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Float Rating

Old 1st Oct 2008, 06:47
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Float Training

Mr Petticoat Pilot I find your comments in bad taste.

I have flown with Rod Gunter out of Willianstown and have found him to be friendly and helpful. He is conservative and safety consious.
Having veen involved with the float business up north I have seen some operators that are less then good.
Rod is the oppostie.

Mr PP if you have a gripe then be specific but remember the libel laws, or maybe you should just stay home in the land of the Long White Cloud.

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Old 1st Oct 2008, 12:51
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Am pretty sure Air Whitsundays are not currently doing endorsements and Akuna is no longer operating so the net aint that good for current up to date info (word on the street is that Akuna are trying to get Port Macqaurie operation back up and running but not sure if/when that will happen) the moment Gold coast is about closest to Cairns that you might be able to obtain a float endorsement...try cloud nine seaplanes (staright float 185) or maybe gold coast seaplanes (amphib beaver)
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Old 1st Oct 2008, 19:04
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Wow! is it me, or was that a petulant little swipe for no good reason from Pettycoat pilot? ( Thanks, Buddy! )

I had searched the net to find somewhere around Cairns that I might get an hour or two of instruction, as I have 3 days there coming up shortly. I'm not a complete novice seaplane pilot, having over 100 hours mostly in the US and Canada, but all on freshwater. A chance to enjoy a little instruction on the sea has a certain appeal, and seemed an appropriate way to go. Also I have an Australian CPL, though I haven't used it in over 30 years. Hence, the instruction would also have served as a useful refresher. That seems to rule out Cairns seaplanes, who don't seem to be an FTO.

Thanks FOD Hazard, for your reply was exactly what I'd sought, as I'd found Akuna's website to be off the air, and nothing else seemed any good. I'd hoped someone might know something not obvious from a web search. I appreciate your time.

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Old 2nd Oct 2008, 08:20
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If you already have a float endorsement that is recognised by CASA then it might be worth talking to the guys at Cairns seaplanes...private charter with one of their pilots is not really classed as training... i would think that it would be classed as a check ride. check it out
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Old 2nd Oct 2008, 14:53
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Hi Pettycoat,

Thank you, great info, and just the sort of thing I was hoping for: I appreciate it. With only 3 day in Cairns, looks like a trip to Vic. it will have to wait for another trip.

FOD - now that's a good tip, I'll give them a try. I hold an FAA CPL with SES privileges, my Aus. CPL does not have a float rating on it so it may not work.

Be fun to try though.

Cheers all,

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Old 8th Dec 2008, 04:25
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Melbourne Seaplanes

Hi all

I saw that Rod Gunther's outfit has been referred to a few times here. Just for the record I have been flying as a pilot in both the RAAF and RAN for 17years - Fixed and Rotary wing. Instructing for over 7 years. I did my Float Endorsement with Rod as part of a 'career broadening' move (maybe Canada down the track?). Rod is very professional, the Instruction was excellent and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I would certainly recommend him.

Just for the record
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Old 8th Dec 2008, 04:55
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Rod is a very professional pilot. I've known him for quite a while. He is scrupulous about his maintenance as well. I occasionally help launch and retrieve the plane. I've never, ever, seen him cut corners doing anything. A thorough professional and a great guy. He has a steady flow of customers wanting endorsements as well, and he doesn't skimp on them either.

Come Sunday morning very early, he is winging his way to the North Pole to pick up Santa and deliver him by seaplane to Williamstown.

P.S. Leonie isn't bad either!
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Old 15th Dec 2008, 05:28
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I am looking at obtaining my Float Endorsement early next year at the Gold Coast. Has anyone tried, or got any review about Cloud 9 or Gold Coast Seaplanes?
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Old 24th Dec 2008, 11:31
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Hi guys,

I understand that there's lots of float plane training schools situated in Australia.However,are there any schools that are located in South East Asia instead?I've tried looking up on the net but to no avail.Will really appreciate it if anyone could shed some light on this matter.

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Old 25th Dec 2008, 01:15
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Bill Lane is operating out of Port Macquarie, nice 182 on floats, I think he will also soon operate out of Lake Macquarie with a 206 on floats. 0432328813
Great guy, LOTS of experience, relaxed instructor.
(I am NOT Bill, just did an endorsement with him).
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Old 27th Dec 2008, 06:58
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there are not too many float schools left in oz these's day, if your just looking for an float experiance wth you at the controls then maybee go for a flight or two with Steve krug of seawing in sydney, he's qualified to do endo's so if you already have a licence you can fly.

be warned float flying is addictive! we have all the cool landing spots!

YouTube - dhc6 water bungalow approach.wmv
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Old 13th Oct 2010, 08:12
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Float Rating

Hi everyone, I wana do my Float rating ASAP and im in Fiji.....Any idea wea i can go and get it?

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Old 17th May 2012, 16:57
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Wondering about float rating

Hi there,

I am a canadian citizen with a canadian CPL and was curious about whether I should get my float rating in Canada or Australia.

My goal has been to go to Australia and I'm wondering if it is better to get the endorsement before I go and get it converted or just do it there and have everything all set up under Australia. I have looked up some schools and it's about the same price in both places.

Any advice would be great.

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Old 17th May 2012, 22:35
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OK, this is assuming that you have the right to live and work in Australia.

Do the training in Canada, there are so many operators out there with a wealth of experience and it'll save you the cost of accommodation if you can find training near to where you live now.

There are a number of very experiences training providers in Australia, I'd strongly recommend either Bill Lane in Port Macquarie or Rod Gunther in Melbourne, you'll get a very good endorsement from these two guys.

Remember a bare endorsement will generally not get you a job, though it has happened for a couple of determined souls.

It's hard work getting in, but nothing much beats being on the water (shoes optional) flying around locations which many only ever see on postcards.
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Old 18th May 2012, 09:26
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Strahan Seaplanes will also give you a rating in Tasmanian Wilderness and fickle weather. Accomodation provided during training ...
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Old 20th May 2012, 00:02
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Recommend Air Whitsunday.

Open water flying in Beaver Ampibs. Enough said
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Been trying to get my [email protected] in there for ages. Great crew, Great operation. Cannot ever imagine leaving if I get in!!!

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Old 21st May 2012, 13:07
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If you want to come to grips with the beautiful Beaver (DHC2 variety)

check out the Tasmanian Aerial Adventures website.

Excellent crew, affability plus and right in the centre of Hobart.
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Float Rating

Hey guys,

Anyone know the latest with float endo's in Canada? I've heard of some great places there that do 50hr courses with 25hrs dual and 25 solo while exploring some incredible scenery.

Has anyone done anything like this and how would it effect your chances of work in oz or NZ???

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