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GA North Western Australia

Old 12th Jan 2009, 22:26
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GA North Western Australia

Any body know how things are going up in Derby,Broome, Port Hedland, these days and how are things going with GEA, Bush Flight, Broome Av, King Leopold and Polar. Who has the RFDS clinics, RAAs, and mining contracts in the kimberley and Pilbara.
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Old 12th Jan 2009, 23:35
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Why don't you go up there and find out for yourself?
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Old 13th Jan 2009, 02:49
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ga trojan,

I get the impression that pianokeys (and he/she can correct me if im wrong) has probably been up there a few years ago and is simply wanting to know whats going on up there these days....he certainly knows a bit for a newby.

its has been a few years since i was up that way and would also like to know how the companies are going and who is doing whats your advice to me... go up and find out for myself. Well I could do that at the cost of a few thousand $$, or I could get on PPRuNe and ask.

Replys like yours are a waste of if someone actually has something of substance to write I'm sure both pianokeys and myself would be more than interested to catch up on the North West goss.
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Old 13th Jan 2009, 03:31
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I haven't been there for a little bit either... wouldn't mind hearing the latest!!! What about the Golden Budgie???
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NW WA Operations

I'll bite. Did some work up North early 08. Spoke to many operators.

King Leopold - Still runing SE (Mainly 210's) on tourist ops with a paper run to Perth / Geralton.

Broome Aviation - Tourist and Charter work mixed fleet including 210's, 208's and some piston twins.

Broome Air Services - Mainly charter work. 210 to Kingair.

NJS / Surveillance two dash 8's. Hard to get crews so only one operating out of Broome couple out of DN.

Name escapes me but Broome operator with Aerostar doing charter, scenic and remote community stuff.

Skippers - 441 on mine transfers

Skywest, Pearl, Airnorth, Q, and VB etc RPT runs some with mining charters.

CHC - off shore platform work.

Broome Helicopters - Heli scenic and charter. From memory had a med contract.

Alligator, Slingair etc all doing the same thing out of Kunners.

Doesn't change that much guys same contracts they just go round and round.

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Old 13th Jan 2009, 12:04
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Some of the latest as of this month

GEA has lost the RFDS clinic runs as well as Cockatoo to Slingair, Using VAns for the island and RFDS aswell as a Chieftain on the RFDS. Still has the RAA and other mail runs for now.
Bushflight is down to the beaver, a airvan and the c177 not doing a lot
Slingair has between 2-3 caravans based in derby, substitute one van for a chieftain at times.

Broome Av - 5 vans on mine charter to Ellendale and Koolan (3 at the moment, one out due to a wing into light pole, second in for a new engine posssibly)
Leo's sitll going strong, the paper run is from newman to broome (not perth/gero, truck brings em to Newman)
BAS - mainly charter and some of the broome rfds clinics (Beagle bay and Bidgy runs in a Baron)
Kimberley Skyways (ex Geikie Air from Fittaroy) - Had a Lance (crashed last month 5 miles from Fittaroy pilot walked away, C210, Aerostar and a chieftain at times. Mainly community runs and govvy work

Auswest - lost the cloudbreak contract
Polar - going strong out of both hedland and newman, using barons, a van and c210, c206.
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G'Day Aussie,

Was AJY severley / minor / major damaged? Glad to see pilot walked away.

Not flown the acft, but know the previous owner from loong time....
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Old 13th Jan 2009, 19:35
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Thanks for the Info GEA and Bush Flight must be doing it hard with loss of contracts. Sling Air in Derby who does the Maintenance.
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Heard from the trusty refueller a while back that Broome Air Services was lookin about for another B200. Did that ever eventuate or is it still just the one?
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Anyone know who's in the tower in Broome these days? Looking for a mate that I haven't heard from in ages!
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Old 14th Jan 2009, 00:03
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AJY is a write off, major gear and wing damage.

Slingair aircraft get swapped out to get maintenance done in kunnas

BAS have barely enough work for one B200 let alone 2,

same as the rumour of a Do228 for skyways not going to happen this decade.

Current Cagro's are Pete, Tim and Chris.
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Spoke to a mate up there the other day and the word wasn't good. Mining boom well and truly over and the tourist numbers are forecast to be pretty poor for the next dry.

Its going to be back to the days of waiting two years for a job.

Sounds like all the majors have got their required numbers.
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Old 17th Jan 2009, 09:48
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GEA - who can tell me where they do the mail runs, or what mail runs there is up there? I'm curious....

Who can let me know who is the RAA? or what they do, what is it?
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Something tells me you know the answer to both. I guess you're still in shock seeing as they got the contract again!

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Errr who do you think I am?
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I be thinkin' th' same as ye, landof4x, a while back, but Skystar's spellin' and grammar be too consistently good fer him to be that scallywag.

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The Royal Automobile Association?
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Good old days flew into Broome in a 210 back in 89 and again in 93.
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Polar Aviation, Skystar and King Leos are the companies that any new pilot should go for.
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Why Polar,Skystar and King Leo also who are Skystar.
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