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Air Ngukkur Chieftan Lands on Darwin Beach

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Air Ngukkur Chieftan Lands on Darwin Beach

Old 14th Aug 2004, 13:59
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OK, I'll bite.....how does that resolve the problem of absence of fuel? That there is some sort of mod I have no doubt, but raw fuel being allowed to flow via gravity into the induction system. I just don't get (from an engineering standpoint). Feel free to PM me if you don't wanna send the thread on a tangent (Hey Chimbu Chuck, know anything about this??)
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Old 14th Aug 2004, 18:11
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Grandpa Aerotart
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Yeah...flew a couple of aircraft with it in PNG...ex MAF C185s...never game to **** with it meself

It's way too far back for me to remember the engineering details but I think it only gave you full power...which got you home or somewhere soft at least.

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Old 14th Aug 2004, 23:51
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Yeah...flew a couple of aircraft with it in PNG...ex MAF C185s...never game to **** with it meself

Yup..remember that gadget well Chuck..as I recall it was activated by tugging like Christ on the crucifix shaped handle on the dash.
Old 15th Aug 2004, 00:38
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Sorry to continue the tangent,

I also recall a mod which used a spring to pull the mixture to "full rich" in the event of a mixture cable breaking. The design of the throttle body and also carbies on 0-470 would allow the mixture "arm" to gravity fall (aided by the normal vibration-Damn recips!) to "fuel cut-off".

I'm gone! (to check me mixture cable! )
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Old 18th Aug 2004, 10:23
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This is not the first time a navajo chieftain has done a beach landing at Darwin. Some 24 years ago a chieftain experienced an engine failure after take off, then flew across Darwin harbour and landed on the other side. The Darwin news showed a front page photo of the aircraft sitting just at the high tide mark. It praised the pilot for his skill in handling the aircraft and in safely landing the aircraft without injury to crew or pax. The Department of transport investigators couldnt understand why the aircraft didnt return to Darwin airport and subjected the pax to a 10 minute joyride at 20 feet across Darwin harbour. By all the rumours at the time, the pilot allegedly only feathered the failed engine when landing was assured.I cannot remember the final result of the findings but the photo clearly indicates a feathered engine.
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Old 18th Aug 2004, 14:23
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Welcome aboard.
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Old 19th Aug 2004, 02:15
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Yes, a chieftain was landed on the beach in Darwin a long time ago. From memory I think it was IXP and was one of Ossie's. There was a good "crash comic article" published about it. Basically the aicraft lost a donk just after takeoff, the pilot thought it was still producing some power(wrong!) and didn't feather. Fully loaded aircraft then proceeded to do low level scenic of harbour. Every time he tried to turn he lost height until he had no option but to land on beach. Aircraft landed on wheels and recovered intact before tide came in. All old Arnhem drivers would remember you had to be sharp on efato drills due to the engine rebuilder not giving a stuff.
For those who care Ossie still alive and kicking, Shirley deceased.
Ossie still at old address same, phone number, just had a leg amutated due to diabetes related gangrene.
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Old 19th Aug 2004, 13:28
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Troopy your asking for a beltn arnt ya? Look man I could not stop laughing when I got your e-mail, I am sure there is one stocky little arab we worked with also cracking up!

Look I am not going to comment here, because I know bugger all about what happened, but I cant wait to hear the cause...what drama

Serriously, glad you got out Honks. I am sure one day I will run into you again, so will troopy, we will probably look like this
But what the hell its been fun ribbing you along the way. All the best for the next court case tiger
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Old 28th Aug 2004, 01:37
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My recollection (tho not infallible) of the other navajo on the beach incident was that the engine was delivering power, but the turbocharger had failed. The pilot shut it down without checking the MP. He could have managed to get back to the field if he had first checked MP and left it running.

I think he'd taken off 36, and as he turned to get back onto 11, with the engine shut down, he lost altitude to the point it was only ground effect that kept the aircraft airborne (actually water effect) and had only one course, straight ahead to the beach on the other side of the harbour. Fortunately for him he'd managed to get through enough of the turn that there was be ach in front of him, and not only sea/
The one thing I do recall accurately is that when offered assistance by the AFAP, even tho a non member, he told them (actually me, because I offered it) to shove it.
That incident was about 1981 or 82
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Old 31st Aug 2004, 11:58
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Hello all.

Let me say this. Before there is another word spoken, visit this link !!!!!


Thats all.

lots of love

Big Ded Crok
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Old 31st Aug 2004, 12:47
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I doubt MP would help you identify whether an engine had failed or just the turbo..

At sea level the MP would most likely be ~30 inches completely failed; with a failed turbo; and shut down.

For the sake of others learning, identifying a failed engine prior to shut down should include completely closing the throttle. During this process you have a very good chance of identifying if any power is still being produced or not.

There may be some exceptions to the above but I'm trying to highlight the danger of relying on engine instrumentation alone in piston aircraft to identify failures.

Either way, I don't recommend anyone knocking back the assistance of the AFAP in such circumstances. Good on you for offering it..
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Old 19th Nov 2004, 01:14
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Is there a report on this yet?

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