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Coltishall. loved it 17th Jul 2017 19:10

Canadian cf-104 Starfighter team "1980's"
Please can anyone give me evidence that the “Canadian F-104team” 5 or 6 jets?
I seem to remember “Mildenhall circa 80’s” existed?
I thought they were called the “Red Indian’s”
There is stuff on line but no definitive proof of the name?
They were very good.
Spoke to some Canadians AF people at riat 2 days ago andobviously they were young
Pups. But they were unaware?

BossEyed 17th Jul 2017 19:55

I remember the CF-104s at the Mildenhall Air Fetes in the 80s. There were 4, sometimes 5, and I'm pretty sure that at least at one point they were billed as the "Tiger Romeos".

A great display; very close formation, opposition pairs and an entry at low level from behind the crowd (this was pre-Ramstein, of course :( )which made everybody jump.

Edit: This thread says that the names changed over the years, possibly depending on which squadron of the Baden-Sollingen wing were providing the team at the time. Tiger Romeos were actually in the late 70s. Time whizzes by... like a Starfighter, I guess!

PapaDolmio 17th Jul 2017 20:16

I'm pretty certain they were a 5 ship but it was a long time ago!
IIRC the Canadian Wing at Baden Sollingen had 3 Sqns. 439 (Tigers) and 2 others with an Indian and a Grizzly Bear on their crests. Would explain the changes in title- maybe the sqns took it in turns to provide the team?

ROC man 17th Jul 2017 20:16

I recall them doing a loop above the parental house near Leicester East / Stoughton airshow while I was on the flat roof of an extention. I think it was the same year a C5 Galaxy did a fly by.

IcePaq 18th Jul 2017 00:40

They are watching and waiting.

Art Smass 18th Jul 2017 02:54

Looking back at my logs I have them as a 4 ship and definitely called the Red Indians in the late 70's.

In fact I recall a CF-104 painted in full Red Indian colours at Mildenhall in 83 or 84

seven g 18th Jul 2017 05:52

Slight thread drift. Never saw a Cannuk F104 display but in the early 70s the Belgian Slivers in F104Gs were up there with the best. Entered crowd rear, as everyone did in those days, at around 450+. Performed a few formation passes before a couple of opposition passes. As they crossed they were always in the turn and used either side of the runway for lateral separation. Tight display - with a 104! Interesting boys to talk to later. When the leader was posted, so I read, they dissolved the team.

POBJOY 18th Jul 2017 08:43

104's opposition pair
At one of the Goodwood displays in the 70's there were a pair of 104's who's display consisted of appearing from 'nowhere' (in the haze) and crossing over the airfield in opposite directions very low and very fast. We were there with the 'very low and very slow' Turbs from Redhill . Goodwood is not the largest of airfields or had radar so the their opposite direction 'crossing' in a turn overhead was quite impressive considering their turning circle must have been 'substantial'.
Also memorable for me as one of the tied Turb formation having just completed a low turn (on the inside) to get an urgent 'up' signal from the leader which prevented my contact with an errant tree.

surely not 18th Jul 2017 11:04

2 Attachment(s)
These not very good photos are of the 4-ship Canadian Armed Forces F104 Starfighter team that displayed at the Biggin Hill Air Fair in May 1979.
edit to add
I took these photos with a very basic camera, with a basic 35mm lens. I am sure there were only 4 displaying. The 'Scramble' airshow website only lists 3 registrations, but clearly there were at least 4

Attachment 2592

Attachment 2593

Vampiredave 18th Jul 2017 13:25

According to Dan Dempsey's superb book on Canadian display teams, The Red Indians, comprised five CF104s (4 + solo, although they appear to have fielded a nine aircraft team in 1971) from 421 (Red Indian) Squadron, RCAF, and based at CFB Baden-Soellingen, WG. The book also states that the team was in existence in 1970, 1971, 1973, 1977 and 1978. Having said that I seem to recall photographing a CF104 with a red fuselage and white fuselage marking as part of Baden's 50th anniversary celebration at Mildenhall in 1983 when the last three operational squadrons each painted an aircraft in squadron colours.

60024 18th Jul 2017 14:04

Remember seeing a Canadian five-ship in filthy weather at one of the Biggin Hill shows in the late 1970s. I have a couple of slides somewhere in storage with a loose gaggle of them all with the reheats lit disappearing into the murk.

The German Navy sent a pair to IAT at Greenham Common too around that time. One would fly past slowly dirtied up while the other went whizzing past at 0.9M or faster

Martin the Martian 18th Jul 2017 14:18

There was definitely an all-red CF-104 from the Red Indian squadron in the early 1980s. Somewhere in my model stash I have a Esci boxing with those colours.

The West German Navy two-ship team was called the Vikings. I saw them at a St. Mawgan display in the mid/late-1980s. Absolutely superb they were.

BossEyed 18th Jul 2017 14:43

Mildenhall Air Fete 1983
(Not my image)

Wholigan 18th Jul 2017 17:57

The 3 squadrons at Baden Soellingen were 421 (Indians), 439 (Tigers) and 441 (Foxes).

Teams were, as I recall, mostly 5 aircraft.

The names of the demonstration teams depended on which squadron was providing the team.

The Operational Training Unit at CFB Cold Lake in Alberta also had a 5 aircraft team, the Deadeye Zips, who displayed throughout Canada and the northern USA.

I was fortunate enough to be in that team in 1976. Enormous fun. We mostly arrived as a 5-ship, few passes as such, then split off as a 4-ship and a singleton.

Vampiredave 18th Jul 2017 18:08

1976 - No.417 CEPE, RCAF Uplands, Ont, 'Deadeye Zips' CF104 Capt Ron Doyle, Capt Dave Burroughs and Capt John Bagshaw

Wholigan 18th Jul 2017 18:51

Perhaps it was 75? Our team was John David lead, me 2, Dave Bligh 3, Frank Thorne 4 and Dave Leach RAAF 5 and solo.

Coltishall. loved it 18th Jul 2017 19:19

Many thanks to all. I can now tell my mate, we were both right

Liffy 1M 18th Jul 2017 22:08

Mildenhall, 1982 - note the one without tip-tanks.

57mm 19th Jul 2017 06:04

Nice pic. IIRC, the Zipper had more fuel in the tip-tanks than internally....

Vampiredave 19th Jul 2017 07:33

1975:'Starfighters', Capt John David, Flt Lt Roger Wholey (RAF) Capt Dave Bligh, Capt Frank Thorne and Flt Lt Dave Leach (RAAF)

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