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Information regarding the Top End

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Information regarding the Top End

Old 16th Jan 2012, 23:27
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That's gotta be tough on the pilots of both companies if there's no accomdation..

Cheers for the info Green Goblin!
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Old 23rd Jan 2012, 09:41
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This site is getting a bit long in the tooth now but hopefully some might still find it useful if they are heading up north job hunting this season:

The Adventures of Robbo the Yobbo


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Old 23rd Jan 2012, 09:51
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I wonder if Robbo crossed to the orange side yet
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Old 23rd Jan 2012, 21:35
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Unfortunately Robbo lost his Class 1 medical two years ago and is currently re-training for a new career, but that is a discussion for another thread...
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Old 23rd Jan 2012, 23:16
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That sucks, I'm sorry to hear!

Major bummer
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Old 5th Jun 2012, 05:47
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First time posting so please dont jump down my thoat. I was just wondering what accomodation is like in Broome for people looking for that exclusive first job.I have heard of a term called "Pilot Houses" - are these common throughout the town.

I am planning to make the move in October/November (i know it is at the end of the season but that will give me the oportunity to hopefully find full time empolyment in a non - aviation role to support myself and meet operators over the wet season).

I am well aware many people spend time in tents or at the local backpackers - and i'm quite willing to do it as well if i need to, however i'm planning to be in Broome longterm (even if i dont find something in the 2013 season i would have more chance of employment staying there than in Sydney) so i would be after permanent accomodation.

Feel free to pm me
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Old 24th Jul 2012, 06:29
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so how did everyone go that was going north this season ?
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Old 12th Sep 2012, 05:58
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Must be close to the end of the "north" season. How did everyone go at getting the first job?
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Old 14th Sep 2012, 00:44
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surely someone has something to share!!
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Old 14th Sep 2012, 00:59
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Little bit of info about Broome . BAS took on about 5 newbies at the start of the dry , King leos and BAV took on a few also . delta_alpha_november ,Pilot houses are common and I know one company does help with accommodation . Mostly its up to you to find a place to stay. It's easy to find spare rooms in the wet . You might need a second job to pay the rent . Which is easy to find , like taxi driving or night packing at Woolies. Good rewards for those not to proud to make it happen . Living in a tent is okay in the dry but not the wet .

As with everyone , If you are not in town actively searching and getting your name out there then it's a waste of time.
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Old 26th Sep 2012, 09:30
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Heading to Broome next season. Looking forward to the challenge. A few quick questions if anyone can help.

Hoping to get up there mid jan, is this early enough?

I have a 150h CPL and will have MECIR on a Baron. Will be flying family and friends around before I head up, is total hours more important than say paying extra and getting some 210 time or similar? I know I will need more hours than the 180ish ill finish my training with, what do people think is the minimum needed to have a real chance?

Dont really care what I do for a job before I find a flying job but I have a forklift ticket and shipping container ticket, much work up there in trucking yards and warehouses?

Also after reading many threads, a lot of people suggest just getting to know other pilots and "hanging" around the airport. Im assuming there is not just a bunch of wannabe pilots sitting at the airport. How do I meet these people who I need to get to know? say my first day up there what do I do? (long general question, but I have zero contacts and zero idea where to start)

Sorry for the essay but hope I can find some answers out there

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Old 26th Sep 2012, 10:57
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Check your PMs.

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Old 27th Sep 2012, 09:13
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Heard both King Leo and Kimberley Aviation took on some pilots recently, guess it depends on demand and if the current pilots move on.

I say first day you get to town, call up and see if you can pop in to chat to the CP. If they're busy, drop of your resume and try again. In terms of meeting the pilots, head over to the Divers or go to the titty comp (not sure if the ban has been lifted).

In terms of 200 series time, the C206 is just a bigger and heavier C182, my opinion anyway. Some of the operators there operate a C172/PA28 so I'd assume it's not a requirement to have some 200 time as some would start there or to build hours for insurance purposes for the 200s.

Got a mate there at the moment and he says there were/are guys that have been waiting for a year or so but plenty of non-flying jobs when the season kicks off. I believe Toll is operating at the port with shipping containers, try them.
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Old 27th Sep 2012, 09:33
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Minimum hours you need will be around 200, however I have seen a few people employed with less than that, and they did ICUS in the C210s until they got to 200hrs. Most operators have a minimum 200hrs total time for 200 series aircraft due insurance.

Cessna 200 series time is not important. Go and get a C210 handbook and study the limitations and systems, so you know the numbers come time for a check flight.

Most operators hire in early Feb, so they have a full compliment of pilots for the start of the dry. But there will always be positions that open up.

As for meeting pilots, if you work behind a bar, they won't be too hard to find.

If you need a place to stay, check out the notice boards around town (Broome), always a few rooms being advertised.
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Old 27th Sep 2012, 09:51
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Most operators hire in early Feb
I'd heard (or read here I think) March/April was the bigger time for hiring? I was aiming for the start of March but is this too late?
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Old 28th Sep 2012, 08:53
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Best bet is to get in early, as mentioned, Leos, BAV and BAS hired early this year. Having said that some were picked up around March. They tend to hire in Jan/Feb to train pilots up to standard or build hours for insurance before they are let loose to fly tourist once the season starts, say April.

Last edited by Flyin; 28th Sep 2012 at 08:54.
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Old 28th Sep 2012, 22:58
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Wow kippers, that's very impressive for someone around the 200 hour mark very impressive. Very employable.
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Old 29th Sep 2012, 05:13
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More jobs bush for green pilots

Very little jobs for fresh pilot in Darwin itself, but still lots of low hour pilot 'hanging around', (some might be lucky).

Try the smaller communities, like in jabiru, oenpelli, maningrida, elcho island, groote eylandt they all have at least one company based there. You might be able to save money there too compared to the cost of living in Darwin.
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Old 2nd Oct 2012, 05:10
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Thanks for the advice everyone. Looking forward to heading up there ASAP
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Old 2nd Oct 2012, 06:17
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The idea of heading up for 'the season' is somewhat of a misnomer in my experience and is prob more pertinent to the scenic operators. I can only comment on Darwin and the north of the NT but generally the operators are flat out in the wet as roads start to close and govt workers, tradies and locals all still need to get around.

There is obviously a risk to put newbies on during the wet due to the conditions but as companies progress guys onto twins they get desperate for single drivers and so the right candidate with the right ICUS etc should be alright.

Darwin has two or three operators that will take low time guys (Territory Air Services, Air Frontier, Barrier, Top End Tandems and possibly AV8). As mentioned earlier there are also operators they service the remote East Arnhem areas that will take low time guys too (Katherine Av, MAF - if you are a churchie, Air Frontier, Gunbalanya, AAA Charter, Bawawinga and possibly ChartAir).

Good luck, its definately achievble with patience and is def worth it once you land that first gig.
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