixing their mistakes. Of course they will be afraid of law suites left right and centre if they do that ..... But they have to face up to the music for a change. An Amnesty is what they need to get out of that one.

Enough ranting, for now. Get behind fixing up our regulator folks
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Old 30th Nov 2011, 22:19
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Good post Jaba! I like you have never had much issue with the CASA.

Although I was somewhat amused (or bemused) when getting ramped one day at Meeka. The FOI after going through all my paperwork, proceeded to quiz me on my printed SIGWX chart. When I asked what was his reasoning on the quiz, he told me that I'd be surprised how many people carry them around and don't know what they are supposed to depict, go figure!

Another instance I had dealing with the regulator was being interviewed (taped) in Meeka. The investigator questioned me about a flight I had conducted (some two years before) in the Straits with a certain Mr Mick Toller in the RH seat (Torres will remember that one!).

So besides the occasional ramping and a CP interview, all of which were quite amicable, I personally haven't had any real issues with the regulator.
However the same cannot be said about a lot of my colleagues, some of which have some horror stories to tell!

I also believe that the regulatory review and the morass of over complicated regs/rules is a major embarassment and needs to be addressed sooner rather than later.

The double standards is also a huge bugbear of mine, JQ's case versus a certain SAR operator is a 'case in point'!

Related to that SAR operator is the 'politically correct' manoeuvrings to try to shelve a legitimate investigation, meanwhile a person in authority continues to thumb his nose at the regulator.

Meanwhile one of the most honest, true gentleman FOIs has had his audit (2010) of said company quashed as it is not 'politically correct'.

While these shennanigans are going on the good FOIs and AWIs are constantly hamstrung from doing their jobs properly.

No, now is the time to stop the rot!
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Old 30th Nov 2011, 23:22
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trailer launch....

bh....whats yre problem?
Many straight float planes land on the grass at an airfield for maintenance and depart later on a truck or trailer assisted take-off.
Quite a common practice in the USA.

But over there, they dont see every aviation action as a threat to mankind!

What do you reckon would be the outcome for the pilot of a Super Cub, having been ripped up by a bear, and flown out of a remote area, all strapped up with duct tape. And land back in civilization for front of some CASA AWIs.!! (horrible thought)

I dont think it would be congratulations all round for such a ballsy and clever way of salvaging his aircraft. His aeroplane, his "fix", his risk.
It would be down into the dungeon for him.
Commonsense and initiative have been regulated out of existence in this country.. for "safety' reasons.

And what is the indication of a 'safe' operation? All aviation endeavours have a risk. Life is a risk.
GR would have been aware of the risks, but sucesfully flew the mission.
Onya Gerald.!
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Old 30th Nov 2011, 23:33
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Agree Jabba/Sarcs

Here is the first entry again. The problem, from my study of public information, lies at the top, the FOI and AWI are hidebound to enforce compliance with every iota of a Reg, no matter if that Reg is "bad law". It's the KGB style of legal administration, supported at the top which is removing the 'Judgement" part of FOI and AWI task. This ethos is enhanced when 'known' bad apples are given powers which they would not ordinarily be given, under sensible direction from the top.

Peace cannot reign until the screaming stops.

wonder if the “director” understands the effect of his words on the lower ranks he commands ?; the level of support he offers his 'troops' is admirable, laudable and infinitely sensible. I just wonder if he is aware of the travesties and injustices committed 'in his name'.

If he is not, then he should examine some of the cases with the same energy he would apply 'to the letter of the law' (even bad law) matters placed in front of him. If he is, then resignation, with apology is the only option available to him.
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Old 1st Dec 2011, 00:49
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You certinly donot know anything about seaplanes , or maybe flying ??only a handfull of seaplanes in OZ ,,embarrising,, Alaska have 12,000 + planes 8,600 seaplanes over half without radio,s
86,000 + s/p in the states, Yanks do it well..
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Quiet a regular occurrence even here in Aust.

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CYA and etc...

Kharon... from your paste.
Re: the Skull is very much aware of what is going on, but protecting the staff is the name of the game... whatever it takes.
Dismiss the finding of the ICC, have an external investigation instead.."fairer to the staff" (quote), change the target finding of criminality to breaches of the 'code of conduct', and upchuck an "Ethics and Conduct Commmittee",(sic... very sick) to oversee the result.
Excuse me while I convulse with laughter on the floor.!
And we are suposed to take all this as fair and appropriate, FFS ???

I would say... reading from the CAC Act 1997...that all this would be a serious breach of the 'Foundations af Governance' and the responsiblities of a Director.
".Directors duties help ensure that bodies under the CAC Act 1997, use the resources in good faith,in the best interests of the relevant body, and for a proper pupose."
Yeah, well...just fancy words ????

So you are right..Peace cannot reign until the screaming stops.

gk. Nah.. dont know much about flying, only been at it since 1955, so I'm still learning, as in building a set of floats to go on the Ive got a lot to learn in that regard...flying floats.
Must be a hellava lot of trailer take-offs in Alaska & the US then.?
Might have to do one myself..!! Exciting!
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