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F-111s to be destroyed

Old 26th Feb 2010, 00:22
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Good Bye F111

The Commonwealth requires a Proposal for physical destruction of the following equipment:

a. quantity 13 F-111G aircraft (approximately 20 tonne per aircraft) held at RAAF BaseAmberley; and

b. quantity 70 TF-30 engines (approximately 2 tonne per engine) held at RAAF Base Amberley.
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Old 26th Feb 2010, 00:28
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How about more than just 'a couple' for static displays around the country.....??

At least one in each state would be nice......
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Old 26th Feb 2010, 00:46
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And send a few tonnes of spares and plenty of them engines!

Maybe if they offered to take a couple just like the Sabre?
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Old 26th Feb 2010, 00:57
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At least 3 or 4 with at least 2 kept in full flying condition!

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Old 26th Feb 2010, 00:57
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Ill take one for free, and I will not charge to dispose of it!
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Old 26th Feb 2010, 01:38
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These are the G's, perhaps Temora et al are hanging out for the C's when their turn comes around?
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Old 26th Feb 2010, 02:07
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I'd be more than happy to take one off their hands
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Old 26th Feb 2010, 02:26
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I dare say as US aircraft they probably fall under the Foreign Military Sales Act. Which probably means you give them back when finished or destroy them or sell them to an approved US country. Think Kiwi A4s.
We might get to keep one of two by special 'permission'. At a guess rather than pay to send them back, destruction is the most likely course of action for the vast majority, a shame. So if you like go see them now!!
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Old 26th Feb 2010, 04:42
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The ejection capsule charges are the issue with these aircraft. Too expensive to make safe just destroy them.

Damn shame but such is life for a conglomeration of metal matter how spectacular.
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Old 26th Feb 2010, 06:33
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There are plenty of F-111 gate guards in the US. Obviously it isn't too expensive to make safe.
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Old 26th Feb 2010, 07:10
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Ozbiggles you are spot on. I have seen it in writing from the relevant government department.
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Old 26th Feb 2010, 08:06
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The commonwealth has the right idea
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Old 26th Feb 2010, 20:55
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Sad to see.....

Aside from the Ejection Capsule, the Pigs have lots of other toxic nasties to consider as well.
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Old 4th Mar 2010, 00:11
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F-111s to be destroyed

Half to be scrapped.
Air Force wants old F-111 strike bombers destroyed | The Australian
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Old 4th Mar 2010, 00:39
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I'd like to know 'why'?
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Old 4th Mar 2010, 00:43
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This threads on the perch, ready for merge.
Covered a week ago.
If the jurno had done 2 seconds of research he would know too. Disappointing that a jurno this lazy gets to report on any defence maters
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Old 4th Mar 2010, 00:50
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Covered here:
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Old 4th Mar 2010, 01:13
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Why buy anything - Software or Hardware - from the Yanks !!
It is always delivered late, comes with bugs, costs more than what the snake oil salesman said it would, and you only get a licence or lease so you don't really own it anyway !!
Go ahead - destroy them all - and deprive the generation in 40 years time the chance to see a preserved one for real !!
Like the Corsairs and Liberators of yesteryear..
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Old 4th Mar 2010, 01:16
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umm...there's one at Point Cook.
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