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Flying Aussie Experimental in New Zealand

I'm currently a citizen of Australia but I'm considering moving to New Zealand for a few years and I'd like to take my Australian registered VH sport aircraft (Experimental Category Vans RV7A) with me. I'd prefer to leave the aircraft on the Australian register.

Is anyone aware of whether I'd have any trouble with NZCAA regs in flying my Australian registered aircraft for a few years in New Zealand. Obviously private pilots fly across the Tasman all the time but I'm wondering if keeping the plane over there for several years is problematic.
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You will need the specific approval of NZCAA to fly the aircraft in NZ, as an Australian sub-ICAO Annex VIII C.of A.(any Limited, Restricted or Experimental) is not valid outside Australia territorial limits.

Do all you homework carefully, especially the NZ tax laws. Some of the valuation for tax are mind blowing.

NZCAA are easy people to work with, quite pleasantly different to CASA, and the fees are very moderate.

Tootle pip!!
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Hi Leadsled, thanks for the feedback. If the Experimental C of A is "sub ICAO" and only valid for Australian territorial areas then how is it possible that Australian registered VH Experimental aircraft are able to fly around the world and through dozens of countries (eg Jon Johanson). Certainly a number of Aussie Experimental aircraft fly across the Tasman to NZ every year without undue problems as far as I can tell. But I'm just wondering if there is a time limit on the duration of stay of a foreign registered aircraft in NZ.

Incidentally I rented a C172 out of Christchurch in 1999 and flew around the south island for a couple of weeks. I can't imagine that flying anywhere else in the world could be more geographically spectacular. Just stunning!!
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To fly an experimental aircraft outside Australia you need the permission of the country that you are visiting. As for whether JJ got that is anyone's guess! Have a mate with an RV who's keeping it under ABAA so as to avoid this problem.
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