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Airlines PNG - conditions - Dash 8 F/O

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Airlines PNG - conditions - Dash 8 F/O

Old 11th Feb 2008, 00:30
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Airlines PNG - conditions - Dash 8 F/O

Gday all........

for those who may have been wondering about the details of the Airlines PNG jobs here it is: (F/O dash 8)

Basing: Port Morsby (full time) or FIFO (3weeks on,3 Weeks off)

Living in PM (77.5k Base with retention bonus - 1st year: 15k, 2nd year: 15k, 3rd year: 25k) plus the standard 9% super.

FIFO is generally harder to get as a F/O apparently (50k base with 5k p.a living allowance, 21k retention over 3 years with majority of the 21k in the 3rd year).9% super.

Contract: (non type rated) 3 years 24k pro-rata.

Apparently want some form of turbine experience as will make PNG license easier to convert....even tho the ATPL exam now covers the theory for BGT.........

Living conditions: live in a compound generally with security depending on where your at. Pick up with company bus.

Possible other opportunities in the Twotter if you dont meet the criteria?

Seems like pretty straight forward bunch of people to deal with........ I am not sure what the time to left hand seat is? ----------------------------------------------------------------

Does anyone have any PNG experience who would be able to comment on Airlines PNG?
What would be the better choice Rex or Airlines PNG or driving a Metro at bankstown 3 days per week for 60k?


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Old 11th Feb 2008, 01:45
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Not sure about the STANDARD 9% super, that's not a requirement for expats yet, and other companies DON'T pay it? Also check the base pay, is that Kina or Oz$?
Airlines of PNG, they seem safe enough, plenty of flying, you will probably do max hours if you want to build up time quickly.
Your choice re metro, of rex. Where do you want to live?
Not sure about licence requirements now.
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Old 11th Feb 2008, 03:56
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Seems interesting, I have heard they are in advanced discussion to purchase up to 5 more Dash 8-100's?
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Old 11th Feb 2008, 22:23
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You guys think you are short of pilots in OZ!

It's pretty bad when the big two up here can't find enough guys from in-country who want to fly for them.
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Old 12th Feb 2008, 00:20
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I just got offered an FO slot on a dash with Airlines PNG based in Cairns. The Manager Flying Operations, Gordon Bretag is a very approachable guy. At interview he mentioned that they would need "12 more crews" if current plans came to fruition. In fact, everyone I have met associated with Airlines PNG have appeared to be nice people.

Accomodation in Moresby is proving hard to find at present, hence my Cairns base.
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Old 12th Feb 2008, 04:02
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anyone know what the minimum requirements are? it doesnt have any minimum hours liste don the website.

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Old 12th Feb 2008, 04:39
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Twin Otter direct entry command 2000 total 500 multi 100 turbine.
Dash 8 F/O 500 multi.
Dash 8 direct entry command 5000 total 500 multi turbine command plus or including 500 on aircraft above 5700kg.
There are other requirements re PNG experience for some contracts but the above with the right c.v. and documents will get you an interview. Any less won't.
Once in and with some PNG time, the Twin Otter command minimum can be reduced to 1200 total and the Dash 8 to 3500 total. Takes forever to check out because of time to get work permits and CAA delays, but once checked the hours build up very quickly.
No Twin Otter F/O jobs as they grow their own cadets.
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Old 3rd Jan 2009, 13:03
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"Any current news on this mob? Good safe operation?"
With Gordo at the helm it will most certainly be a good and SAFE operation. Best Chief Pilot I've ever worked for, bar none!
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Old 3rd Jan 2009, 21:22
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Too bad he left quite a few months ago...
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Old 4th Jan 2009, 07:28
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What are the FIFO tax imlications ??
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Old 4th Jan 2009, 08:16
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Flew for MBA bout 12 years ago and found them very decent and wouldn't be where i am without the opportunities afforded me. Go and see what life is like elsewhere................you will learn heaps(not just aircraft related)
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Old 4th Jan 2009, 08:43
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Anyone know what the pay is for a skipper on the dash ?

Cheers in advance

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Old 4th Jan 2009, 08:49
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Tax depends on where you get paid. Totally-tax-free FIFO is a thing of the past as most Governments are onto it.
If you can, draw the bulk of your salary in Aussie dollars and pay your tax here like a good citizen. If you can, negotiate a minimal living allowance in Kina. Of course this scenario may no longer be possible as APNG is now a Public Company listed on the PNG Stock Exchange and no doubt they have to play by local rules.
PNG has a 'no double tax agreement' (or whatever it's called) with Australia but it won't be much consolation if you end up fully paid and taxed in Kina.
At least with Aussie tax, you get something for your money and also can get some write-offs for investments etc.
As always, a good accountant's advice is what's needed before embarking on overseas adventures.
APNG itself is pretty straight as Companies go. They pay only what they have to, to meet the market, but at least they pay it on time.
For the experience, a great first job.
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Old 28th Jan 2009, 07:45
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G'Day' All,
Salaries for expat is in AUD not Kina but taxed in kina that is the down side to it, unless you're based outta of Cairns. FIFO is not available to F/O any more, Bretag was the one that offered that but as you've heard he is not there anymore. Capts only on Otter & Dash8 FIFO or Tours is available to.
The deal with QF to get some DHC-8-100 from them not happening now,not sure why lots of rumours about it, but they are now looking else where, their are even talks of 300series and 400series on the menu. Cairns based is available to those of you flyboys that will not fancy a night out with a 2kina meri.
Min req for a Dash F/O is CPL,MEIR, 500multi (and no bitching and mouning when you a rosterd to fly with a 70 year old Capt )
Hope that helps Gents, as we say it in the land of the unexpected
Ps ( ) part is a joke
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Old 28th Jan 2009, 09:54
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Do you know the pay for Twotter Captain and F/O???
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Old 28th Jan 2009, 10:05
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Trex Wontok
Both you and I know that was not a joke.
I heard the deal for the Qlink Dash 8 -100s didn't happen as wheel chair ramps to the left seat couldn't be installed
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Old 28th Jan 2009, 22:08
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Hi SM227,
Only thru the grape vines the new Capts starts around $75,000aud with annual retention plus other bonuses, for APNG DHC-6 F/Os its around $40,000aud most these slot are now taken up by Airniugini cadets, Note : A.N cadets are paid by A.N, APNG are getting them for free. If APNG DHC-6 Capt salary is a bit short for you then try Hevilift down the road I heard they offer a little bit more.
Hey Geeup,
I could'nt help it but laugh at the "w/chair ramp to the LHS" comment thats a good one mate, but you're not that far off from the truth my friend.

Last edited by Trex wantok; 28th Jan 2009 at 22:25.
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Old 16th Feb 2009, 04:46
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Thumbs up

Here its in black and white

Twin Otter Captains

We now require Twin Otter captains to meet increased crewing requirements. Effective communication skills, reliability and commitment are required, along with an analytical approach and good problem solving skills. Those without the following minimum requirements are unlikely to be considered:

* Minimum 2000 hours Total Time

* Minimum 500 hours Multi-Engine Turbine Command; or

* Minimum 500 hours DHC-6 time

* PNG or South Pacific experience is preferred

Attractive conditions apply including tours for eligible pilots (3 weeks on 3 weeks off), and a package equivalent to between A$72,000 and $90,000 dependant on experience is offered. For Check Captains annualised package is approx. A$148,000. Accommodation in PNG and travel to/from PNG is provided.

Please forward applications with CV to [email protected] or post to Manager Line Operations, Airlines PNG, PO Box 170 Boroko, NCD, Papua New Guinea.

Applications close 28 February 2009
We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and embrace diversity
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Old 17th Feb 2009, 00:41
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Just to point out a few things, tax rate works out approx 38% flat with no tax free threshold or claiming tax back and no super paid. Salary stated about AUD7-9k less if you don't have 1000hours PNG time. Usually takes atleast 6 months to be checked to line for a new starter

Accom is fairly basic 1 bedder with 60's decor, but most importantly it's in a dodgy part of town with minimal security (2 break ins by raskals in past 6 months - luckily no one harmed). Safety and security a major issue.

Cost of living now expensive with stronger kina and phone / internet also slow and expensive. Unless you purchase your own car (expensive compared to oz) only limited opportunity to get out of the compound which usually involves driving straight to another compound. Freedom not as we know in Australia.
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Old 17th Feb 2009, 23:17
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Any idea what APNG are offering direct entry Dash 8 Captains with time in country ?
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