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sidevalve 22nd Nov 2019 14:53

Eating out in France?
I've been building up an interactive map of restaurants in France that still cook in the traditional way and that don't employ "ding" chefs (ie, chefs who use microwaves to reheat bought-in pre-prepared meals!).

As we live on the Côte Basque, it's fair to say that the map is south west-centric.

While the vast majority of the pins stem from personal experience, I've included a few based on friends' recommendations.

Needless to say, I have no connection with any establishment on the list - other than as a satisfied customer.

wiggy 22nd Nov 2019 19:57

Many thanks..number 35 (Port-Lauragais, on the A61) is fairly local to us and I can happily second that recommendation..

Bergerie1 23rd Nov 2019 08:14

Excellent map. I used to live in The Luberon and can recommend No. 56

sidevalve 23rd Nov 2019 11:18

Thanks - I keep meaning to visit those places that others have recommended (it's a tough job etc!) but sadly we don't travel as much as we used to (Madame's health) so we tend to stick to the Pyrénées-Atlantiques (which isn't a hardship). I'm only too aware of the great swathes of France that we should be visiting or re-visiting such as Alsace, Burgundy and Provence. The trouble is, when we leave here to go north to Bordeaux say, or Paris - before ½ hour has passed, one of us will say, "Why are we leaving?". The Côte Basque is an easy part of the world to feel well-rooted in. Those recommendations from Peter Mayle (inc. no 56) are tempting! The one that Wiggy seconded above is a real find.. it's one of only two independent restaurants in the French autoroute network..

sidevalve 7th Dec 2019 17:05

I've just added "Au Pied de Cochon" in Paris.. If you ever find yourself at a loose end in the wee small hours, it's highly recommended. Open 24hours/day, it attracts an eclectic and entertaining mix of night owls and owlettes (!). Their legendary onion soup au gratin is one of their signature dishes.

Asturias56 10th Dec 2019 13:16

Hmmm - yes - it gets full of "interesting people" but at 03:00 you're normally pretty "interesting" yourself............

Union Jack 10th Dec 2019 13:39

I should like to add a warm recommendation for Olivier Leflaive in Puligny-Montrachet, vins du pays compulsory, although I expect that some of us can't wait for someone to recommend No 69.....


sidevalve 10th Dec 2019 16:39

Thanks Jack..

I tried to send you a PM.. but your inbox runneth over..


sidevalve 31st Dec 2019 11:53

Off out to No 63 this evening.. (the menu's up on their website)
Happy New Year to all PPRuNers in France!

390cruise 14th Jan 2020 10:56

We only dine at French restaurants and cafes on the Mediterranean coast.
Prior to studying the menu outside our first point to check is the roof ! If the roof is a removable structure we go elsewhere, removable roof is interpreted by proprietor and customers as smoking allowed. Fixed roofs mean smoking prohibited.
such a shame.

sidevalve 16th Jan 2020 16:44

Just added "Venta Burkaitz" - just inside Spain. It's surrounded by stunning mountain scenery (this is Comet Line evasion country). The menu features many local specialities - salmis de palombe (wood pigeon), confit de canard (preserved duck), sanglier (wild boar - in season) and many more. There are tables outside as well as the dining room.

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