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Sid Marshall's DH.89

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The aircraft appear to be DH 82's with the exception of the top RHS shows cowl of a Gypsy Moth. The engine is not inverted. Top photo sure looks like Sid Marshall's hangar at Bankstown, but the lower looks more like an old Mascot hangar.
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Not a photo but a coaster from the same time. Has a few names of mum's friends listed on back.
Now you have pointed it out the size of of the hanger
I also noticed the bus in the background. City to airport service? Hmm did mum take this photo standing out on the apron area? I wonder what is behind her. DC2/3?
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Sid did have a Short s16 Scion and it was sold to the Strathallen collection in Scotland some time ago. When that collection was sold it was aquired by the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum at Cultra in Northern Ireland. Unfortunatly that group is more interested in traditional musical intruments and hand knitted shawls rather that aeroplanes and so it is sitting in a shed close to the Belfast Lough and the Aluminium in the structure is slowly decaying.

The aeroplane on the right seems to have an inverted engine and could be a moth or interestingly a Genairco which was around at thast time.

Other lighties that he had were the Westland Widgeon which was restored by John Gallagher for Dick Smith and now resides in Dick's home at Bowylie . There is an Avro Cadet which was restored by Clin Ashton-Martin and flew recently in the 90th anniversary pagent /pilgimage of the RAAF. At one stage he also had a Foxmoth.

There is a Scion being worked on all be it slowly because of other vintage aeroplane projects and if anyone is interested please let me know.

He also had a Comper Swift VH-UVC which is in the process of being restored with its Pobjoy engine. The Scion also had twin Pobjoys and these present a little difficulty.
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Puss Moth

I remember the Puss Moth ., Sid was a friend of my dad. Sid's pilot was Ron ., and yes 1 seat up front , 2in the back It was the first plane I flew in at The Entrance Airstrip VH.UQB.. she now resides in a museum in Great Britain
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I recall the DH80A Puss moth. VH-UQB. I took a flight in it with Sid's resident pilot, Ron Gower, on November 8, 1969. That aircraft is now in the UK.

What happened to Ron I wonder ?
He was one of those old time pilots who looked like he had been flying since the time of the Wright Bros.

I don't recall the cost but the ticket says Marshall Airways.
Bankstown Aerodrome. telephone 701590. Not transferable.
Above the conditions there was a photo of an Anson.

Those were the days.

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Wow this brings back memories for me. In the early - mid 60s I'd wander through all the hangars and up and down the parking line looking at everything. No one ever got fussed about it. I think my first ever flight was with Marshall's but it was in a 172, not in one of their classic aircraft.

Anyone remember the old weatherboard cafe just accross the road from Marshall Airways hangar that was also a shop and sold aircraft models and the like? They sold the best meat pies and suasage rolls ever.

I remember in the Marshall hangar was a little single place low wing tail dragger with open cockpit. Anyone know what that was? They used to let us sit in it and pretend to fly.

They also had a Lockheed 18 back then too.

Yes R16, they were indeed the days.
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Old 9th Dec 2011, 09:31
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memories indeed... in late '58 I worked briefly as a 'go-fer' for James Air Services? Taxis, Wally James. He operated a couple of Miles "Gemini" twins.
I scored a couple of flights in them, one up to Tea Gardens nr Newcastle?.
He landed on a tidal flat and before taking off again he paced it out, digging his heels in to check the surface. And it was dog-leg take off run,too
Later he was wiped out? by the DCA crackdown on wooden aircraft.

I was learning to fly in those days and did Tiger spin training out of Bankstown, and soloed in a Champion Tri-Traveller.
It was certainly a hive of industry there then with Gannets, Vampires and all manner of lighties crowding the circuit.
Sid Marshalls was always a drawcard, Nakajima "Oscar", Me 109, DC2., DH 84 and other things with wings.
Also Drovers about and some civvy Mustangs. A Cierva Autogyro too, but I never saw it fly.
Unfortunately I never had a camera in those days.
About the last time I was at Bankstown was out of there in a Lyco re-engined Drover on a ferry flight to the New Hebrides. Again I was just a "helper" for the ferry fuel cocks, but got most of the stick time after airborne. I could tell it was going to be a long trip because on the climb out, we got passed by a C150.!
And by and by a cloud will take it all away.
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I have a CD copy of sid's home movies of two trips to New Guinea in the Widgeon.
The crappy resolution is balanced by the content. PM me if youu want a copy.
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Chromedoctor - that would be Ron Gower ?

Edited for " read the next post "

Ron was My great Aunts fella - knew him well.
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My second ever flight was in Sid's magic Puss Moth age 9...[first was in TAA DC-4 BNE-SYD]. 'twas a big deal for me...
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Originally Posted by sixtiesrelic View Post
I have a CD copy of sid's home movies of two trips to New Guinea in the Widgeon.
The crappy resolution is balanced by the content. PM me if youu want a copy.

can anyone put me in contact with Sixtiesrelic - he doesnt appear to have been online for years?

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Old 1st Dec 2019, 06:27
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Sadly he is no longer with us. A great pity as he was an avid photographer and had a truly encyclopedic knowledge of early aviation.

We certainly miss his contribution.
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If you need something from sixtiesí collection - he was my Dadís cousin and was heavily involved with our DC-3 operation - we have a lot of his photos/videos stored on hard drives
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Hello Skyways

sorry to hear of sixties passing, I was hoping to get a copy of his CDs of Sid Marshalls PNG films

(The system wont let me do a PM this morning?)


Mark Pilkington
[email protected]
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Sid Marshall must have inspired several generations of aviation people. I was a hangar rat at Sid's a bit later than previous posters and he had given up flying by the time I knew him. I used to ride my bicycle out to Bankstown and generally hang around the apron somewhere, and then drool over some of the pieces he had in his yard. Sid was usually up for a chat. A common theme was that he didn't like DCA much. He was very helpful and I wished I had kept notes of some of the things he told me. At the time he was just an eccentric old bloke who had some interesting aeroplanes. It wasn't until later that I learned of some of his exploits.

I also remember the Mustangs -IVI, -BOY and -BOZ. Keith Whitbread (I think from memory) was a nice chap and showed me over -IVI once. It was a great shock when he crashed not long after.

Bit of thread drift. During one of my outings I found the entrance to the underground WWII control centre on the hill overlooking the aerodrome and explored it a bit. There are houses built on it now, I think.
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A common theme was that he didn't like DCA much.
Some things go along forever!!!
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