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Ryanair 37th base, RYG

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Ryanair 37th base, RYG

Old 25th Nov 2009, 16:29
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Ryanair 37th base, RYG

What I have yet to understand is why the aviation community in Scandiland never starts realizing that there's a world outside of their own.
C'mon guys, haven't you noticed? Ryanair have just published Oslo Rygge as it's next base, three aircraft arriving. Be it good or bad, I can assure you this is a major thing going on. If you have a look at the statistics of RYR this will without doubt challenge both SAS and DY in a way they had never expected. Racehorses have their eyeblinds, but you guys...ostridges hiding their heads in the sand, springs to mind. Wake up and smell the coffee. I'm NOT advocating for RYR, but whatever you guys keep moaning about...F'ck that.
Now is the time where Norwegian aviation will change in a dramatic way. Forget about SAS. They've passed PNR (Point of No Return).
This is not just another company starting up. 200 738's and counting. I understand there's notmuch to do about it, but you gotta wake up, guys. This is what's going on. This is the headlines.
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Old 25th Nov 2009, 17:32
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After more than 10 years of rumours about a "Oslo" base they start a base at the other, actually third "Oslo", so not unexpected.

Since you probably spend 90% of your time defending why you work at that place, i'm not surprised that you argue the same way as your unbearable boss. Your post may be copied from official marketing material or Board Minutes for all I know.

Why bother claiming that you're "NOT advocating for RYR"?
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Old 25th Nov 2009, 19:30
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Ha, ha, ha I had that coming hadn't I. I am not defending nor fighting for my company, far from it. I am just rattling the cage to stir up abit of attitude. It's just sad to see that people doesn't seem to react when Goliath is knocking at your door. But quite typical for Scandinavians. When even the aviation community fails to acknowledge this huge intrucive step, then so be it.
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Old 25th Nov 2009, 22:19
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Well actually mr jockey, i think most scandis dont want their flight to the rest of europe looking anything like a ryr flight. lights on full bright all the time so the half awake half asleep ukrainian flightattendant can push as much junk on you as possible, and of course you cant pay with creditcard, its like driving a shiny new gipsycab through a third world marketplace. And then you have the guy in the right seat up front who is basically paying for the trip and you can bet if he is scandi the only thing he wants is to get back here and work for a descent airline.
since we are the only place in the world not totally up the rear by the economy i know we can afford flying with mr kjos or the old scandinavian lady. is that attitude enough for you
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Old 26th Nov 2009, 07:44
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So true, so true. All the guys I know working there, want out. In the past, the turn-over of pilots in RYR was huge, now they are just prisoners of the recession. When the economy recovers, and it WILL, they only ones left will be the usual greedy captains who doesnt give a about the right hand seat, and cadets looking for that first break. As far as I know they are taking serious amounts of shite at the moment, more and more are contracted by brookfield, who in their turn is coming up with new crappy contracts with an sure, but ever decreasing pay and T/C. It is a perfect example of what happens when you take 2000 pilots, let them loose and fight each other for the pieces. Divide and conquer Ryanair style, its sad, its ugly and the worst part is, the death star just arrived at our very own doorstep. Send in the x-wings
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Old 26th Nov 2009, 09:12
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RYR-738-JOCKEY, keep it coming, because you`re cracking me up! We all know what FR stands for and how they do business. Misleading advertising, hidden ekstras, very fine print and so on, in addition to "employing" pilots, when in fact they are the largest social dumping airline in Europe ever. Everyone onboard pays for their seat, no matter where. The bullying tactics of MOL are there for his and his bank account`s benefits only. Stop kidding yourselves. Most will pack their crewbags and find better pastures once the economy is on the upturn and airlines again are employing.
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Old 26th Nov 2009, 12:16
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Good luck

As long as you get to fly the incredible big shiny 737 900+ hours a year, minor things such as terms and condidions really doesnt matter or am I wrong??
Hope to hear from the bank soon so I can put myself in even more debt to buy my way into a great life with FR and their new adventure in Norway.
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Old 26th Nov 2009, 21:04
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Oh guys! We'll all end up as YOUR trainers, base captains, fleet captains, chief pilots and what-have-you by the time you guys grow up and get your fourth stripe. Why do I even bother. I don't have an agenda here, only trying to wind you up. You seem far too occupied with tiny specifics of your working life, especially the SAS which will go down the drain within months, rather than paying attention to the grander scheme of things. That's all.
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Old 26th Nov 2009, 21:36
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Regarding the grander scheme of things... Tell me exactly how it feels to be part of the continuous degrading of T&Cs by working for, and in effect recommending people to work for, such an outfit? Because that`s exactly what this buy-yourself-a-job people have been doing at an alarming rate the past 8-10 years or so.
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Old 26th Nov 2009, 21:39
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I don't have an agenda here, only trying to wind you up.
Then you do have an agenda... to wind us up. So your stated claim of not having an agenda is moronic. As to why you bother, I have no idea. At all. Go find a printer that works in the crew room instead, should take you a good half-hour.
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Old 27th Nov 2009, 10:20
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how does it feel...working for NAX?

no loss of licence insurance, no summer break, no union to look out for your rights, no travel concessions unless positioning, a 6 month contract through a third party recruitment agency renewed,cancelled,renewed,suspended... 6 take off and landings in one day, too tired to eat the sandwich, finishing up 400kms from home base for five days, on a 5/3 - 5/4 roster, no job security...it feels pretty crappy actually....and that was working for Norwegian over Summer.
Wake up and smell the coffee ladies....the rot is already here, and its coming from within
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Old 27th Nov 2009, 18:27
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Your whole discussion becomes rather entertaining when bringing Goliath in to your argumentation.

It's just sad to see that people doesn't seem to react when Goliath is knocking at your door.
I am pretty sure that the story of Goliath ends up with little David conquering the giant Goliath with a stone from his sling and then beheading him with his own sword...

I suggest you improve your historical knowledge before trying to use these kinds of metaphors.

I wish you all nice weekend!

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Old 27th Nov 2009, 20:58
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Old 27th Nov 2009, 22:43
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RYR jockey thank you for enlighten the aviation community in Scandiland.
Should we roll out the big red carpet for you? Red carpet service cost only 9€.
29€ extra if you pay cash, 48€ to roll it back, 35€ if you forget to clean your shoes before stepping on it, and 54€ if you want it red.

I don't want to rain on your on your parade, but RyanAir will not take over the world.
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Old 28th Nov 2009, 04:41
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Most of you guys are doing nothing but shooting the messenger, ranting like children who refuse to listen. We may not like Ryanairs MOs, but the facts speak for themselves. Pointing out what crap working conditions exists there doesn't change a god-damn thing; that's not the point of the post unless you're all advocating not joining this profession in the first place (which may not be such bad advice incidentally). The past is the past, and the future of Scandinavia sadly belongs to operators such as MOL. In fact, we are about as perfect a market for his business as you can get.

- We have loads of money, and gladly spent a dollar to save a dime.
- We have little acceptance for "class-differences"
- We force our leaders, managers, governments and coworkers to fly as cheaply as humanly possible. Why should they get anything better than us?
- We have $hitloads of time, with which we gladly sit on buses for hours to save a cent.
- Brand loyalty goes only as deep as the price.
- Travel and vacation is our human right; we've reached the top of Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Unnecessary travel is status.

Now, one can stick his head in the sand and wait for the good old days to return, in which case it's only a matter of time before your days are up, or you join "the dark side." There is no third option; the entire world can't fly around in green turboprops on government subsidies.

If you want to stay close to home and fly something without boots on the wings, then Lowcost is where you'll (sadly) be. Otherwise, leave the safety of the shore and seek your fortunes with one of the remaining legacy carriers; who will surivive on their front-ends and political ties alone. Do you honestly believe Lufthansa will start up domestic operations in Sweden and Norway? Or BA? Or that Norwegian can both improve their terms and conditions while at the same time remain competitive to operators such as Ryanair for the next 25 years? Or that a new "legacy" airline will ever be launched in Europe, never mind Scandinavia?

We're never getting back to what we once had. The writing is on the wall, even without RYR-738-JOCKEYs posts. I never said I liked it.

Tomorrow your cap will be sponsored by Coca Cola, and your crew bag by Red-Bull. And MOL's guns will turn towards Norwegian, Cimber or whoever else puts their head above the horizon once SAS has been sunk.

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Old 28th Nov 2009, 06:51
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If FR is the great company that can´t be beaten why have they been waiting for 10, even 15 years before they claim the scandinavian market?
I suppose because it's taken that long for the cash reserves of their main competitor to run out, and because like everything else, Rome wasn't built in a day. Have a look at the steady growth of Ryanair over those 10-15 years; don't you think that was difficult enough to manage? You're suggesting it should have been even more expansive? I think they've done pretty good, and now it's our turn on the list; it's all logistics in the end. And besides, it's possible that the available airports and subsequent infrastructure didn't allow for the FR model until now(RYG). I want them beaten, just like you. You tell me who can do it or has shown us that it can be done. It certainly isn't pilots.; we're our own worst enemy and are merely unwilling participants in this race to the bottom.

why have they (FR) let DY to grow from 3 to 45 aircraft the last eight years if... "In fact, we are about as perfect a market for his business as you can get." Are o´leary just toying with SK and DY... and scandinavia is on his to-do-list but he just doesn´t feel like it...
Well, the fact that DY has grown to 45 aircraft pretty much confirms the fact the Low-Cost is the way to go; which was my main point anyway. That was what I was advocating, was it not? Who knows which low-cost airline will win the race to the bottom.....

But since you ask, I'll give it a shot. DY hasn't yet challenged Ryanair in any way or shape (they've specifically avoided them) and hence isn't very high on the list of priorities. I've got a feeling any challenge won't come from DY, but the other way around. MOL will pick his fight when the time is right, which is probably about the same time that SAS goes into receivership. And you're right; FR won't touch the domestic marked in Norway/Sweden for those exact reasons you mention above. But they can strangle much of the international traffic, leaving whoever continues serving the domestic market with little or no international traffic; not a good situation to be in for any expanding airline. DY started domestic, and then expanded outwards. The FR challenge will of course be aimed directly towards those international routes; from which there is no escape for DY now that they've grown to the size they are. They'll be cornered and have no option but to fight them route for route. Let's hope the customers prefer a national hero in their tail to (perceived) lower prices.

You have expensive airports, expensive de-icing, expensive delays due to snow sweeping, high taxes and last but not least very few people to fill his brand new 738s with...
See above...

And please hear me on this; I am not the enemy and I am not liking any of this better than you. But if you have a business model that works better than Low-cost for use in Scandinavia, by all means put it forward. We can't all fly turboprops.

And I honestly hope I am wrong.

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Old 9th Apr 2010, 12:07
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Ja, så blir det enda mer kamp om jobbene...
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Old 9th Apr 2010, 16:05
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Ja og eftersporgslen paa billeter vil da falde gevaldigt hvis du kun kunne flyve med SAS og Airfrance.
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Old 9th Apr 2010, 16:14
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Nå går vel neppe Ryanair konkurs selv om de saksøkes
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Old 27th Apr 2010, 14:08
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Hadde man forstått hva man er med på å gjøre med arbeidsvilkårene for pilotene som en helhet så hadde man aldri funnet på å jobbe for selskap som krever at du skal bekoste alt fra søknadsprosessen og framover . Men, så lenge det er mange flere piloter enn det som trengs på markedet så kommer dette bare til å fortsette. Det som må til er en bevisstgjøring for passasjerene, og en lovendring i EU. Man kan også som pilot begynne med seg selv.
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