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The New Geelong Suburb take 2

Old 28th Nov 2008, 09:55
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The New Geelong Suburb take 2


What happened to the thread on the new Geelong Suburb??????



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Old 28th Nov 2008, 22:03
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Sorry to see the Geelong thread go it was interesting to see where and what is going to replace Geelong Airport when it closes within two years for development.
I didn't see postings that were necessary to drag it, must have missed some but it would be interesting to know why. Where is the boundary?
Since seeing pols posting I have made some calls and ive been told that Geelong Council is supporting Lethbridge as the new Geelong Airport. Half way to Ballarat and in the Golden Plains shire.
How stupid is that when Barwon Heads location is 10 minutes out of Geelong.
Should Lethbridge be the replacement this would mean Geelong with a population of 300000 doesnt have an airfield.
The group who are buying barwon heads should be congratulated for their foresight and plan to provide Geelong with a top class facility but now appears it will be turned into a good quality private operation.
Wake up Geelong Council and local pollies. Move quickly to save more embarrasment.
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Old 28th Nov 2008, 23:14
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I seem to recall many, many years ago the then, Geelong Regional Commision and Local Council, set up an inquiry into a Government/Council owned Geelong Airport which come to the conclusion that while in those days, Geelong was serviced by Avalon, Lovely Banks, Grovedale, Barwon Heads, Ceres and Torquay (not sure if it was open then???) Council had the luxury of not having to bother spending money a Ballarat or Bendigo Council would have to on its airport. But when it come to individual airports in Geelong asking for council assistance in extending/sealing runways ect. If they gave to one then they would have to do the same to the others...Now while a couple of these airports are now gone, we still have the problem of if we get Council to seal runways at Lethbridge all the others have got a good case to say, well what about us???
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Old 29th Nov 2008, 03:48
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Is anyone really surprised that the Geelong council is reluctant to become involved in Barwon Heads airfield.
You guy have been behaving like childish nancies for so long now.
If I was a councillor the thought would make me shudder
Good luck for the future of your airfield but, if you can consider an impartial viewpoint, seriously what do you expect?
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Old 29th Nov 2008, 07:35
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I don't believe it takes much to figure out where my thread that I started went.

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Old 29th Nov 2008, 08:02
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How stupid is that when Barwon Heads location is 10 minutes out of Geelong.
Try 40mins
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Old 29th Nov 2008, 09:16
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Having come from the Geelong area before basing in Sydney and going international the postings of No1dear and Sunstar320 are nothing but moranic comments.

No1 dear have you not taken any notice that the law breaking skydiving operation and the airfield have been bought by a consortium of local pilots including several internationals and local flying charter operators. They have considered the location of Barwon Heads is ideal to service the needs of Geelong and far afield.

Nodear you don't have any knowledge of what has occured in the past and the guys involved need thanks for saving an airfield and prepared to see it expand and be of value to the aviation industry.

The Geelong Council have the opportunity to work with these guys who are prepared to develop a substantial regional facility at nocost to the Council. If the Council don't support that chance with those now involved they will regret it in later years. Where else is there a town/city, within Australia, maybe world with a population of over 300000 that doesn't have an airlfield, well Geelong look like being the leader.

And as for Sunstar320 you really know alot about the area the Barwon Heads airfield is located 10kms from central Geelong and 4 kms from the new Armstrong Creek development but then again I suppose you are quoting 40 minutes because you are riding your bicycle from your retirement village in north Geelong.

Lets get real the opportunities for the development of a real regional airfield at Barwon Heads is now a reality providing the owners get the support of the local Council and politicians to support them in this venture.

Lack of support and knocking will see this facility become a very good private airfield for those with hangarage and usage arangements.

In an area that is great to fly including some of the best coastal flying in Australia we all need to get behind the new ownership and encourage a development that will benefit all aviation visits to the area.

As for No1Dear and Sunstar320 you don't know what you are talking about and are couple of s**t stirers.
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Old 29th Nov 2008, 19:38
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If the Geelong Council go ahead with Lethbridge it should be officially called GEERAT or maybe BALARONG, one never knows with those rabbits.
Cheers Q
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Old 29th Nov 2008, 21:45
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POQL - lets start throwing personal insults, great, that will really make a difference.
I know exactly what has been happening at Barwon Heads.
I stand by my comments.
I wish the airfield well for its future but don't bother with the scratching of heads wondering why there are parties reluctant to become involved.
I hardly think that because our points of view differ that mine is "moronic"
I usually resist the temptation to read these barwon heads threads and you have reminded me of why, thanks
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Old 30th Nov 2008, 09:40
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No1 Dear

“I know exactly what has been happening at Barwon Heads”

Were you personally involved in the Federal Court saga at YBRS shelling out TENS of THOUSANDS of DOLLARS DEFENDING YOURSELF from UNTRUTHFULL ALLIGATIONS???

IF YOU WERE NOT then all the knowledge you have is UNFOUNDED GOSSIP.

Sunstar 320

I drove from YBRS to Geelong and return today; I could not stretch more than 15 mins either way even with the Sunday drivers and the rubber necks.


Last edited by pol; 2nd Dec 2008 at 00:23.
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Old 30th Nov 2008, 10:00
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You must be getting confused wuth another airport Sunstar320.. Its only about 12 minutes tops. I do it almost everyday.
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Old 30th Nov 2008, 23:27
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poql you have been a bit harsh on no1dear and sunstar320 but I agree with much of your posting.
no1dear did throw the first dart with reference to childish nancies and you responded appropriately sending back many more back.
sunstar320 I believe you may have been refering to Lethbridge they are about 40 minutes from Geelong. Barwon Heads as indicated 12-15minutes.
Barwon Heads is a great location for the replacement airport to serve the Geelong area and those involved can do without the childish behaviour of some who do not know what is happening and trying to cause trouble and disruption to plans for a better factility.
Having contacts within the barwon heads operation I agree with pol only those who were involved in the legal action know exactly what took place so they can do without any speculation.
Lets hope future postings are positive and back the redevelopment.
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