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Saintsman 30th May 2021 19:38

MOD Diversity Chief
Yes, it was bound to happen in these times - a review of the rank convention.

I'm sure she will never have to put her life on the line, but she will be comforted by knowing that the rank names are all politically correct when they are standing in the trenches.

To be fair though, it's not her fault that the role has been created, nor the salary it attracts, but there are probably more important things to target than rank names.


NutLoose 30th May 2021 21:30

What a waste of money, will the Queen still be the head of the Services or is she about to be woked Into some ridiculous title, will the Carriers Prince of Wales and the Queen Elizabeth be renamed?
Let’s just wipe history and start again :ugh:

Finningley Boy 30th May 2021 22:03

So does an F-35 Pilot get £110,000 a year?:confused:


PS mind you, could an F-35 Jockey do what a Diversity Tzar, or whatever the correct title is, can?:confused:

Melchett01 30th May 2021 22:33

Iíve served with blacks whites and every colour in between, gays, straight, transsexuals, and just generally confused sorts. All anybody cares about when the rounds are flying is can you do your job and not get everyone killed.

And what I find more offensive as a member of a fighting Service is that my Service cares more about my being in date for health & safety and D&I training than it does about the last time I fired a weapon. And just looking at her photo and reading her bio you get the impression she is one of natureís perpetually offended who will find offence in everything but not actually question how such offence makes doing our job of defending the country easier or more effective.

Trumpet trousers 30th May 2021 23:06

"Beagle, this is Mission Control, you're clear for throttle up, call on re-entry.."

Ascend Charlie 30th May 2021 23:57

I expect the first rank she will object to is "seaman."

No more Corporal Punishment, or Private Parts?

etudiant 31st May 2021 00:27

Is there an MOD post for winning?

Lookleft 31st May 2021 01:10

Your MoD needs these blokes to be in charge.


Courtney Mil 31st May 2021 01:23

Oh, Good God!

Dorf 31st May 2021 01:51

Are you telling me this woke shit has made it to the other side of the pond? I always saw the Brits as the last bastion of normalcy. Sorry guys, hopefully a vaccine is in the works.

Wensleydale 31st May 2021 06:05

I was saving this poster (with caption removed) for a Cap Com, but it is probably more relevant here... things have certainly changed since WW2.


Nick 1 31st May 2021 07:16

Politically correct will extinguish mankind not wars .

DuncanDoenitz 31st May 2021 07:52

Probably just me, but when I looked on the MoD website I couldn't find a story on this topic, although I did find a Diversity Dashboard. When I googled "mod diversity rank review" I just got links to tabloids.

If there's an MOD source for this I'd appreciate the link, but If my brand-new laptop needs to visit DM to get the source, I'll just let it slide, thanks.

pr00ne 31st May 2021 08:31

Nick 1,

So you think that the lack of the ability to discriminate, be rude, objectify and suppress will somehow "extinguish" mankind?

Old-Duffer 31st May 2021 08:52

How can she be the Diversity TZAR - that's a male title?

Whatever results it will not make a rat's ass of difference to the efficiency or otherwise of the armed forces.

I have a friend called PENMAN - will he have to change his name by deedpoll to PENPERSON?

Old Duffer

esscee 31st May 2021 09:18

Complete load of Tosh and even more so, a waste of money that could be used elsewhere. If this is the direction the Services leadership is headed then Heavens help us!

sharpend 31st May 2021 09:38

I just give up. There is no hope.

MPN11 31st May 2021 10:04

WTF is an "airshipman"? The R-101 went down in 1930!

BEagle 31st May 2021 10:12

Given all the training which is undoubtedly now in place, as it first made its appearance some 20+ years ago, why is this high-level post actually needed?

Bill and Ted had it right:

"Be excellent to each other.....

And party on, dudes!!"

Surely that's all that people need to practise!

Wensleydale 31st May 2021 10:14

Originally Posted by MPN11 (Post 11054544)
WTF is an "airshipman"? The R-101 went down in 1930!

I assume that they meant Midshipman, but the spoolchicker got in the way.

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