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Be aware that there are fictitious job applications that will see you become an accomplice to fraud? They offer you a job accepting "payments" for alleged supply of products or services and you get to forward them to the scammer less your Ten percent commission.

Works real well until the police turn up on your doorstep. You then have the pleasure of proving to the court that you didn't know you were an accessory to fraud.

This was recently sent to my GF:

and thank you for your interest in our offer!

My name is Paul Wallington. I am a Human Resources manager of
Advertising Agency NGI.

Please visit us *Advertising Agency, Website Design Company, Branding consultancy, London UK and apply for open vacancy!!!

At the present moment we have the vacancies for remote agents in your
country. We are happy to
provide you with additional details concerning this job offer.
It doesn't require any special skills: all you have to do is to check
your e-mail at least 3 times a day
(morning, noon, evening) and follow our instructions which include
receiving bank transfers to your
account and sending money via WesternUnion. Please take notice - all the
instructions should be

We need honest, dependable and smart people. Don't worry about the nature
of the job - after you
read this letter you'll understand that there is nothing suspicious about


- ******Internet access and an e-mail account;
- ******Being an Australian resident (you don't have to be an Australian
citizen but have to live in Australia);
- ******Adult people only (we cannot hire underage people);
- ******5-6 hours of free time a week (mainly in the evening/non-business
- ******bank account.


Our company has recently entered the Australian market with considerable
success, getting more and
more orders every day. Unfortunately, we haven't finished establishing a
full-fledged branch office in
your country as of today, and therefore all the orders are still handled
by the head office in Russia. Our
Australian customers pay us using bank transfers, but for the time being
our company doesn't have its
own bank accounts in Australian banks, and our clients have to use
international money transfers. It
results in exorbitant tax expenses according to both Australian and
Russian taxation law.

We have found a way out of this situation: using personal money transfers
via Western Union
(Money Transfer | Western Union).

It allows us to minimize our tax expenses and avoid a lot of paper-chase.
Our legal department already works on
the documents so that we can open an office in Sidney, but it will take
some time (approximately 3-4 months), and
meanwhile we have to do business somehow.

By means of transferring our payments via personal WU transfers we free
our company from Australian
tax payments. WU's commission is considerably lower than the taxes we
otherwise have to pay in order
to transfer money directly to the accounts of overseas companies.

Transfers to personal accounts are not taxable. Monthly transfer sum
should not exceed 25 000-30 000 USD
(if you want to process larger sums we can discuss it privately after
several successful transfers) - such
sums are quite usual be the bank's standards and can be easily
transferred via WU. Our company has been
using this method for about six months, and so far all our employees are
satisfied and receive stable incomes.

Take notice: WE ARE NOT DOING ANYTHING ILLEGAL! It is a completely
legitimate way of minimizing expenses!


If you are hired for this job, all you have to do is to follow these
simple instructions:

1) *****Our client sends money to your account. According to the sum you
should either receive it from
an ATM or (if the sum is more than 2 000 USD), you should go to the bank
and receive it there.
Maximum sum of one transfer does not exceed 5 000 USD, which means that
you can receive it
in the closest branch of your bank without any problems.
2) *****After you receive the money you deduct 5% from the sum - it is
your fee. The rest of the sum
you should send to us via WesternUnion (Money Transfer | Western Union). Please,
take notice: you pay the WU's
commission from OUR PART OF THE SUM! 5% is YOUR NET GAIN. We will give
you more detailed instructions later.

Once again:


We can give you detailed information about the account's owner.

We guarantee that your private information will be completely secure and
will not be sold or given to
any third parties.

In order to start working for us you don't have to use your own money.
All you have to do is to fill out
the form with your personal information and send it to our e-mail. Every
completed form will be reviewed
and you will be contacted by our manager within 1-2 days.


*****First name:
*****Last name:
*****Mobile Phone:
*****Bank Name:
*****BSB No:

Thank you for your attention.
Best regards,
Advertising Agency, Website Design Company, Branding consultancy, London UK

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This webpage (link below) gives a rundown of a bloke stringing along a scammer. If you have 5 mins to spare, it's a pretty funny read, and the photo at the bottom is priceless!

Stringing along a scammer
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