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Old 17th May 2010, 07:30   #1 (permalink)
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The obligatory OshKosh thread

Sooooo.... as the title suggests, who is going to OshKosh this year?

Perhaps we can share itinerary's and catch up for a drink or two etc at a mutually convenient time and place (ie. over-run the bar with Aussies).
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Damn, as a K One W One I guess I am excluded then.

In the early 80s I had a tape of the OshKosh tower controlling the incoming and an outgoing flight. Unfortunately it was lost during a move and I haven't been able to obtain a copy or even anything like it again. Those guys were absolutely incredible, a work of art even. Does anyone know of a recording of the OshKosh controllers as they do thier thing on the busy days?
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I'll be there
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I'll be there. 1st time!
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Kelly's bar most nights and the International BBQ where the beer is free.....

Put your card on the board in the international tent
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My first time too

Another prominent member on here will be there too. Just waiting for him to join in.

Anyone got any recommendations on where to stay in LA for a couple of nights on the way there for a break?

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I guess I must be "Prominent"

Will be there for 4 or 5 days

So triadic.....that makes you in charge of the PPRuNe Oz party, so which night and where do we meet?

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wish I was going but it was too close to Farnborough and I had to pick. anyone trying to do both (or Duxford a couple of weeks earlier and then OshKosh)?
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And for all of you going to Oshkosh (or anywhere else in the US for that matter) here's a tip. Go to Queen Vic market or equivalent in your main city and buy a whole load of little koala bears with Aussie flags, the kind tourists buy to clip on their lapels. Cost around $5 for 20. Hand them out to anyone in the service industry you meet- check-in staff, hotel receptionists, bar staff etc etc. Americans love this and you will be amazed how they respond.(like upgrade to a suite my last time in the US)
Also great for bartering all over the Oshkosh site.
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Thanks for reminding me AA. I've also heard that elsewhere.
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Agree with AA... you get lots of mileage out of such trinkets....

Staying in LA... there is a few hotels near LAX and some are not too expensive.
Best value in the US is the "Big Blue Bus" which goes from the airport hotels to Santa Monica & Venice beach... worth at least a day. Used to be just $1 each way!

Rule one for OSH... stay the full week - you will still not see it all.

Take good walking shoes and summer clothes as it is hot - take hat etc. It is almost 2miles from Northern warbird park to southern U/L park and you wont do that in a day. A light jumper or jacket for the evenings is a good idea. It may also rain. The TS's there are bottlers!

Obtain a program and find out when things are on and plan your visit to ensure you see what you want.

A small backpack is good to have to carry stuff around and have hands free for looking at stuff you want to buy. Bottle of water is good to have.

Register at the International Tent down near the tower. They will tell u when some of the international events are on, incl the march and BBQ.

Take camera of course. Have at least one spare data card. They are cheap in the US so you can buy some more if you don't have the laptop to transfer pics to. Shoping is good at OSH and there is an outlet center over the highway with lots of good stuff, especially clothes. Make sure your bag is not full when u leave home, it will be on the return!

Go to the museum - allow half a day minimum.

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We'll be there! But any suggestions for keeping the wife happy? Any knitting tents or craft displays for The Better Half? A full week at Oshkosh is probably stretching it for those not aeronautically-inclined...
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Do you have kids, grand kids or nieces and nephews? If so, don't forget OshKosh is the home of OshKosh-by-gosh kids clothing brand... That'll keep her busy for a few hours.
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Old 18th May 2010, 11:29   #14 (permalink)
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Airventure is a bit overwhelming

I did my first trip in 08 after thinking about it for many years. don't think just go!
Join the EAA if you haven't already member discounts ect.
Hired a car at o'hare and camped to be close to the action.
Travelled light and bought cheap camping gear at walmart everything i needed including camp chair and esky for under a hundred bucks. empty tent and put it in the car as the area will puddle up in rain. donated it all to the south african guys as they return each year and leave their stuff stored.
on site food requires a detox. camp ground security is very good but take usual precautions. amenities are pretty good and more added each year. school buses will take you to various locations around the field including the museum (a day in itself) and seaplane base, (great in the heat of the day)plus into various shops and discount outlets in town. On field there are 'trams' to hop on and off at various points of interest. i gave away many little badges and like others have said it pays but just the warm smile and response is worth it. Banks and post office shipping agents all on site. you can buy a little radio and listen to either the EAA radio or the tower. Airshow every arvo. enjoy the lack of barricades and friendly flight line marshalls. try and get there a day or two early you can wander every where and watch a lot of aircraft arrive.
spend a little extra and fly in something we don't have back home. i did the B17g . when you walk out at the end of your first day try not to feel like you were born in the wrong country.
On the way back to o'hare i stopped off to visit the harley davidson museum at milwalkie. not a big fan of them but but my two brothers in law wanted a t shirt each. pretty impressive and ended up taking almost 3 hundred photos. keep a weather eye out as it is tornado season.
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Hi Alpha,

We used that trick last time at Oshkosh.... and we were overwelmed by the trading we could get with the furry little devils as well as Aussie flag lapel pins.

International Dinner was also a treat.

Where is everybody staying?
We are the Christian Uni, about 8 miles from the airport, where are the good eateries & bars from there?
We camped at Camp Schollar last time.

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I found the perfect answer to that. Mrs Jaba is doing this... "The PPRuNer's wifes tour"

Few days in NY before, I go to Oshkosh, then a few days in Washington DC doing the Smithsonianss, then over to Seattle and Oregon and meet p again in SFO for 4 days.

Happy Jaba's!
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I first went in 82 and have been almost a dozen times since. It is always a hoot and especially for the first timers. It does help however as mentioned above to do some homework and work out a plan of attack... what do you want to see or do... check the program for all the displays and workshops/forums etc. They are on all day, every day so there is plenty to choose from. Take the badges and teddy bears etc... must do advice for traveling in the US. They love that sort of thing. Explore the EAA web site fully. Join EAA.

Some of the must do's have already been mentioned, so I might repeat, but the most important is STAY THE FULL WEEK and get there early if you can.

Plenty of things for the ladies to do and you will be surprised to see how interested they become in aeroplanes (sorry: airplanes..! ) and the people there... it is just so different to what might be expected in Oz.


Comfortable pair of walking shoes required - casual summer clothes to suit - you will most likely sit on the ground from time to time, so keep that in mind.

Daytime temps will be high twenties to mid thirties C - (85-95F) summer clothes required - something light maybe for night. A light mac is good if it folds small in case of rain - usually a chance of a thunderstorm that time of year. They sell lots of them there so don't worry if you don't take one.

Take hat etc for sun protection

A backpack is a good idea

Camera of course... big lens if you have one and spare data capacity

Staying at the UWO (Uni) is good, but basic. Rooms have two single beds and the facilities are on each floor - Washrooms etc are shared, but usually clean and showers etc are private. There is often late rooms available due to cancellations.

A yellow school bus runs a regular service between the Uni and the grounds for a small charge. You will find out where the stops are on day one.

The Uni have a great Cafe where you can do b'fast, usually all you can eat for around $7 or $8. A big b'fast might save lunch?? Lots of places to eat on the grounds, but not much variety - burgers chips, and salads etc. Being at the Uni, you are close to town and there is a few good places to eat not far away. There is a tavern in the main street called "the Roxy" which has the greatest grain fed steak. (It is marked on Google Maps at 571 North Main Street) worth at least one visit. There is a bar near the Uni (short walk) by the name of "Kelly's" in Wisconsin St (near the corner of High Ave if you look on Google maps). It is a popular spot and a lot of Ozzies go there. Gets a bit like a Zoo late tho'.

At the grounds, the EAA give you a wrist band to wear for the week to show you have paid. It is plastic and will last the week ok.

Obtain a program and check the map out as well as what is on... check if there is anything of specific interest and note those times for a visit to that site.

There is lots of displays and in 4 large hangar like buildings there are many traders selling their goods - aeroplane bits to jewelry and clothing etc. You name it, it is bound to be there....

Not far from the control tower is a large white and yellow marque know as the "international tent" where all the international visitors congregate. Go there on day one and register your name for Australia. you will receive a name badge etc. There are two events during the week that involve the international visitors and you should find out when they are to be held and then go. First one is the international march where all the international visitors line up behind their country flag and march down to a building about 200m away to be welcomed by the President of the EAA or his deputy. It is a fun hour and you usually get to see all the other travellers.
The second event is an international BBQ they have at a site not far from the main gate - in the woods towards the EAA museum. It is a free feed and some beer for a few hours - but don't be late as it is very popular.

The EAA Museum is up near the highway ( Highway 41) and is a must visit. Very well put together and with lots of interesting aircraft on display. Check if your show entry gives you entry to the museum, often it does. Plan your visit during the week and maybe in the am hours. Again the yellow bus will take you there and back to the grounds.

Across the highway is an Outlet Center with about 100 shops. Range is good and prices usually well below Oz, even considering exchange rates. Some goods are better than duty free prices. There is a regular yellow bus that goes there and back from the grounds.

Don't worry too much about your return to Chicago as there is usually plenty of folk going there after the show and I have never found it hard to get a ride. It is about a 3 hr drive. Give yourself a day to do it as you don't want to have to rush at the last moment. There is always the Greyhound bus which goes from the old terminal on the north side of the airport. I usually plan to have a night in LA before heading home. Plenty to do there.

After doing the bus etc I now rent a car from ORD and keep it for the week. The rates are good and the flexibility on site is wonderful - also a trunk to put your goodies in during the day, tho parking can be some distance from the action. Enterprise I found give a good deal.

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Can vouch for the Roxy
In fact this year the Roxy is the host for the International DeHavilland Assoc annual dinner and all around pissup! All rag and bag devotees can attend, subject to ticket availability. I'll be there, but Jaba probably won't want to go though - he'll most likely be attending some Retard Vehicle aluminium symposium.
Anyone looking for accom - large private house on the lake, mostly an all aussie turnout of tenants. Walking distance to the show, pool,no shortage of beer fridges. About $60-$65US night, and if you're nice, washing can be done, basic brekky provided, and transport for inebriated visitors can often be arranged. Let me know (usual disclaimers).
All previous tips are good. I've particularly enjoyed attending some of the workshops and lectures. Certainly join the EAA before going - membership entitles you to free admission to the museum (a full day if you get up late).
I generally buy/beg a lightweight walking stick'folding chair, which I either lose or redonate to the cause - invaluable for watching the afternoon airshow.
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very funny Mr Chair.

I had been invited along by my friendly moth mate.....the owner of the lovely yellow and blue one Chimbu Chuck has been showing off recently. I was told they even let in us aluminium and glass folk.....sounds like a recycle bin does it not?

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If anyone was thinking of going and the airfare was a bit much, check this out.

V Australia > Best Fares

Some times it does pay to wait till the last minute.

Mind you finding a bunk may be the next challenge.
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