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I'm heading to Langkawi in September for 5 nights. I'm mainly looking at staying in either The Andaman or The Datai. Can anyone who's been there give me a heads up on preference?. The Datai is much more expensive and I just wondered is it worth the extra?.

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We stayed at The Datai a few years ago and found it perfect in almost everyway, despite the weather not being great. The Andaman I believe was taken over by the Datai a couple of years ago. We went to eat there one evening as it is walking distance from The Datai, but it wasn't upto the same standard - but still good. Don't expect these standard of hotels to be cheap because you are in Malaysia, they still work out to be European prices for food and drinks etc.

Went back to Langkawi last year and stayed 5 nights at the Bon Ton resort. It's a rustic traditional Malaysian complex with different types of Malay houses, which are the rooms. We found this clean, very cheap, excellent food, a comprehensive wine list and the Kiwi owner very friendly. With only 8 houses it was kept low key and personal. We did have one night at the Four Seasons before leaving and that was excellent as to be expected.

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thanks for your response!
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Just returned from Langkawi after staying for four nights at the Datai and already planning on returning. My only regret was not planing to stay longer.
The Datai is definately worth the extra, the service was suberb and nothing was too much trouble for the staff.
Walked along the beach to the Andaman and asked to view a room which they were more than happy to do, however as nice as it was, the Datai had the edge, hence the differance in price.
Take my advice, spend the extra and enjoy everything that the datai can offer.
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Hushkit - In your profile you don't say where you're from, but if you want to languish in a 5 star hotel cut off from the real world just do it in a place nearer to home and save yourself a bunch of money!

Langkawi is a beautiful island to be explored. Yes the beaches are nice, but there's more to it than that. Hire a motor (funnily enough, the airport is a good place to hire a car on the cheap) and have a potter.

There are stacks of perfectly adequate hotels on the western beaches which will also save you a few bob.

The monsoon starts in September, so take a brolly.
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Its one of the cheapest places on earth for sunglasses and other purchases, it must be tax free coz its bloody cheap
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I stayed at the Sheraton which I think is now a Westin hotel when I visited. It was a really nice hotel and service was also outstanding. I also had dinner at the Tanjung Rhu hotel which is another nice hotel on the island. The Sheraton/Westin hotel is located near to the main town and I think its walkable if I remember correctly. There is also a fab marine park which is a short boat ride away from the main town and I would recommend this as a day out.

Hope you have an enjoyable stay where ever you end up staying.
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Stayed at both hotels with our children last April.

Both hotels are large and at opposite ends of the same beach. They are owned by the same company and have cross signing agreements.

Andaman = children loved the pool. Some rooms can be dark and have no view so be sure to ask for room with a view of the sea looking up the beach towards the Datai. (looking at hotel plan get a room on a high floor and on the extreme left of the building).
Datai = great for romantics, top class service. Stay in a Villa (feels like a tree house set in the rainforest) avoid deluxe rooms and suits as they are in the main hotel building and not worth it.

If we were going back to Langkawi in the morning my first thought would be the Datai.
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Any climatologists want to offer advice on when to go? Was thinking of July, or NOv/Dec?

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I've found this site useful Travelika When to Travel

Hope it helps?

Sober Lark
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Fantastic, thanks a lot.
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Hey silver how's the new job going, me and Mrs Toddler went to Langkawi a few years back and had awesome time, stayed in the Andaman, absolutely fantastic hotel (get a great deal on that place through Touchdown as well), we're probly going to go back early next year, drop me an email we give you the low down.
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Hi Hushkit

I have stayed at the Datai 6 times and would not stay anywhere else on Langkawi.

92% of their guests are repeat which says it all in my opinion.

Nothing is too much trouble at all and still able to get out and enjoy Langkawi as well.
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I stayed at the Andaman for 10 nights. Both the Andaman and the Datai share the same beach which is I believe private for both sister hotels.

The one big difference that I noticed in favour of the Andaman is the slightly more relaxed dress code. The Datai have stricter policies concerning dress code when out to eat at the hotels restaurants. Both still expect long trousers/skirts, no swimsuits at the restaurant and everything you expect from a 5* establishment. You could also swim at night on the beach at the Andaman (unoffocially) whereas the Datai guests were not out on the beach as much after hours.

Only my observation from a single trip - Touchdown have deals and the Andaman is a great offer. I don't think there is that much of a difference...

Anyway, whichever you choose I know you will love it. Jealousy already set in!! I'll carry your bags...
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My 2 worth - Andaman and Datai hotels share the same private beach, same restaurants (well you can walk from one to the other and charge it to your room in either hotel, that is if you can make it past that damn exquisite curry house in the jungle path halfway between the two) and they're both fantastic hotels in terms of rooms and quality of services. Andaman's got a more family feel to it, you definitely wouldnt want your rowdy kids dive bombing the pool in the Datai but you'd have no probs at the Andaman. The Datai a lot more formal in terms of dress code etc, a lot older average age of clientele and a damn sight more expensive.
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