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Info on Aerocadet Academy

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Info on Aerocadet Academy

Old 18th Feb 2014, 18:25
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Info on Aerocadet Academy

I am a 27yrs old Singaporean who is currently enrolling to the Aerocadet flight academy in Florida for a FAA ATPL. I'm just wondering if I've made a good choice for choosing the academy based on a few advice I've followed online. But just to be sure, I have to ask the same question here as I think this forum is THE forum on these kind of topics. Does anyone here have any experience with the academy? Also, I found out from a thread dated years ago that the Singapore CAAS does not recognize a FAA License. Is that still the case now? And how about my chances of getting a job with a FAA ATPL now? Thanks...
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Old 19th Feb 2014, 11:37
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As of 5 mins ago

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Old 18th Mar 2014, 21:24
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hello ma brothers in aviation im from NIGERIA im also choosing the 2YEARS FULL PROFESSIONAL AIRLINE PILOT PROGRAM with AEROCADET so im wondering if the program is real and i will to get a prove that truly the program is real***as for job i guess AEROCADET will help in job placement so you dont need to worry [email protected] friend***tnx
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Old 19th Mar 2014, 11:17
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Hi Eldarinelven.

Check your PM.

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Old 20th Mar 2014, 12:52
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I have lived in Florida for eleven years and I have never heard of them. I do know of a good school, but there are of course many around Florida.

Florida Aviation Career Training, Inc.
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Old 24th Apr 2014, 05:35
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Too good to be truth

Good day.

I am curious to know about AeroCadet 'Full ATPL Programme'.

Please kindly correct me if Im wrong. Full atpl is now no longer available in US anymore since October.

Also, with such amount of course fees compared to any other flying schools is way too ridiculous. Graduate with 1500 flying hours non rated first Officer. in only 60k USD??

A confirmation is needed from me badly as for now I am still putting it on hope.

My email> [email protected]

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Old 27th Apr 2014, 06:54
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Seems dodgy...

I too am interested in their full ATPL programme... However I have my reservations about Aerocadet... For a company that supposedly been established since 2008 they have very little news about them. Even their Facebook page and Twitter receive almost nil responses from the public... There is no way such a company could survive without cadets/students... Their proposal seems almost believable if it weren't for their complete lack of reviews and responses. I will reserve my judgement until we are able to gain confirmation regarding their legitimacy from people who have been there and graduated.

Good luck and all the best to eldarinelven and zenithaib. Please share your experiences and findings at aerocadet with us(especially me).

PS: anyone with information regarding Aerocadet, please share it with me
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Old 27th Apr 2014, 12:44
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Like I said, I have never heard of them and I live here. Regardless of the school, DO NOT PAY IN ADVANCE. Why not consider a school with a good and verifiable reputation?
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Old 29th Apr 2014, 10:53
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Reply from Aerocadet

Guys I emailed Aerocadet and recieced replies. I was however contacted by a different person to answer my question.

Reply from aerocadet's staff:

Good afternoon

I am not sure I understand your question. Aerocadet is a consulting agency contracted by large flight training facilities, such as Aviator College of Aeronautical Science and Technology, in order to provide consulting to prospective students and process their enrollment paperwork, conduct enrollment interview, organize financial aid, etc. These services are FREE for the prospective students, as we are remunerated by the flight training centers.

I am attaching a brochure for your information. Feel free to verify our affiliation with Aviator College [email protected].

Kind regards,

Int. Aviation Training Consultant
AEROCADET / Raich Aerospace Group, LLC

They even included a brochure.

@Check6: It IS more safe to go for a verified school. However we live in Asia and its not easy for us to set up such a program that is being offered with such a price... Plus they offer a full ATPL instead of a frozen one and that in itself makes a world of a difference. Quite literally. As they said though, they represent Aviator College... Have you heard of them at least? Are they a decent school?

Thanks guys and sorry for the long post
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Old 29th Apr 2014, 12:12
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Naut, I have driven by their school at Ft. Pierce but I do not have any other knowledge about them. Their website is Flight Training - Flight School - Flight Training Programs - Aviator Flight Training College. It appears that they have housing on their airport campus. This school may meet your requirements.
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Old 4th Jun 2014, 23:56
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Lemme tell you guys a quick story.
I was looking into joining aerocadet, but I couldn't find any information about them. Some time ago, I came across a certain business called 'Javelin flight funding'. Their business intention is to get aspiring pilots to pay them 75% of training costs, and they will pay for the rest. Oh, they would also find you a job!
Looked into Javelin, and found out they were using a 'rented' business office in Delware, US. Turns out that a certain Manpreet Singh was involved. Look him and Javelin up if you want.
Now, to my next point. I was looking through the Aerocadet website, and I stumbled upon a certain paragraph...

"Aerocadet has partnered with Javelin Air Servies in order to allow the most promising candidates, our prospective INTERNATIONAL students, who do not have enough funds for completion of the full Airline Transport PIlot program, to receive up to 50% in student loan funds with a generous payment deferment option."

They also want you to pay 25% of the training upfront. They promise 1500 hours for $49995 - which is absurd. As a European, I'm more or less used to the 'affordable' training routes. 30,000 wouldn't even get you a fATPL on a modular route, and these guys promise 1500 hours through an intergrated route with a guaranteed job at the end of your training.
Sorry for the massive post, but I hope I helped in any manner possible.
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Old 5th Jun 2014, 00:34
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Marandinho, good info. This can't be repeated enough times: DO NOT PAY ANY MONEY IN ADVANCE. (A fool and his money are soon departed). Unfortunately, Florida has no shortage of thieves in aviation, mostly south of Orlando.
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Old 5th Jun 2014, 21:56
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Aerocadet's reputation

First of all, let me correct some of the malicious posts here: Aerocadet is a reputable aviation training agency with many students enrolled and happily undergoing their flight training. The main purpose of this agency is to support student's enrollment applications, provide flight training and career consulting, support student's visa applications and provide employment referral after completion of flight training and internship services. The agency specializes in Asian and Russian students (they have 3 web-sites with .com, .ru and .cn domain names)

All employees of this firm are high quality aviation professionals, current or former flight instructors and airline pilots with verifiable credentials (go to FAA.gov and look up their names and aviation ratings).

By the way, all the consulting and administrative services are provided to applicants FREE OF CHARGE, since the actual flight training providers are paying commission fees for student enrollment to this company. It is very much like mortgage brokers or insurance brokers, except it is in aviation training. There is no difference in terms of price if you go directly to the FTP or apply via Aerocadet. The difference is in quality of service and administrative support. You are likely to be denied application for US visa, if you don't apply through them.

There are videos on this site with testimonies. Applicants can also contact main flight training provider and verify affiliation ([email protected])

About Javelin Fanancing: please place here link to support your claim that they are involved in some sort of scam. If they are, I am sure, the company will stop dealing with them. Plain and simple.
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Old 5th Jun 2014, 22:04
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How can they offer 1500 hours flight time?!?!

Well, if you were reading their web-site carefully, they are offering 1500 hours of flight time through the structured flight instructor internship, using F-1 (student) visa benefits.

How does this work? Very simple. Your $49,995 is paying for 6 months of accommodation and flight training. (Please note that government fees are not included: $5000 USD for FAA, USCIS, TSA and SEVIS fees). After obtaining your CPL and CFI licenses, you are free to stay on as a flight instructor. The FTP will be paying you $20 per hour and you will be able to work up to 80 hours per month (limitation of F-1 visa). After obtaining your 1500 hours of flight time, you can apply for FAA ATPL.

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Old 5th Jun 2014, 22:45
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Hudson Hawk please provide a breakdown of the "$5000" in government fees. I say .

Also show me a regulation where you are only able to obtain your visa through this broker.
There are no malicious posts in this thread.

You can't go to faa.gov and find the names of instructors at any school or employer. The FAA has no idea where someone works.

DO NOT PAY IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR FLIGHT TRAINING. If you have to leave early, or if your school closes (and this has happened in Florida), YOU POSSIBLY WILL NOT SEE A PENNY OF YOUR MONEY.

Read about Florida flight schools committing fraud here. I AM NOT saying this school is doing this, but rather providing information to help you decide.

There is no reason to pay in advance.

I am familiar with Florida Flyers and it would be worth your time to contact them for information.

Naut, I have never heard of that school.
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Old 5th Jun 2014, 22:55
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More schools

Epic Aviation is a good school. I have a friend who was their chief flight instructor.

EpicAviation.com - Flight Training, Aircraft Maintenance, Aircraft Sales, Aircraft Parts and Avionics

The FlightSafety Academy is another good school. Welcome - FlightSafety Academy
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Old 6th Jun 2014, 17:22
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First of all, the $5000 in government fees are:

$550 for check-ride (FAA examiner, not related to flight school). There are 7 check -rides for PPL, CPL, IR, MEI, CFI, CFII, MEI

$100 for each of the FAA theoretical exams (also, 7)

$130 for each of the TSA requests (there are 4: PPL, IR, CPL and CFI)

$100 for SEVIS fee

$100 for FAA medical

$130 for USCIS visa fees.

Further about the visa:

you can absolutely apply for a visa on your own. Will it be accepted or rejected? Thats. up to the consulate. Aerocadet provides support paperwork to ensure that your visa is approved. You can roll the dice on your own, no problem. But why do this, if their services are FREE?!?!

Also, none is asking you to pay for flight training in advance. In fact, it's not permitted. Students are requested to pay in 4 stages: initial deposit, then around $15000 after arrival, then $1500 3 months later and so on. (By the way, I agree - don't pay for the flight training in advance)
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Old 6th Jun 2014, 17:26
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Epic programs vs Aerocadet program

and Check 6, if you agenda here is to promote another flight school like Epic, then just say so. No big deal.

However, please bear in mind that:


-does not let you work as flight instructor to build hours
-does not include CRJ-200 jet transition course in their training program
-is not an credited college

SO, you are going to leave with 250 hours, a CPL and then good luck finding a job. No, really, good luck!
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Old 6th Jun 2014, 17:34
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Aerocadet services are free

Look, here is one more example that their services are free of charge:

Look at the pricing of flight training package here:

New International - Aviator Flight Training College

And compare them to the programs offered by Aerocadet:

Full Airline Transport Pilot Program (ATPL) | AEROCADET | Professional Flight Training | Airline Pilot Fast-Track | Guaranteed Pilot Employment Placement | Financial Assistence

Full Commercial Pilot Program | AEROCADET | Professional Flight Training | Airline Pilot Fast-Track | Guaranteed Pilot Employment Placement | Financial Assistence

Degree Program in Aeronautics | AEROCADET | Professional Flight Training | Airline Pilot Fast-Track | Guaranteed Pilot Employment Placement | Financial Assistence

There is no difference in price. In fact, they provide an honest break-down of all the fees and even provide an electronic training cost calculator (think link: Full Airline Transport Pilot Program (ATPL) | AEROCADET | Professional Flight Training | Airline Pilot Fast-Track | Guaranteed Pilot Employment Placement | Financial Assistence) in Excel format to allow students to calculate their own fees and see how much the training cost will be offset against their earnings as FIs.

So, what is YOUR beef with Aerocadet?! It's a agency set up to help students to gt the correct flight training package, with free consulting and administrative support, for FREE. Are you simply bashing this business for no reason what so ever, or trying to promote your own agenda? If so, then both cases are pretty unethical, don't you think?...

And by the way, if you want to check Aerocadet's affiliation with Aviator College, contact Russell or Angela on [email protected] or [email protected]. These are Aviator College email addresses. They will tell you that Aerocadet DOES NOT CHARGE STUDENTS FOR THEIR SERVICES.

I think we can close this discussion here.
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Old 6th Jun 2014, 17:39
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Marandinho / JAVELIN


If this is true, I am sure Aerocadet management will disco unties working with them. I cold not find anything on the net regarding this issue.
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