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Just received the following from some of the "greenies" that live in my area. Would be interested to know how true this is, & other's thoughts on the matter.

Recently we have been contacted by many of you regarding the strange clouds and jet
emissions over the Gold Coast region that were seen to come from high flying aircraft.
We have received many photographs like the ones below.
(Sorry, cannot access my Photobucket account at the moment to upload the photos however they look like normal cloud formations & contrails to me)
In 2009, the Australian Government allowed weather modification and aerial spraying
by United Nations aircraft over our soil. Planes are spraying the higher atmosphere
with heavy metals, barium dust and nano-particles in order to help change our climate.
These heavy metals will eventually land on out roofs and waterways. Air pollution
levels have risen over 78% over the past 14 months.
Therefore, we strongly advise residents not to drink tank water from
this date forward. It has tested positive for unknown toxic residues.
Please keep indoors if you see these streaky clouds overhead, or see emissions from
high flying jets for any period of time. We are co-operating with authorities in this
matter, and rest assured we are monitoring the locations and number of passes made
by these unmanned aircraft.
If you suffer any side effects - like headaches, sore throat, chest congestion, tiredness,
sore eyes or sleeping difficulties, please contact your local doctor.
In some cases, compensation may be sought for specific medical conditions.
Please do not be alarmed.
We have written to the United Nations Atmospheric Control Council to advise them of our concern, and asked them reduce aerial spraying and HAARP activity within our region to make it safer for our communities to go outside.
Thank you for your co-operation, and you can find out more by visiting our website at,
Gold Coast City Council - Emergency Contacts
ʻHelp Keep Our Skies Safeʼ

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I reckon somebody with more skill than me could find a reference on snopes
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It IS April 1 now!

surely No_ONE could be that stupid?..... however, he IS a politician.
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Hey DF,

I've been doing a little seeding myself......and right now I'm praying for a 'crop failure'.....
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Grandpa Aerotart
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It has tested positive for unknown toxic residues.
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AirSic........... thats about the funniest thing I have have seen on here!
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IIRC there was a long and protracted Jetblast thread on the subject.
We have written to the United Nations Atmospheric Control Council to advise them of our concern
That doesn't sound like the Gold Coast City Council. Usually as long as you're still able to spend money on drinks and restaurants they're not concerned about your welfare.
Another dead giveaway is that he's actually Ron Clarke (with an e).
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Too Late ! The country is already infected with PCMV, (Politically Correct Myopia Virus)

Our latest blunder is to be considering imports of Chinese apples, (which,we're assured by Canberra, will be subject to post-entry quarantine - an oxymoron if ever!), while our orchardists are pulling out apple tress.

Which follows on from dozens of other examples of where Australia is deliberately discarding it's self-sufficiency.....but, if it's cheaper in Coles or Woolies - then lets forget about that!

Google chemtrails and you'll have several days fun reading the thoughts of every left leaning,anti-capitalist,green, anarchist loopy who choses to remain living, in comfort and safety, in our clearly dysfunctional society.

happy days,
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It has tested positive for unknown toxic residues

Now, I'm only an engineer so I don't claim to have any special brain power .. but this beggars belief .. if you can't ID something .. how can you measure for it ? Perhaps that is OK in toxicology ? .. but it sounds more than a tad suss to a simple chap like me ...

United Nations Atmospheric Control Council

Is it interesting to note that a google search for this ... only results in a hit on this thread ?

I've been doing a little seeding myself......and right now I'm praying for a 'crop failure'.....

that's cruel ... I have a meeting in a few minutes .... how can I possibly manage to keep a straight face and avoid the odd belly laugh ?

contain special bioengineered pathogens designed to affect only certain racial groups

these folk need their heads read ..

.. but, then again, as wiser folk than I have observed ... at least half the population is of below-average intelligence ...
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In 2009, the Australian Government allowed weather modification and aerial spraying
by United Nations aircraft over our soil. Planes are spraying the higher atmosphere
with heavy metals, barium dust and nano-particles in order to help change our climate.
So the UN is responsible for this alleged climate change then!
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Struth DF! Always knew you were a bit of a stirrer. Or are you really that bored (and p****d orf) no longer being at the airport?
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I live on the Gold Coast.........I was actually born here very few of my age (Late 60s Early 70-s) were born here, but as Oz's 6th (?) largest city a hell of a lot reside here nowadays.....

It's a seriously materialistic fecked up little den of iniquity, sure, and if you are not from here you fail to notice some of the little realised home grown pleasures right under your nose...none of which I'll care to share, its a local thing I suppose,.....

......but for all those moving farther and farther away from the Gold Coast proper (I'll spell it out, Ephraim Island, Sanctuary Cove, Hope Island, Studio Village [now renamed pacific Pines?] and even further out to third world toilets such as Coomera Waters , I'll let you in on something....That "Welcome to the Gold Coast" sign over the M1 at nothing but a mere function of local council're all in suburbs that are as far away from the beach (GOLD COAST) as are Western Sydney.......You have some magnificently over the top houses, I've seen waterfalls for front doors....but you live on reclaimed swamp land, miles from the beach......but you don't know any better.........

In the 1960's some, but not all, serious property developers were Eastern European Jewish settlers that came by way of Melbourne......thus they were Victorian (Hailing from the state of Victoria)......

Looking at the article its signed off as............

ʻHelp Keep Our Skies Safeʼ

Ron Clarke is indeed a Victorian....Victorians are by necessity stupid, they follow the V/AFL for example. I do not mean in anyway to tarnish any of our Jewish friends from Eastern Europe who have come by way of Victoria, far from it...far from it, and indeed on my travels around the Isle of Capri 'Temple Shalom' on a Saturday morning I go out of my way to acknowledge the abundant orthodox Jews evident at that time of week.....The Synagogue is undeniably a more appropriate religious instituition to this particular part of the world than the Mosque located a mere 10 or so 'k' (Kilometre) away....but I digress....

Many Victorians have rightly or wrongly taken up residence on and around the fair shores of the 'Gold Coast'. Mostly they are rusted on Liberal Party supporters coming to retire on OUR Gold Coast, they are Old Melbourne money..and Loonies such as the abovementioned...present Mayor Mr Ron Clarke..

Ronny has resided over some monumental f%cks Ups up here....please Victorians take the fool home ..and take back all the rusted on liberal Victorian retirees, such as Ron, who have no idea whatsoever...please.......please....please ....What say I tell you there are no dangerous contrails over Victoria...that'd do it right...take Ron though still... Leave us alone you weirdo bunch of Southern abnormalities

Oh Yeah take back those criminals the "Lacey Brothers" too, a fine example of Victorian money defending the undefendable...utter uncouth yobbos...not at all unlike the rabble that gathered for the "Indy" Events up here....

Bugger off are a Victorian, and like so many other of your fellow victorians you fail to realise QLD, you felt comfy here surrounded by your fellow old Melb money.....Contrails Ron??? Seriously..........Oh Hang on It's April Fools ain't it? Say it aint't so Joe...Ron...please tell me you are not going to launch a loony 'environmental campaign' on contrails??

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From the "intynet" so must be true: Chemtrails, an Introduction

It is being reported that people with average or below average immunity are experiencing pneumonia-like respiratory symptoms, while people with stronger immunity are only experiencing slight discomfort for a day or two or no symptoms at all. Some people have gotten very ill and the symptoms seem to keep returning after a short period of improvement. It's possible that some of these sprayings might contain special bioengineered pathogens designed to affect only certain racial groups.....
...........including low level population reduction mind control and/or tracking, and to foster weakness and apathy among the general population in anticipation of the New World Order takeover agenda which will likely include the imposition of martial law (a sickly population is a lot more controllable and compliant than a healthy, vigorous one).
funniest shit i have read in a long time, seriously, chemtrails are a form of depopulation? why waste the money on aircraft, just "test" a few Nukes in certain areas, blame terrorists, boom, population reduction..
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Gold coast Failure

Well......that explains alot.

I didn't vote for the Krudd but now I know where he came from....

the skies...hang on

2010 years ago something else came from the skies and I'm sure that hasn't done us any good.........

but in 24 hours I am sure that I will arise as the F-18's fly over the paddock in Wanaka, replacing the F-111, where I first felt the urge of the second coming!!!

Chemtrails yesterday 60's....CASA take a deep breath.
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Chemtrails... aint that what yer average goldcoastian covers up with a long sleeved shirt.....

might past this 1/4 joke over at a greeny site...
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I had a client about a year ago: an elderly lady. I'd just completed some work, got paid and was trying to politely get out of there to another job and she wanted to chat. She started on chemtrails: poisoning the air, climate control by the US government. I politely agreed with her for the sake of convenience and bolted. I've seen it on several blog postings since.
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Now I know all you Easterners are loonies...
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Chemtrails over OZ

A further link to show you what another guy has found on this topic
YouTube - NWO poisoning rain water

Pass it on.
There are quite a number of pilots and cabin crew that have gone sick and have had to stop flying, i believe partly due to fumes from engines but mostly due to extensive exposure to chemtrail particulates
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chemtrails, i seriously struggle to believe that folks out there think the gubment is trying to posion the populace using chemicals in aviation fuel and are smart enough the predict exactly where it'll fall....
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Qantas Declares War on Melbourne on Rememberance Day 11.11.11 - YouTube

How do people come up with this sh!t?...... I just about wet myself!
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