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Las Vegas

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Las Vegas

A request for help

Taking the current Mrs H to Vegas next month. As my Flag memories consist of the many Gentleman smoking establishments I would be grateful for any guys with recent Vegas experience to recommend any good places to entertain,wine and dine my beloved Also can anyone recommend a good helo Canyon flight?

PMs gratefully accepted Thanks in anticipation


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You could try getting hold of the RAFLO McCarran, he might be able to get you good deals too. Or try the det; their numbers should be available through service sources.
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There's a fantastic restaurant in the bottom of the Wynn Casino, certainly not cheap but if you're splashing out...

A very cool bar/club called Tangerine in Treasure Island was one of the hot places in 2007, but might be off the 'chic' list now.

Voodoo lounge atop the Rio casino is always a nice way to start the evening with a fantastic view from the deck on the top floor. Always impresses, but early evening means it's not heaving and you still get the lights.

As for the helo, I can't comment, but if you have a PPL or better, you can get it endorsed at the FSDO office at Macarran and hire a Cessna or PA28 for peanuts from North Las Vegas Airport. They were very accomodating and you can get a little piper for the day for the price of 2 x helo tickets. You can use the same tracks and there are plenty of little airfields, all hospitable! Bit of a faff, but definitely worth the effort.

I did this last in 2000 though, so don't know how difficult 911 has made it for those following, sorry.

Bars and clubs were good as of 2007.


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Not so easy anymore. You will need extensive TSA checks first, check on the wannabees forum for details. Plus you will have to do a Biennial Flight Review before flying on your own, so that takes up half a day first.

But if you do, you can fly down the Canyon (at height) and a trip out to death Valley is also good. Ground based stuff - watch the fountain show at Bellagio, go up the Straosphere tower at night for a drink and have a go on their 1000' high 'slingshot'. If you rent a car, drive out to Red Rock Canyon and the Hoover Dam to escape LV for a while.

Most of the Casinos are [email protected] IMHO. But the shopping mall in Ceaser's with the changing indoor sky is quite nice.
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Helitrips to Canyon

Try HeliUSA It's owned and mostly run by Brits - owner is ex AAC - they certainly do a very good deal for UK airline staff and I feel sure that they will do an equally good one for British Army/Navy - don't know about the Air Farce though ....
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Humour (humor in Vegas!)

The above advice is good. For all the bars/restaurants buy a Vegas book before you go (lonely planet type etc) there are so many and the standard is excellent. It all depends on personal taste which one is for you. These books also give good info on the different casino attractions. As mentioned the Bellagio fountains tend to be the favourite free attraction - although go inside the Bellagio foyer too.

Outside Vegas, if you want to do shortish trips, is Red Rock canyon as mentioned above (much better than it sounds!) about 40 mins from the strip. Further afield Zion national park is outstanding - 2.5 hr drive, then Los Angeles a bit further in the opposite direction.

For the Grand canyon you could go to the new (year old) skybridge - a glass platform that extends out over the canyon at the west rim. It is about 2.5 hours drive from Vegas (or a bit more by organised tour bus). From there you can fly into the canyon for a short boat trip - the only place you can fly inside the canyon. For more info search the net (skybridge, grand canyon west, hualapai)! Papillon helicopters do the flying and are cheaper booked online direct. The old viewing /visit area is the south rim which is 6 hours from Vegas!

Warning! There is a lot of good quality shopping available - extremely cheap compared to the UK. DO NOT let the wife loose with a credit card!
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If you are looking to take in a show I can reccomend Phantom at the Venetian. The music and production are far superior to the London show. Best seats are centre front row of Orchestra or thereabouts for best view round theatre which is designed to give the impression you are actually sitting in the Paris Opera House. with sound on
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The Top of the World restaurant at the top of the Stratosphere Tower is recommended. It revolves so you get fantastic views whilst you are eating.

Then afterwards you could give the rides a go
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Two years ago, Mrs Sargs and I had a trip out to Grand Canyon with Papillon Helicopters - they picked us up from the hotel, flew us out, land on in the canyon, champagne lunch (served by the pilot - worth the cost for that alone!), and then RTB reverse route. It included a quick circuit of Hoover Dam too. Good value for money, Mrs S very grateful later.....
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I'll echo C-130 Techie's comments on the stratosphere tower restaurant. Book a table and time it so that the sun sets as you are eating and you can enjoy a brilliant view of the sunset and the night lights on the strip. Just remember your table section number if you pop to the loo. I failed to do this and not realising that the toilets don't rotate with the rest of the restaurant came out to discover Mrs Stuff and our table were no longer where I had left them.

With regard to the helicopter tour I fell out in a huge way with HeliUSA after booking online with them every email they sent me regarding my booking had my full credit card details, expiry date and magic 3 digit number included in it. I was not amused and changed company to Papillon and they were very good. They operate out of Boulder city so expect a 30 min coach trip to the airport each side of your flight but the standard was excellent and the pilot very keen to chat about the sights on the way. Others we spoke to that went with different companies only got a cassette to listen to. We did the package that included a night flight down the strip, I'd give that part a miss. It's a LOT of waiting around for your turn to get less than 10 mins of airborne time and IMHO the view from the restaurant at the Top of the World is better anyway.
Edit to add: after seeing Sargs' comments that the picnic lunch provided on the Grand Canyon tour is very good. Even better when the three other people we were sharing with were tee total. Lots of champagne for us!!

Bellagio fountains are very beautiful. The best way to enjoy them is to book a table at Paris and specify you want a table outside - book ahead, this place is heaving! The restaurant is exactly opposite the fountains and you get a perfect view.

To get around use a taxi. There are shuttle buses that go up and down the strip that I think might even be free but the strip is a traffic nightmare so if you take a taxi it can go up the backroads and get you to your destination in a fraction of the time for very reasonable rates.
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Forgot to mention the shows. The regulars such as cirque du soleil (3 or 4 versions), spamalot (apparently v good) etc. Tickets not cheap >$100 each but worth it. Check out ticketmaster or (iirc) Also artists do 1 or 2 show specials - Police next month etc. Those seem to be mostly at the MGM.

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All cirque de soliel shows do at least a 50% military discount. Show ID when booking direct at the cirque box offices in the appropriate casino.
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Having not missed a vacation in Vegas every year since 1987 I'll give it my best shot.

Top of The World in the Strat - Fabulous meal, top views $$$, do the Big Shot prior to the meal or it may reappear
Benihanas in the Hilton - If you like Hibachi you'll love this $$
THE Steak House in Circus Circus - Don't let the Hotel/Casino put you off, it is the best in Vegas for steak $$$ for helitours, they do a fantastic burn up down the strip on your return, line astern and then break into McCarran just next door to Signature, as you come out of there your right on top of the Welcome to Fabulous LasVegas sign fo photos.

Treat her to a Spa in the Mandalay Bay, one of the best

Shows - If you're going to do Cirque then Ka at the MGM is the best of the five. Phantom of the Opera at the Venetian is also bl00dy good. if you fancy a bit more of a thrill, run by an ex Red Fred and a top fella.

Hope that helps, PM with any detailed questions, have a lot of contacts in town for most things
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TopBunk beat me to it, but may I recommend you treat her to a full Spa package whilst you golf (or do a 'couples' massage)....haven't tried the Mandalay, but Hard Rock Casino Spa is very good. Heck, they're all good in LV.

NYNY coaster is good for the ladies...

Fontana waterfall bar at Bellagio...

Check to see if any Championship boxing is on: with the pound so strong, this is your chance to see sports history being made (relatively) cheaply...the 2 of you can even dress up, if you wish.

Longish drive up Death Valley to Carson City, Lake Tahoe, Comstock Mine, etc...take a 2-day excursion. Or go up into Sequoia Natl. Park...or drive down to Havasu.

Cheers, enjoy the well-earned break.
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Instead of starting the evening at the Voodoo Lounge I would recommend the Ghost bar in the Palm Hotel (Opposite the voodoo). Cheaper to get in and less singley if you know what I mean, actually also a nice place to end the night/morning with views over LVegas. Both Voodoo and Ghost Bar only a short cab ride from the strip and worth it for the views of the strip (best after dark).
If the Missus is up to it the Vodka Bar followed by Rum in The Jungle are safe bets for later (next door to each other in The Mandelay Bay Hotel).
All the above are well trodden routes and I am sure others will be able to offer other ideas for a night on the strip.
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Go with Scenic Airlines on the Deluxe tour and land at Grand Canyon Airport. nice Vistaliners (Twotters with big windows) and a timed commentary.

When I wetn they had standby places a fifth of the main price - and 50 bucks got us the flight, bus tour to a rim and lunch.

Just mention you are Britmil or Aviation industry staff
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As a must, I would say the Blue man group at the Venetian. Absolutely brilliant! Couldn't tell you exactly what is going on or what genre it falls into but you will not want it to end!

Of the cirque shows, "O" at the Bellagio is well worth a look.

If you can get a room out in the Red Rock Casino I would also recommend that. It is a beautiful casino with great restaurants and entertainments. Your room should have breath taking views of the Red Rock Canyon just west of Vegas (also great for a walk and break from the city).
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Lots of good advice on here already. Vegas can cater for any budget so you can get the 5-star treatment or the all-you-can-eat buffet for $7.77.

My personal favourites were 'Olives' in the Bellagio (pre-book a balcony table for the fountain show), the Wynn buffet (top drawer food, very reasonably priced - make sure you're hungry when you go!), the Italian (whose name I can't recall) on the ground floor of New York New York (very impressive wine list and a ridiculously well-travelled cellar manager) and Kraftsteak - also in New York New York - looks a bit cheap and cheerful until you go inside; Kobe beef tartare to die for. The better the restaurant the more advisable it is to pre-book.

Entertainment-wise I thoroughly recommend Spamalot. 'Tangerine' in Treasure Island wasn't much to write home about but the 'Voodoo Lounge' in the Rio is incredible at sunset. If you go there, be sure to have a witch doctor. But only one. Spend at least one day/evening downtown in Fremont Street and the Golden Nugget - it's an experience. Nine Fine Irishmen (New York New York again) is the nearest Vegas has to a pub (apart from the Crown & Anchor which is best avoided) and does a reasonable pint of Guinness.

Almost everywhere does free entry or reductions for military, so make sure you flash your disco pass wherever you go.

Forget Lake Tahoe/Carson City unless driving through Death Valley is on your must-do list. Lake Mead is closer and you have Hoover Dam into the bargain.

Edit: I keep remembering more stuff. In the Mirage you can pay to become a dolphin trainer for the day. Discovered that on my last day in town - gutted.


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Don't you (Brit) guys have a whole squadron somewhere there?
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Voodoo lounge in Rio and Circle bar at Wynn - Done. Avoid Pure nighclub, they say it's for couples but the two porn stars I met there would probably disagree. Call nellis and ask for the brit guys - the switchboard will stick you through. If in doubt ask around for which sqn those guys might work for, no need to post it on here. Have a good time buddy, taking my wife out there in November, any good pointers form your trip would be greatly appreciated, been a while since I went.
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