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iPhone apps for Pilots

Old 8th Aug 2010, 14:40
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I'm about to get an iPhone and was thinking of getting the iPhone 3GS as the budget is a little tight to get an iPhione 4. Is the iPhone 4 worth the extra cost or would the 3GS be sufficient? All I want to use it for is getting access to internet for flight preparation and also the electronic logbook for Mac.

Also, I heard there are some issues with the iPhone 4 and some are being recalled. Is this true?
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Old 8th Aug 2010, 16:10
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I'm waiting for the iPhone 4GS I doubt it will be a long wait considering the 4G is a dud.

You'd think by 4th generation they'd get it right? And I don't see how they didn't pick up the antenna issue during testing.
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Old 8th Aug 2010, 17:52
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I'm with you htran, wait for the 4GS. I figured the 3GS was a huge improvement over the 3G, so why would the 4GS be any different?

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Old 8th Aug 2010, 21:08
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Buy a 4, you won't be disappointed. There are NO issues with it if it has a cover on it which you should definitely have anyway.

Htran, will the ERSA app do full screen on my ipad or do I have to zoom it and lose resolution?
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Old 9th Aug 2010, 11:07
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Why wait for the 4GS when you can wait for the 5G?
The 4G currently drops 1/100 calls, the average rate of other phones is 1/200 so it sounds bearable.
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Old 9th Aug 2010, 12:22
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Electronic flight bag has dedicated iPad screens at full resolution, plus wx radar. U are getting two full apps, iPhone and iPad app in the one purchase.

Just found out from a user that I forgot to include area 70 Tasmania in the pre flight briefing, will get onto fixing that. A fellow dev has provided me links to DAP so u can guess what new bookmarks are on the way next.
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Old 9th Aug 2010, 15:49
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I haven't had any issues with my new iPhone4, I heard someone say it only affects something like 0.5% of phones anyway. It's not a big issue with an easy workaround. The iPhone is great.
Also, a great game is "Angry Birds" - nothing to do with flying, but great fun!
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Old 9th Aug 2010, 17:38
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Be advised that iPhone 4 has issues with the screen if dropped. I have an iPhone 3G that has been dropped several times (slippery little sucker) and have zero screen damage. iPhone 4 NEEDS the Apple supplied case so your hand doesn't mask the antenna and affect signal strength and to give some protection against screen damage.

You can Google iphone 4 screen damage for more info.

Finally, if you have an iPhone 3G, DO NOT upgrade the IOS to version 4. It would be like replacing an IO540 with an O360, I kid you not. Personally I wish I was still running IOS v2.
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Old 10th Aug 2010, 04:14
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myE6B .. very definative.
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Old 10th Aug 2010, 06:35
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myE6B .. very definative.
It cannot calculate a PNR or a CP !!

FlightPlan leaves it for dead.
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Old 12th Aug 2010, 01:25
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I downloaded "gyroscope" App onto the i-phone 4 hoping it might work correctly.

Alas I tried it in the Aircraft and whilst banking 30 left then right it didn't move at all!!

So much for the phone having a 3 Axis Gyro sensor??

Or is the App a fake?
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Old 12th Aug 2010, 03:06
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Does it work on the ground? did you accidentally have it caged? there is a button on the apps I have "Artificial Horizon" which cages it..
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Old 12th Aug 2010, 06:12
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On the ground ( or in the Air ) the Gyro indicates movement in Roll Pitch and Yaw only when you move the phone around in your hand. If you sit it on the centre console ( so that all the attitudes are set to zero ) and then roll the Aircraft left or right the i-phone Attitude doesn't change one little degree!!

This used to be the case with the old i-phone attitude apps using the old i-phones built in accelerometer.

I would have thought that if this was a true 3 Axis Gyro and you initialised it in a level attitude it should indicate movement thereafter?.....

Either the App is a cheap fake ( con job )or the i-phone doesn't really have any 3 Axis Gyro system.
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Old 12th Aug 2010, 07:40
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nitpicker330 - I would think that the app was written before the iPhone 4 came out, so the input to the horizon display was written purely using the accelerometer input. It will need to be updated (ie re-written) to sample the gyro input!
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Old 12th Aug 2010, 07:51
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Yes it was developed for the i phone 4

Search in I Tunes App store for "gyroscope" by a company called

There is another Gyro App "Airplane Gyroscope Attitude indicator" I'm checking out.
Designed by a Pilot, so we'll see.

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Old 14th Dec 2010, 05:56
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ERSA/DAP/AIP on iPhone and iPad

Just released:

OzRunways | Mobile Aviation Apps for Australia

ERSA/DAP/AIP on iPhone and iPad!

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Old 14th Dec 2010, 07:41
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Good stuff. Any plans for a jeppesen one??
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Old 14th Dec 2010, 10:16
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There's an ATA chapter looker-upperer app too for free. Very handy to work out which tome of FCOM 1 to get! And the AIP app above looks great, downloading now.
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Old 15th Dec 2010, 00:03
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Just downloaded OzRunways. Epic app. This one goes on the quick launch bar! If only it could do Jepp plates too!
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Old 15th Dec 2010, 00:12
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There is already a 'free' Jepp plate viewer for the iPad.

Only needs a JeppView subscription..

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