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Nigerian Expat Outlaw 26th Nov 2020 08:48

Amsterdam (Covid Permitting)
Got a long weekend in Amsterdam planned for March 2021 if vaccination/testing regimes are underway. Previously booked for April 2020 and postponed for obvious reasons. I'd appreciate some ideas for "light" cultural sights/visits please ? My better half is fairly arty farty so museums, galleries etc would suit her best.

Any pointers much appreciated.


Asturias56 26th Nov 2020 10:42

The Rijksmuseum of course - don't do the whole thing - just go for the classic Dutch paintings around the Nightwatch.

And the Van Gogh......

TBH Amsterdam is a great place to just wander around - take it easy, stop often!

Jhieminga 30th Nov 2020 21:01

You could also consider: https://hermitage.nl/en/
and: https://www.amsterdammuseum.nl/en (which has a small gallery with some Dutch Masters that you can walk through for free)
Depending on what's on she might like https://www.foam.org/ or https://huismarseille.nl/
And this one: https://www.debazelamsterdam.com/?lang=en you should walk in, turn left and go down to the basement. Free exhibition about the history of Amsterdam in the old bank vaults. The cafe on the ground floor is also good. Just ignore the other options on their website, it also houses archives, a bookstore that specialises in Amsterdam related books and more exhibition space.

Nigerian Expat Outlaw 17th Dec 2020 16:08

Great ! Thanks very much, certainly given me some excellent starters toward Brownie points and perhaps a bit of showing off my "knowledge" :ok:


Expatrick 17th Dec 2020 18:48

Well worth a visit -

Verzetsmuseum - Dutch Resistance Museum in Amsterdam
Plantage Kerklaan 61
1018 CXAmsterdam

Nigerian Expat Outlaw 18th Dec 2020 16:34

Thanks for the ponter Expatrick, noted and will act upon !


giggitygiggity 20th Dec 2020 18:22

Canal boat tour obviously and Anne Frank House is a pretty sobering yet incredibly interesting place to visit.

Nigerian Expat Outlaw 21st Dec 2020 14:13

Originally Posted by giggitygiggity (Post 10951154)
Canal boat tour obviously and Anne Frank House is a pretty sobering yet incredibly interesting place to visit.

Anne Frank is already top of the list. The canal boat trip is also on there. Many thanks.


zzuf 22nd Dec 2020 09:10

Rembrandt Square - Night Watch 3D sculpture. Go in the evening by tram and people watch over beer at one of the sidewalk bars. Van Gogh Museum. Ride the trams from one end of Amsterdam to the other. Windmills at Zaanse Schans nice bus ride using public transport from the bus port, back of Centraal. Free Ferry ride to Eye Film Museum from Centraal. Canal cruise. Just walk the downtown canal area!

Alsacienne 22nd Dec 2020 10:27

A quick (or not so quick) stop at De Drie Fleschjes (The three flasks) liqueurs tasting room at 18 Gravenstraat, behind the New Church off the Damrak will take the aches out of those well-used tootsies! Recommend Oude Jenever and Jonge Jenever for serious cultural reasons, Bessenjenever and Half om Halfje for something different and tasty, Liqueur with gold leaf in in and Parfait Amour just because they're ... well just because.

You'll be served at the bar in tulip shaped glasses filled to the brim, and because you then have to bend down to take your first sip so as not to spill the contents, you are considered to be bowing down to the superior substance in front of you! Op uw gezondheid!

Nigerian Expat Outlaw 23rd Dec 2020 15:46

Thanks guys, I'll be running all suggestions by SWMBO for decisions !


Jhieminga 19th Jan 2021 15:21

Originally Posted by zzuf (Post 10952382)
Rembrandt Square - Night Watch 3D sculpture.

The 3D Nightwatch sculptures were removed in February 2020 and will not return. It's just Rembrandt himself now (his statue, that the square is named for, is still there). The Nightwatch painting is being restored right now, but you can follow that online: https://www.rijksmuseum.nl/en/nightwatch

NoelEvans 23rd Feb 2021 17:14

We had a few days there in late Jan '19 and late Jan '20. (We used to visit there quite a bit during my AirUK days, but the kids were smaller so that restricted visits to too many galleries. We did however go to the Anne Frank museum which was well worth it, especially as the kids had heard of her at school, 1st Jan was a good day to visit as we had it pretty much to ourselves!)

For our last two visits a 'Kloggie' colleague had recommended the American Hotel. We stayed there both years. Very, very convenient. Bus route from/to the airport, Trams straight outside. Easy walk to the main museums. Rijksmuseum is a must. But as already said, don't try to do all of it!!! Research what you want to see before hand and concentrate on that. We are not fans of van Gough but spent nearly twice the average visiting time there as it was interesting (while we were standing back learning about the different aspects of his paintings, we watched the 'box tickers' going past with their 'seen that, tick, seen that, tick and spending no time at all appreciating anything...). Another place well worth a visit is Rembrand's house. Amsterdam Museum is also good. Very easy to get around. Pleasant people. Good food. Good drink, try some genevers!

Goede reis!!

spitfirek5054 24th Feb 2021 20:44

From Dutch News:
Travel No change to the regulations announced on January 22, including the suspension of all flights from Britain, South Africa and all of South America until at least March 4. Everyone travelling to the Netherlands by boat or plane from a high risk area must have the results of a fast test taken no more than four hours before their journey with them, in addition to the PCR test. They also have to go into quarantine for 10 days on their arrival, but will be able to take a test after five. The government hopes to finalise legislation making quarantine compulsory next month. The government continues to advise against all foreign travel up to and including March, unless there is a very compelling work or family reason. For the official travel advice, see the government website. General lockdown measures The rest of the lockdown rules have been extended until to March 15. The cabinet will take a decision on what to do next on March 8.

Read more at DutchNews.nl:

NoelEvans 25th Feb 2021 23:05

2022 might be a better year...

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