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Hazelton C310 Incident

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Ewen has since passed on
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Incredibly dangerous.

What ground speed was the C310 doing? 80 knots into a bit of a head wind?

That's about 150 km/hr.

For those in the back of the utes, whose task it was to manage the rope, this must have been incredibly dangerous. I nominate those individuals for the Darwin awards.

Why did the PIC allow such lunacy? What about the laws that must have been broken? (Reckless/dangerous driving of the motor vehicles, and with respect to the aircraft: illegal maintenance!)

Was any attempt made to prosecute the individuals involved? To discourage others from what seems to be portrayed here and in the media as heroism, there should have been prosecutions.
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there on the day

Was lucky enough to see the Haxelton incident (although was only just taller than a grasshopper then) as my father was on said aircraft and we were waiting on for its arrival.
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the mighty Kaptin M?
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Didn't they take the boot lid off a one of the owners near new Ford Fairlane, while the other car was the work ute?
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It was Cudal. I remember seeing a photo. I'm pretty sure one of the vechicles was a fairlane.
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Originally Posted by ForkTailedDrKiller View Post
Yes, I do, thank you! Remember it well as a matter of fact!

And ..............?

Yes, Silly Old Git - the Pilot was Ewan Simpson (sadly now RIP at an early age), flying a C310.
The incident made front page, complete with photo.
Max Hazo organised 2 utes, with a rope between them, to drive at high speed down the runway, hook the rope behind the nose gear, and then accelerate, to lock it in.
Not a recognised CASA procedure, but it worked.

Ewie went on to join Ansett in the early 1980ís.
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Holy Thread Revival Batman!

(And poster revival -good to see you back )
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I think the age might need to be updated.
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