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Cpl Exams/study

Old 10th Apr 2010, 12:21
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Hey GG, your not listening.........

Bob Tait's books say......... blah blah blah blah.............., and I passed all me CPL's.........

Seriously, and I agree with White and Fluffy, one can get a helluva lot better than Bob Tait's books when it comes to studying theory subjects
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Old 10th Apr 2010, 13:37
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Some of the experienced folk are sitting back and having a bit of a giggle at this thread.

I don't mind though having a bite every now and then. Roxy chick is an expert on pay and conditions in the major airlines and a resource of industry and aviation knowledge so this could become an interesting conversation.

Roxy chick, I suggest you have a read of mechanics of flight by A.C Kermode. Handling the big jets is also mandatory reading as is aerodynamics for naval aviators.

I also remember in my briefs I would draw a diagram for the student and explain that in NIL wind an aircraft would glide the same distance light or heavy. I would then introduce wind and explain their effects.

Pretty basic stuff really.
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Old 12th Apr 2010, 01:57
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I used BT's books for my cpl exams. I do have Trev Thom's books too, so I could reference back to them if I needed to.

I found that BT's performance book had too much info that wasn't relevant.
I used ATC & BT texts to assist me in some atpl's too, namely Met (obviously not high level) & HF.

Really, the more books you have, the better you will be. Also helps for instructor rating too.
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Old 12th Apr 2010, 11:56
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White and Fluffy:
There are a lot of things in life that cannot be learned from any text, no matter how well it's written...

It must be expected that even a fresh CPL with 100% pass marks on all tests would still not know a LOT of things about the aviation game until s/he actually starts learning on-the-job.

Experience is king, passing the CPL theory is a "Licence to Learn" in the real world.

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Bwahahaha, Roxy got owned again, and on a subject she's already tried to argue... Thanks, that made my night.
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Old 13th Apr 2010, 02:44
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If you can find a copy of Dyson Van Hollands books

probably thinking about Val Dyson-Holland ?
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Old 5th Aug 2010, 02:09
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D-H traing books are still available. Very comprehensive.
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Old 25th Aug 2011, 07:41
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Is anyone starting their CPL subjects in the Sydney area? I'm about to start and find it easier to study with someone so you can bounce questions off each other.

PM me if you're keen.
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