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Old 23rd Nov 2007, 07:15   #21 (permalink)
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Hey there BelArg,
Thanks for the reply. If you in town Beer Sing Ok Na,
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Old 27th Nov 2007, 01:38   #22 (permalink)
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How about transferring my PIC type rating from CAD ATPL to my FAA ATP? Do I have to take a type ride with the Feds?
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Old 29th Jan 2008, 21:07   #23 (permalink)
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Getting an SIC type rating also seems, according to the FSDO, to NOT be possible if based on training/checking done by a foreign carrier or personnel. If the training program is not FAA approved and the checks, etc., are not done by FAA designees in FAA checked simulators, they wouldn't be valid for adding the SIC type rating to your US certificate, no matter HOW MANY signatures you get!

However, the FAA does have a special deal with Canada. If you have a Canadian license it's pretty easy to get the equivalent US license and ratings with only paperwork.
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Old 14th Feb 2008, 19:05   #24 (permalink)
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hi guys i have FAA ATP written ME IR Plus A-320 RATING does any 1 can tell me the procedure to convert FAA ATP wirtten to JAA ?

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Old 14th Feb 2008, 19:21   #25 (permalink)
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Sorry but there is no way to convert the FAA writtens... how do you 'convert' an hour on a computer to 14 paper exams totalling something like 20 hours ? I hadn't opened a study book in 15 yrs until 2 1/2 days before sitting my FAA ATPL... I scored 87% in slightly under 1 hr... it's laughable.
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Old 15th Feb 2008, 07:38   #26 (permalink)
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Thought you have to do the FAA written to convert your CPL license. Even with our Canadian licenses we have to write a written now to convert it. And our licenses are so close they're thinking of merging them as one. (Except we still learn spins?)
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Old 23rd Feb 2008, 00:14   #27 (permalink)
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FAA IR currency

Quick question regarding IR currency of my FAA IR. I left my FARAIM in the last move and been in JAA land a bit too long now.

Last IPC i did was 1/07/2007 (January 7th)
Then i traveled home to the EU and did my JAA IR in July/August/Sept (in a BE76 ME). Since this i have flown at least 20 approaches in a B737-800 FFS at SAS Flig.. err Oxford Flight Academy in Stockholm Sweden during my B737 type rating. Does this cover my IR proficency for my FAA Cert? But then again My FAA Cert was issued 14th of Dec. 2005, so i guess i have to do a PC anyways? What about my ME on the FAA ticket? done in Febuary 2005. Sorry about all the questions, If I wasnt 2kg overweight i would have kept that FARAIM
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Old 7th Jun 2008, 01:24   #28 (permalink)
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FAA conversion paperwork

I'm curious to know how long it takes the FAA to varify your foreign license (after sending in the form and copy of license)?
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Old 7th Jun 2008, 03:12   #29 (permalink)
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I had a student with an Australian certificate who came to the US for a rating. He was told it would take 60-90 days for the validation.
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Old 7th Jun 2008, 15:13   #30 (permalink)
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I got an FAA from my Canadian and the process was done in less than 2 weeks
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Old 8th Jul 2008, 16:06   #31 (permalink)
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Sorry to re-iterate on an already asked question, but,
Did I understand that if you hold a JAA CPL you can get an FAA CPL issued on the strength of it?
I understand for the JAA to CAA IR Conversion there is a written exam and a flight test plus an oral, but is this not the same for a JAA CPL conversion?
Thanks folks
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Old 9th Jul 2008, 17:23   #32 (permalink)
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It's not possible to just walk in to any FSDO and pick up a licence any more.

Paperwork exercise required first.

A very helpful guy in Oklahoma FAA told me up to 8 weeks processing time from today.

Details on FAA website.

Good luck!

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Old 10th Jul 2008, 20:18   #33 (permalink)
Hawker driver
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If I want to get myself a FAA ATPL based on my JAA one, do I need a FAA Medical? And what would the approach be, if I wanted a "stand alone" FAA licence?
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Old 5th Aug 2008, 19:51   #34 (permalink)

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ATP check during type rating

I currently hold a JAR CPL fATPL and will soon go for a type rating in the US.
Is it possible to obtain a FAA ATP by doing a check ride during the type rating provided that I have the ATP FAA theory and all the required experience ?
If yes, should I first obtain an FAA license conversion or is it possible to proceed directly to an ATP issuance ?
Thank you for the help !
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Old 10th Aug 2008, 22:52   #35 (permalink)
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Converting FAA type rating to JAA

Could anyone inform me about converting an FAA type rating to JAA.
What do I have to do? Do I have to take a check ride in the sim with an JAA approved examiner?

Please help me with this
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Old 12th Aug 2008, 22:10   #36 (permalink)
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Exclamation provided you already hold a CAA/JAA ATPL....


Look under Section F -> F4 - Multi-Pilot Aeroplane Type Rating.

Hope it helps!


7 7 7 7
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Old 27th Sep 2008, 21:38   #37 (permalink)
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Does anyone know how to convert a JAA type rating into a FAA license?. I see a lost of post about converting FAA to JAA but none of the oppossite. I wonder why?
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Old 22nd Dec 2008, 14:22   #38 (permalink)
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licence conversion

Hi guys,

Im an Australian licenced pilot thinking of heading over to the States to do a block of twin time building in Florida. I've read a fair bit about converting JAA but nothing in great detail about converting an Aussie licence. Anyone out there that has any experience on this matter?

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Old 23rd Dec 2008, 01:01   #39 (permalink)
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For the Man from Oz

Same rules for everyone. If you've already got the ME and an IR on your Oz license, take the IR written exam, then present all at the FSDO when you get to the States. You'll get your FAA PPL SEL/MEL, IR issued based on your Aussie ticket.

Have fun on your block time.
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Old 4th Jan 2009, 18:21   #40 (permalink)
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Type rating endorsement on FAA License

I have an embraer 170/190 type rating from SAT Zurich on my icao license and will like to have it endorsed on my FAA License. Please how do i go about it and what are the requirements especially since the type rating was done in a JAR state? I have so far logged 90 hours on the embraer 190.
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