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Sounds like you have a degree so why not go military. Go right into jets. Get to go to other countries to fly and might even get to kill people. Only real disadvantage is they will be trying to kill you. Just kidding. Military is a lot of fun.
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Originally Posted by westhawk View Post
Ah the old "I'm too good to have to be a CFI" windup!

Well some pilots aren't well suited to be a CFI.

Just for the heck of it, I'm going to come to the defense of FlyingAlly. I don't see anything he said indicating he thought he was "too good" to CFI; he just doesn't want to. I've known plenty of pilots who feel the same way. Myself included so I can speak with some authority and I've done my homework and soul searching to arrive at the decision against it.

When I scurried down the hawsers from the sinking ship along with 2300 of my fellow rats, I did reasonable due diligence on becoming a CFI as something to do in aviation and decided against it. Could I have offered some insight to students from my 35+ years and 23,000 hours of flying ?

Maybe...we'll never know.

I went to a local flight school and sat down with a guy to find out what I'd need to do. I quickly realized I didn't know the difference between a chandelle and a chandelier. I must have at some distant time in the past but I sure as heck didn't now. What's more, I don't care what that difference is...nor do I care to learn, much less spend time teaching anyone about stuff like that...it's pathologically boring. People deserve better dedication than I could muster. So, I abandoned the notion.

And...two compatriots who CFI'd throughout their airline careers but ultimately stopped advised me not to for liability reasons. Maybe one could buy insurance ? Really want to face the potential of slaying THAT dragon ? Do you, really ?

Oh, I'm an old guy and he's a young guy so there's a difference in this context ? Nope...

All things considered, CFIing isn't for everyone and does NOT mean they think they're "too good" to do it.

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True, all Well and Good but that's not how his query came across.
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I was going easy on the lad! At least compared to many online criticisms I've seen before...

And I agree that if someone doesn't really want to be a CFI, then they really shouldn't be. There are other paths to whatever career goals they seek. But read the thread Headline: "Anything but a CFI job!" As if it's something so horribly demeaning that he shouldn't have to endure the agony! So yeah, I feel that I responded appropriately, even a little bit mildly considering the implication that there is something wrong with being a CFI. It's true that the supply/demand equation often doesn't result in appropriate starting pay, there's no denying it. But that's true of most entry-level positions, jump plane flying and banner towing included.

Anyway if one goes about making intimations that something is below them, they should expect a little flak. If you're gonna be dumb, ya better be tough!
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