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ATPL Air Law Question

Old 9th Feb 2011, 10:09
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ATPL Air Law Question

Just studying for upcoming ATPL air law exam. I've been using the AFT practise exams to prepare and notice that some of the questions require you to use the CASR's in particular questions relating to medicals, aircraft registration and dangerous goods.

Looking at the booking confirmation for what your allowed to take to the exam the CASR's are not mentioned..

Can anybody fill me in on what the go is here? are you allowed to bring them to the exam or are you not asked questions about information within the CASR's.

I've probably overlooked something, an asking a stupid question, just hoping someone could clear this up for me.

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Old 9th Feb 2011, 10:11
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CASR's not allowed in the exam at all. There will be no questions that relate to them. Good luck
Old 9th Feb 2011, 20:13
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ATPL air law refs

Just did my ATPL air law exam last week, no CASRs required. In fact, didnt use anything except the CAOs, CAR & AIP.. just as well i didnt shell out for all the IFR charts they wanted me to bring. Print out of the relevant sections of the CAO and CAR was also ok for the exam, though having them in a folder is essential.

Good luck, know where stuff is and you'll be fine.

edit: am not suggesting one should not take the IFR charts in.. i certainly did take ones that i had lying around... there may well be questions that involve them, i just didnt get any.
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Old 10th Feb 2011, 09:27
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Have just looked at the stuff required for this exam on the asl website.
Without looking at the exact cost, I reckon that would be roughly $1000 of documents etc. Do people generally purchase all of these?

Also is it essential to have current erc,s or are slightly out of date one's suitable for this, flight planning and nav.

Have self studied systems and met and am hoping to do the same with the rest.....
Looks like it may get a fair bit tougher from here!!
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Old 10th Feb 2011, 09:34
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A new [email protected] printer costs what, $80 and 2 reams of paper cost about $10. Factor in a couple of binders and dividers which I'd be surprised if most people don't just have lying around.... say another $10 and you've got a full set of CARs & CAOs.

Then you just need a set of Jepps (that covers you ERC & TAC charts), a PCA and an ERSA and you're sweet. If you don't have Jepps and you're doing your ATPL then you've backed the wrong horse.... sorry about that.

Not that expensive really, not when compared to what they charge for just sitting the exam.
Old 13th Feb 2011, 03:02
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Thanks for that idea about the CAO and CAR, had not thought of printing the whole thing off myself.
Do you know if the complete CAO is required for Performance and Loading?

Also what is the advantage of Jepps? Have not had anything to do with them, only used AIP and DAP's
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Old 13th Feb 2011, 13:04
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You can certainly take the whole CAO in if you like, however I only took the parts that I knew were relevant (I think it was CAO 20.7.0, 20.7.1, 20.7.1B, 20.7.2, 20.7.4 and some of the 82.0 series). Having each of those sections ready to go made it much easier than flicking through a big book full of info to find what I needed.

The advantage of Jepps is simple. They are what you will end up using later in your career anyway (assuming airlines of some description are in your future, which since you're sitting ATPL is a fair assumption I reckon) so get used to using them early.
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I'm also studying the same exam at the moment and I understand hand written tags are permissible. Anyone confirm this?

Found it was written in the front of my Nathan higgins book bought 2 months ago. From what I understand the airservices tags are considered an index. It says no index systems are allowed except those already listed in the CASA document.

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