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Plane down near Gladstone

Old 12th Aug 2010, 05:47
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Plane down near Gladstone

ABC Radio has reported a light aircraft has gone down not long after take off from Gladstone carrying a load of organic lawn darts after 10am today. Apparently a C206 with 7 POB, five of whom have been taken to hospital. There were no reports of fatalities.
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Old 12th Aug 2010, 06:39
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Light plane crash lands near Gladstone - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
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Old 12th Aug 2010, 08:39
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2 in a short space of time for the apf, obviously the new jump pilots accreditation is not working for them. How long before we see another Willow Bank ?
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Old 12th Aug 2010, 12:04
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How can you say that when you have NFI why the aircraft came down. I had 3 friends on board. Pull your ignorant head in until the investigation is complete.
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Old 13th Aug 2010, 00:12
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rutan around

Would you like to enlighten us under what category this aircraft was operated and what class of maintenance release it had. Having been involved in this industry in a past life I suspect what your answer will be and it will probably go a long way to explain why it happened.
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Old 13th Aug 2010, 00:38
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Yes a jump pilot endorsement is really going to make a difference when the engine gives out.

In my experience (humble as it is as I haven't flow the Space Shuttle like most of you guys) the 2 things that always work in these operations are the engine and the radio. Most of the time they give up is because some newly minted CPL with his 200 hours reckons he knows more about managing a fuel injected 6 than the old hands that have been doing for years.

But please go on, my telly isn't working so the armchair crash investigation is the only entertainment I'll have today.
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Old 13th Aug 2010, 02:22
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No idea but is it legal to carry 7 in a 206 when jumping?

Man it must be crowded in there with 7 and chutes. No seats I guess.

Damn windy yesterday.
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Old 13th Aug 2010, 04:40
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fits six with the seats in. I can assure you from experience, seven isnt all that tight a squeeze.
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Old 13th Aug 2010, 06:54
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And the differences between the Willow Bank, Coffs Harbour and Gladstone incidents are?

Me and my ignonant head have flown 7 pob in a 206 (vh uyb !) maybe when your mates get killed you will stand up and yell at these clowns to go and get some standards.

The APF are letting shonks run dodgy pieces of sh!t (flown by foreign pilots or student working for nothing) they have the paying public on board and they don't care if your mates are on board either.
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Old 13th Aug 2010, 07:01
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And the differences between the Willow Bank, Coffs Harbour and Gladstone incidents are?
Ummmm ..... Gladstone has only just happened and hasn't been investigated yet?

What do I win, what do I win............................

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Old 13th Aug 2010, 13:43
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Seven is only a just a tight squeeze for a 182
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Old 15th Aug 2010, 11:50
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AD---Up Yer Bum!

Rio, maybe you haven't participated in PJE before, but when there aren't seats fitted, you only need a single point harness per person and removing a seat provides two of those per seat removed.

The only real consideration then is W&B and CofG. This HAS been a major factor in the past.
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