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Oldest Australian Airline Pilot?

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old pilot

That would be Jack M

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I know this about oldest Aussie pilot but thought this is worth a mention.
Evelyn Bryan Johnson who turned 100 in 2009, nicknamed "Mama Bird", had logged at that time 57,635.4 flight hours (equivalent to 6 years in the air). Did something like 9000 flight tests!
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Originally Posted by tail wheel View Post
cjam. It is probably fair to assume many ag pilots that started their career in the 1950s or 1960s may have flown far more hours than their log books records.

The years of the super phosphate bounties were boom years for the agricultural aviation industry.

I know of ag pilots who completed a full "season" in the eastern states, then move to the west for another full "season" - all in the same flying year!
Did that several years running back then. Most productive year flew more than 2000 revenue hours, more ferrying. Them was the good old days. Worked a while with one gentleman Aviator (Fleet Owner/Chief Pilot) who was chased for ages for his log book before eventually presenting one whose every page - one-page-one-entry - read "1955 - More than 500 hours;" 1956 - More than 500 hours; .... 1964 - More than 500 hours; 1965 - More than 500 hours; "1966 - More than 500 hours" -- and so on.

The (then) 'DCA' wallahs grinned -- and gave up on him.

VERY safe bet Agricultural/Bush Pilots - particularly those who chased the seasons in Australasia and around the world, some of us still at it, have the highest hours. High 30-thousands - even 40+K.

Sighhhhhh ...
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.... I seem to recall the claimed highest time pilot ever had over 45,000 hours when he retired in the USA .... Tail Wheel[/QUOTE]

Believe long-time Piper ferry pilot Max Conrad, holder of many long-distance records, logged around 60,000 hours.
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Fish spotting pilots and ag pilots managed to fly under the radar for many years as far as logbooks are concerned and most probably have more than double what is recorded and there are some fairly prodigious totals.
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The Guinness Book of Records has Max Conrad being the highest time pilot in 1974 with 52,929 That was broken in 1989 by Ed Long with 53,290 who went on to amass some 65,000 and is still recognised as the highest ever. Ed accrued his time in a Cub doing power line inspections.
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Interesting thread but most answers not related to airline flying. Any idea of the oldest current airline pilot?
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John Reagan (Australian) was a Dash8 Captan at the Airline PNG (now trading as PNGAir) til the age of 78 upon retirement by his choice.
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Originally Posted by geeup View Post
John Reagan (Australian) was a Dash8 Captan at the Airline PNG (now trading as PNGAir) til the age of 78 upon retirement by his choice.
I remember him well, obviously the odd cold greenie or brownie on a warm day did him no long term harm. Maybe they preserved him??
What a character.
Tootle pip!!
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Pretty sure John gave up the amber fluid many years ago. Great innings all the same.
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