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Night Stop If anyone has a recommendation for somewhere to visit or eat out on a night stop then post the info here.

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I'm night stopping in SXF soon and I've not been to Berlin before. My hotel is pretty close to the airport (best western standard crew accommodation hotel). Any suggestions/recommendations on how to get into town and what is best to see/do when I get there?

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Berlin probably has the worlds best public transport.

There is a S Bahn line from SXF to several big inner city interchanges -Alexander Platz probably the nearest. S Bahn is assort of mixed elevated /underground system spacious and comfortable though and very cheap probably cost you about 8 Euros to the city centre and takes about 40 mins

As for the City depends what you want to do but the former East is much more happening than the former West . Once in the city proper easy to get anywhere an if you have a few days a few good things to see with the combined discount card transport card sold all over the place by English speaking outlets. Great city.

Sorry I couldn't be more specific but at least you know transport is easy.
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Late response but maybe helpful for other Berlin visitors:
You can take the red double-decker "Deutsche Bahn" commuter trains from SXF to downtown Berlin as well. They are the same price but are slightly faster since they stop only a few times. You could go to Alexanderplatz, Friedrichstr. or Zoo for example.
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Also for future visitors:

If you're keen to do something aviation related on a Berlin layover then a tour of the terminal at Tempelhof is about €15 and takes about an hour with regular starting times and English options available. Well worth it. If you have a good day then just getting yourself to Tempelhoff park is a good idea too, you can walk freely over a huge area, including the runways and plenty of former taxiways, all still in place with information signs dotted around the place.
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And don't miss former RAF Gatow please, now home of the Luftwaffe museum. You'll find a "twin" airplane collection there inherited from both east and west.

english language link:
START - Militärhistorisches Museum Flugplatz Berlin- Gatow

And there is the smaller Alliiertenmuseum:

A bit south of Berlin and SXF you can tour the former Soviet Forces Germany HQ (and Wehrmacht and Reichswehr before) at Wünsdorf. Make sure to check the bunker tours:
There is a small separate museum too:

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I remember the good old days when anyone visiting was able to meet up with the awesome Flugholm before be left for control towers and airports greener!
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