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JAA/CAA/CASA/ICAO conversion to FAA

North America Still the busiest region for commercial aviation.

JAA/CAA/CASA/ICAO conversion to FAA

Old 2nd Dec 2012, 00:27
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Since you already hold the FAA ATP, you'll have have to take TR ground school and checkride. There's no easy "but I've got one from this country" for types at the ATP level unless the other country is Canada.
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Old 4th Dec 2012, 08:39
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Thank you. I found some places that offer a "shortened course" if you have 500hrs on type.
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Old 4th Dec 2012, 12:26
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Yes, the training center is free to create a course with different hours for pilots with different levels of experience, what ever they can get the FAA to approve. The oral exam and checkride will be the same.
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Old 31st Jan 2013, 20:26
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As long as you logged 25 of those hours as PIC or as second-in-command performing the duties of pilot in command while under the supervision of a pilot in command.
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Old 13th Mar 2013, 16:50
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What is the process of converting the CAA CPL to FAA CPL?
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Old 13th Mar 2013, 17:58
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There is no conversion of foreign licenses at the commercial level. You can be issued a FAA private certificate based on your CAA license and then get at least a second class FAA medical, pass the commercial written test, receive and log training as listed in 61.127 and pass a checkride.

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Old 21st Mar 2013, 17:46
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Do I need anything before Medical?

Hi. I'm about to take FAA-certificates (CPL/IR/ME). I already have European certificates for this. My simple question is: Do I need to do something before the FAA medical examination (second class)? I mean apply for some kind of FAA-permit etc...
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Old 25th Mar 2013, 00:35
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Flyah, the FAA medical application process is web-based. You might contact the office of the AME you're visiting to get the details, or visit here ... https://medxpress.faa.gov/ ...

I know of no prerequisites to taking the exam, other than having an appointment with the doc and having the cash. If you have any medical issues, though, don't submit the app until you've talked with someone familiar with the process.
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Old 25th Mar 2013, 21:30
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Since you also posted about the TSA requirements for a Citation type, I'm guessing you are coming to the US to get a commercial certificate with a Citation type rating. You should be asking the training center what their requirements are as they should know exactly what you need to do and the requirements can vary some between training centers.

That being said, there are TSA requirements, the FAA medical and the knowledge tests for the commercial and for the IR. You can do them in any order but they all have to be completed before the checkride, the TSA stuff before you start training in the aircraft or sim. Per the regs, you have to have a FAA private before you get the commercial so you should check with the training center to see if you need to get a 61.75 private based on your JAA license.
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Old 1st Apr 2013, 15:36
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Dear all,
I've a JAA ATPL and A320 PIC rating with 5000 hours on type and I'd like to get an FAA stand-alone Atpl. On this purpose, I understand the relevant FSDO will issue an FAA PPL with A320 rating but this type rating can be used only for PPL privileges (Far 61.75). In order to get a stand alone FAA Atpl, I'd have to pass the Atpl knowledge test as well as FAA practical examination. In order to get also an A320 command rating, I should attend the Atpl practical exam along with an A320 PIC rating exam in a full flight simulator but this would involve the attendance of an abbreviate A320 transition course (theoretical and practical, 5/6 sim sessions).
I'm interested in an US Atpl in order to be able to undertake ferry flights on a random basis on N-registered A320s as PIC from the US to Europe or Asia on behalf of leasing companies. This kind of operation is under part 91, therefore, to my understanding, I don't need an A320 command rating as the A320 rating which would be added to the Faa PPL certificate (with no need for practical examination) can be used to operate under part 91. On this basis, I'd need just an Atpl practical exam, even on a C172 in order to get a stand alone ATPL IR and there would be no need for a course or check ride on an A320 sim.
Is this interpretation correct?
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Old 2nd Apr 2013, 00:27
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Close but I see two problems. The FAA will issue you a private certificate with the A320 type but it will be limited to "VFR ONLY." in order to add instrument privileges to your 61.75 private cert, you'll have to take an instrument written test. Not a big deal but you'll have to spend a weekend reading up on FAA rules and procedures v. JAA. In order to have the restriction lifted for the A320 type, you'll have to show the training for the JAA type was giving by the holder of a FAA CFI. iPad won't let me cut and paste from the FAA web site but it is towards the top of this page.

FSIMS Document Viewer

With 5000 hours I'm guessing your training was 7-10 years ago so it may be hard to locate the records.

The second issue is your understanding of Part 91 operations. While the ferry company can get a waiver to move the airplane under the rules of Part 91, if money is exchanged, either to you for your service in moving the plane or to the ferry company for moving the plane, the crew will need at least a commercial certificate. The standard FAA example is if I own a King Hour that costs $1000 an hour to operate and decide to fly to a beach an hour away for the weekend, I can take three friends and ask each of the friends to pay $250 dollars, their share of the expenses. I could do this just holding a private certificate. However, if I want to sit in back with my friends and hire you to fly my plane, you will have to hold at least a commercial certificate.

You're saying you want a stand alone ATP but you'll use the private type rating on the 61.75 cert to fly the plane. I don't think you can mix and match the two certificates. And if you take the ATP ride in a CE-172 your ATP will only be SEL.
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Old 9th Apr 2013, 04:44
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Check your PM. I have sent you a message regarding FAA ATP conversion, something I have just done.

Which leasing companies will you be ferrying aircraft for? Its something I am also getting involved in.

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Old 14th Apr 2013, 10:00
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Hi guys.

Anyone able to give me some info about converting a New Zealand/Aus CPL to the FAA CPL??

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Old 15th Apr 2013, 01:47
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There is no conversion of foreign licenses at the commercial level. You can be issued a FAA private certificate based on your CAA license and then get at least a second class FAA medical, pass the commercial written test, receive and log training as listed in 61.127 and pass a checkride.
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Old 15th Apr 2013, 19:38
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Correction, for the checkride you only need a third class medical, you'd need the second if you were going to use the privileges of the commercial certificate.
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Old 30th Apr 2013, 12:33
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Can anyone recomend a good place in california to do a FAA ATP written and check flight or anywhere dosnt have to be california but it would be better
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Old 1st May 2013, 13:44
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Conversion of icao atp helicopter to faa atp





What I understood from the thread all over is that to get FAA ATP Commercial helicopter from a foreign License(In my case its Icao ATPL(H))is that I need to go through the following"

1)First get your school fixed up in USA for your familiarization and followed by check ride.

2)Fill up the airman certificate and get your foreign license and medical verified and have the letter issued from the local FSDO.

3)Then appear for your exam FAA ATP at the selected school.

4) On arrival get a FAA PPL issued based on your ICAO ATP.

5)Get minimum of 10 hrs to meet the requirement of SFAR 73-1.

6)Appear for the FAA ATP Check ride which may take 2 hrs to finish.

7)Get the paper submitted and receive the temp FAA certificate.

8)Head back home and wait for the Original FAA ATP to arrive at your address.

Well I have few questions:since this is first case in this forum(probably)appearing on FAA ATP helicopter ,need few clarification or better understanding of the rule if any one has in this forum.

1)Do I need to have a FAA Medical before appearing for the check ride?

2)Does this 10 hrs of familiarization flight on R 22/44 essential or sacrosanct?I intend to have my check ride on R-22/44 to reduce cost(No prior exp on R-22/44)

3)Do I need to have a FAA PPL issued on the day of arrival based in my current ICAO ATP?

4)What short of VISA do i require to apply for?M1 or a tourist?

5)Incase the FAA medical is not require(Since Icao Medical is currentand verified)) then can I enjoy the privileges of FAA ATP commercial?

6) Any better suggestion or input from you friends to achieve a better deal in terms of Money,time, hassles and running around?

7)Any school in USA already doing this stuff in a professional and transparent manner ?

8)Is this converted FAA ATP has any difference from a FAA ATP in terms of privileges?

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Old 9th May 2013, 02:41
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CAA PPL to FAA PPL: new complications

Dear all,

Back in the day, to obtain an FAA (restricted use) PPL on the basis of a CAA PPL, all one needed to do was to present one's documents in person to the local Flight Standards District Office. But now, it seems, it's become a great deal more complicated. The current procedure appears to be as follows:-

1. Fill out this form (http://www.caa.co.uk/docs/33/SRG1160FFenabled1.pdf), authorising the CAA to tell the FAA that yes, the CAA licence in question is indeed valid. Pay the CAA 44 for the privilege.

2. Take a copy of one's current Certificate of Revalidation to the head of training of an EASA Authorised Training Organisation and have it certified.

3. Send 1 and 2 above to the CAA. Wait a month or two.

4. After receiving notification from the gurus at Gatwick, proceed to the FSDO with one's bumph and carry out the remainder of the procedure.

I'm getting hung up on no. 2. If one happens to be elsewhere in the world, does this mean that one must go to Britain specifically to have the CoR copy certified? Or are there ATOs acceptable to the CAA elsewhere in the world (preferably in the U.S.) at which this can be done?

Thanks for any advice -- especially from people who have already undergone this process.
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Old 9th May 2013, 07:36
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unaware of point 2, unless that is a very recent requirement, no C of R required that I am aware of - can you point to any official info on that ? My last 61.75 was a year or so ago.

You don't get any notification from gatwick. You send the SRG forms to gatwick and a form to the FAA. FAA send gatwick a request and they reply , (once a week in a batch apparently) and you are not involved in that part of the process

It is a little time consuming so allow a month or a bit longer but it can be done in as little as two or three weeks.

Once you have the fax from Oklahoma you need to go to a US FSDO or a FAA designated foreign pilot examiner - the FSDO is free but a DPE will charge, most, if not all, FSDOs now operate an appointment system and you can't schedule the appointment until you have the fax. Don't get hung up about which FSDO to put on the form, if you change FSDO or go to a DPE oklahoma will just resend the fax to your new choice

For the record, the alternative is to do the written and use your foreign licence and hours to qualify you for the FAA PPL checkride. That route takes a bit longer and some test prep will be required but you get a lifetime standalone FAA PPL that way. Thats what I did in the end. Hope this is useful

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Old 10th May 2013, 01:06
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Dear Custard,

The requirement for no. 2 is contained in the "Guidance Notes," items 3 and 4, of the form whose URL I provided in my first message. These state that the certified CoR has to be submitted with the form. Presumably the CAA won't process it without the accompaniment.

Getting the full FAA PPL is indeed plan B. I've always thought it an unnecessary pain in the backside, though, to have to take out two separate licences because I want to fly aeroplanes in two different countries. My impression was that this sort of nonsense was precisely what the ICAO was invented to avoid.
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